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Complete the middle brown (land) tablet to get here. Go north to the palace and enter the room with the skulls on the floor. A man whom you'll learn is Hadeed will ask you what you're doing there. Because you met Hadeed, you'll be allowed into the village. Go talk to the chief to get briefed on what's going on in the kingdom of Dune. He'll invite you to spend the night over. When you wake up, go back downstairs; you'll be sent back to the palace to bury the corpses. You'll be attacked by a monster there, but it's really nothing worth mentioning. You'll meet Hadeed again and he'll help you create the mass grave. Go back to town and follow Hadeed into the elder's house; after talking to the elder, talk to Hadeed, then to the elder to receive the DuneCharm. The villagers will tell you different things when you present them with the Charm. You'll need to talk to all the villagers to learn of Tyrranos. After doing this, go to the Nila's bank to talk to Hadeed about the beast with the Golden Horn. If you went to the dig, you'll remember a huge skull with a huge golden horn.

Go back through the Shrine to the dig and show the scholar there the DuneCharm as proof of what you're saying so you can grab the skull. The scholar will join your party also. Back in Dune, you'll learn of the elder's illness. after talking to the villagers, Hadeed will walk in and when he speaks to his father, he will die. At the funeral, throw in the skull and the Tyrranos will be revived. Ride the Tyrranos down the river to get to the Sphinx.

When you get there, you'll be attacked by 2 pogmons: cast sleep, surround , attack and rip. They shouldn't be much of a bother. You'll need to place 4 statues in 4 specific locations in the entrance; here they are: the DuneCharm should open the first door; put the lion in the south west corner, the bird in the south east corner , the snake in the north west corner and the turtle in the north east corner. After placing the right statues in the right places, the next door will open until the main door opens. As you go up, you'll meet Queen Fedel ; talk to her for healing and to receive the black key, necessary to move on. At the top, you'll have to fight Lord Seto:

Lord Seto boss battle info: he can attack twice and he gathers power. Have the hero attack,Maribel cast sap and use the WondeRock and have Gabo bite.

After the battle, you'll find a LandShard in Dune in the past, you'll receive a package in the present at the dig if you talk to the scholar before leaving. You'll also find a LandShard in the giant pot of Dune village. If you go to the Dune castle in the Present, you'll be welcomed as Saviors.