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The Excavation Site

The Excavation Site has been raided by monsters that emerged from a cave the diggers uncovered. Make sure you have your best gear and best classes you can get. You'll need it. Talk to the nun before going down the stairs to save. Go through the cave to get to a tablet. Fill it with ?Shards. You'll be warped to the battle God lost. you'll have to fight Orgodemir, the Demon Lord, in his place. He has 2 forms:

Demon Lord Boss Battle Info: the first one casts Blazemost (90-130 damage) , his attack hits for 50 ,magma hits all for 50-60 , he can attack 2 if not 3 times a turn. His Freezing Pulse will cancel out all magical effects. Explodet will do 60-100 damage on all. Windbeast will do 50-60 damage. His 2 energy balls will do 80-90 as 2 random hits. Suspicious glint will put 1 character to sleep. Fierce lightning did 10-20 damage to all, so I'm not sure what happened there... The main strategy here is to just be alive. This is where the Hustle ability of the Teen Idol owns. Its a free healmore to all characters. I always made sure 1 if not 2 characters had it and cast it every round (heal all to all characters every round makes the battle so much easier). You'll want to pound him with punches with the other characters.

The second form is even uglier than the first one. His attack is around 60 damage, he can cast vacuum for 20-60 to all characters, scorching to all for 60-70 damage , he can attack twice, use Freezing Pulse, charge for 160 damage and use cold air for 20-60 to all. There's little difference here, except you'll want to have WoolGuard going. This is the end of disc 1.