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Complete the blue (aqua) tablet in the bottom left corner. You should be about 20-30 hours into the game by now believe it or not and FINALLY you'll be able to change class and get some forkin' skills that'll forkin help. It's really not gonna be that easy though. In the town on the island, you'll find a bunch of adventurer wanna-bes and a casino down the well. Be sure to grab a few herbs if you're low . Keep going around the island , over the mountains, to get to the Dharma Temple, where the High Priest will have you bathe in a water pond that instead of giving you skills like he said, they'll take them all away and send you into the prison village they created! Now you can no longer use magic or skills. Hopefully, you'll have enough cash to buy the following: the Steel Sword and Iron Armor for the Hero, a Tray Shield for Maribel and a Thief Key to open up locked chests (very important).

This town is basically a town of criminals, run by criminals. Go over to the bar to see a guy called Kasim talking to Flower, a thief. Those 2 are pretty important so you wanna keep an eye out for 'em. At the top of the village, you'll see the man in pink from the town with the casino being approached by demons, but Suifu, the leader of the town will come and make sure that the demons don't get the pogrom they want. Just for the hell of it though, Suifu and his boys will give you a severe asskicking, so don't worry if you can't win the fight. When you wake up, you'll see Kasim bringing this sickly girl, Neris, World Dew. Talk to Neris and she'll go lie down. Flower will join your party after you come out of Neris' house and he'll give you a WondeRock (basically , its an unlimited Heal Spell in your item section, give it to Maribel) and go to the cave to the west.

Unfortunately, it's a trap as you'll get beat up in Flower's place by these 2 huge demons , Gonz and Inopp. You'll wake up back in Neris' house. Follow Zaji and Neris out of the house and you'll the Pinkdude going on a rampage. The demons will take him away as a part of their deal. Follow Zaji into the bar then to the shopping area. You'll see Kasim and Neris leaving the village. Go back to the Western Cave to follow them and you'll see that the 2 huge monsters are gone.

On the outside of the cave is this strange village filled with Dharma priests and soulless people. You'll find Kasin and Flower discussing the fate of High Priest Fosse, the REAL High Priest. Go inside that house and it'll be decided that you should go save her. Kasim and Flower will join the party after knocking out the guards of the place that holds Fosse. The prison is the left brach in the entrance.

To break Fosse from her prison go down the stairs behind her and push the stones in the holes to break the generators. To break the right generator, push the stone dwon the isle then left in between the holes. Then push it up 1 then go around the hole and push it to the left, down the hole. To break the left generator, push the left stone down to the intersection, then left to the side. Then down to the left lower corner of the 2nd hole. Then push it from the left down the hole onto the generator and Foss will be freed.

Before you can return to the village, you'll meet Inopp and Gonz. Fosse will make them weaker and give you your powers back.

Gonz and Inopp Boss Battle Info: put quite simply, they hit hard and use sandstorm to make it so that you hit less. You'll just want to fight it out too and heal often. Even with medium levels of hp , it could be dangerous. Get Inopp first.

Back at the village, Fosse will give you the Dharma Key so you can open the locked door on the right side of the cave. Neris will go loco at the door and will reveal herself to be a man eater. This is an easy fight. It'll cast bang and firebane at worst. The next dungeon will be long, so you better heal up before you go on. On the other end of the passage will be a battle arena where people will be awarded their freedom if they win 5 consecutive battles. In one of the rooms, Zaji and Neris will be arguing as to what they should do. Talk to Zaji to team up with him for the tournament in the arena. The first few fights are really easy as it'll be 1 semi-strong character with 3 monsters. The last fight will be against Neris and she smacks.

Neris + 3 Slimeknights Boss Battle Info: Neris can attack twice and cast snowstorm on your whole party (this hurts). Kill the Slimeknights to prevent them from healing Neris. Have the Hero attack and heal, have gabo heal bark and bite and have Maribel cast surround , sap and heal.

After the fight, you'll be lead out but you'll cause a rebellion to save Neris. Fosse will join your party before the last grand battle. You'll also find a LandShard after you get out of the arena. Talk to the false priest to initiate the last battle.

Antaria Boss Battle Info: he attacks twice, casts bang (which affects your whole party), firebane and can throuw 2 energy balls into your party which do severe damage. Have the hero heal and attack, Maribel heal, sap and surround (just use the WondeRock constantly) and have Gabo Bite.

After the battle, walk around Dharma and talk to Zaji and Neris to put a close to the story and be sure to change class with Fosse! You'll want the hero to go for a Cleric class (very useful and leads to Paladin which is vital) or a Fighter class because this class has the skills which you'll be using the most throughout the game (roundhous, punch and windbeast). You can opt to go for monster classes with Gabo. If you do, give him the Healer class as it'll give you HealUs , an excellent healing spell, or for something like a shepherd, which is very useful to have for the few extras it gives you, like Stampede. You definetly wanna make Maribel either a Mage (low hp, hard to raise her like that) or a Cleric for good healing skills.

Before leaving for the present, make you go back to the Crime Town because now that a few key people will be gone, you can grab the chests in the building near the edge of the town that you weren't able to get. In that chest will be a Shard.

Also, you can now open a few chests which you weren't able to before thanks to the Thief key: here they are (there will be more locked chests later in the game, some of them only available through a magic key, which you need the thief key to get):

-Dharma (past) wizard ring; Mentare -to convent-road: life acorn ; Orph: top of the item shop: life accorn.

Back to the Present

Get the LandShard in Dharma. Go to the old location where the Crime Town was and you'll be attacked by a group of men that set you up by putting a fainting Priest on the floor. Its a hard fight , so you definetly might want to gain a few levels and class levels for some techniques. Follow the thieves after defeating them. They'll be hiding in the cave. The password to enter is "Go to Hell". To beat the boss bandit, just heal until he runs out of mp (not long) then beat him silly. You'll get a LandShard.

There is also an island other than Dharma that appeared now; you can begin the Melvin quest here. It's called Mezar and its SE of Falrod. There's a Shard in the well there too. Go see a man named Niccola in the bar, then follow him to his house. Talk to him and he'll want to give you a magic carpet. Follow him to the stairs and into his stash area. It's a fake and you can't get the real one until you've completed the Hamelia, Avon, Huzu part.