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This time, you'll land on an island with a huge volcano in the middle. You have to pretty much go around the side of the island to get to the village, Engow, which is south of the volcano. In Engow, you'll definetly want to buy Maribel the Rosevine whip; with it, she can attack an entire enemy group (even though she can't do as much damage as Kiefer or the hero, it's a useful skill). When you're ready to get things going, go talk to the Elder. He'll have you rest at the Inn. Pamela, the local fortune teller, will try to incite fear into the villagers by telling them of the doom which would come from the Festival the Elder was planning to do to honor the Flame Spirit inside the volcano. Talk to Pamela, as she'll ask you for help. She'll tell you to stay at the inn until nightfall. If you can buy some good protective equipment for your team, you should take this oppurtunity to fight monsters and gain a few levels. At the festival will be a booth selling scale shields and leather armors (the latter for Maribel). If you get these, you won't have to fight much for 2-3 more sections, thus it'll be much easier. The thing with the inn is that once you stay at the inn until nightfall, you can't stay in the inn afterwards, you're screwed if you wanna fight monsters at the last minute to get some gear. At night, talk to Pamela after pretty much talking to everyone. She'll tell you that everyone's ready for the procession to the volcano. Talk to the Elder to start the procession. Everyone'll go to Mt Flame (the volcano).

Follow them and once you get there, be a sneaky bastard and get to the front of the line. Since Pamela can't stop the procession, she'll want you to go first and stop the evil from within before it's too late. Pamela will act as a priest and a healer if you need her. I never ran out of time because I always did this part quickly (thanks to leveling and good equipment), so there's a possibility that if you take too much time, everyone'll throw in their torches and the evil goes kablammo if you take too much time. There's nothing fancy about the monsters here other than the fact that they can be pretty strong because they can attack in large groups.

FireGiant Boss Battle Info: have Maribel cast sap, use herbs and attack if possible. Have Kiefer attack and have the hero attack or cast heal and upper. With the right protective equipment, he's not that strong, but he does have the first all-party attack of the game, which is a bit dangerous. He'll drop an AquaShard after the battle.

After the battle, go talk to Pamela. She'll give you directions to get an item to save the village from the disaster that's still pending. Go see your uncle Hondara back in Estard (via the Shrine). He'll give you Holy Water. After taking away the Flame of Darkness, Pamela will hand you an AquaShard.

When you return to Estard, go talk to the King. He'll try to split the party apart. Maribel and the Hero won't be able to lift the plate in Fishbel's sea-side cave. As you leave, you'll meet Kiefer, who'll help you lift the lid so you can visit Engow. You'll find a WindShard at the bottom of the volcano.