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The Deja Tribe

Complete the green (wind) tablet in the bottom left corner. Go west to the mountain pass where you see a tent to enter the Deja encampment. The man in front of the big tent will tell you to wait because they're doing some big ceremony. You need to talk to absolutely everyone to get the ceremony to end. Be sure to pic up the AquaShard in the camp. Go talk to the man in front of the big tent to get the chief to come out after doing those things. You'll be presented to Layla and her husband to be , Jann. Layla doesn't seem too thrilled though, so you should go talk to her in her tent. Kiefer will ask you to get soem Viva Grape , bring it to Kiefer and talk to 'em both. Unfortunately, this is jealous boyfriend time , starring Jann the Jealous Fiance and man is he pissed at Kiefer. Thankfully, everyone's still alive by the next morning and the Elder says they're leaving for the Temple for the Resurection of God. You'll have to go through the overworld on your own and a cave to get to their encampment (it's a pretty long way actually , especially since Kiefer stayed behind to help Layla).

When you get to the new encampment, ask one of the women f you can rest then go to the new camp by the lake. There, talk to the chief and get some more rest. To help you get through the cave's multiple hazards and Deja-Only sections, Jann will join your party.

In the cave, you'll find a LandShard and you'll have to use the TerraBell to drain the lake of water so you can get to the submerged temple. Once the Lake's drained and you're out at the bottom of it, talk to Beretta and read the plaque to open up the temple; there are no monsters, you just need to get the TerraTula and the Dress. However, the ceremony will fail and Beretta will have you reseal the temple. If things weren't bad enough, Kiefer decides to ditch the party for Layla so he can join the Dejans. Don't despair though, you at least all the stuff he was carrying and a letter saying he's giving it to you.

Go see King Burns in Estard to acquire an AquaShard for being brave enough to bring him the sad news. There are no ruins left by the Deja, but there is an archaeological dig you can visit. There's an AquaShard there too.