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Complete the bottom right blue tablet. Tal to the innkeeper in the temple and she'll tell you to get the king's permission before she'll let you stay. Go talk to the king then go back to the inn and go rest. You'll be awakened in the middle of the night. Outside, you'll find one of the cursed newborns. Walk around Coastal castle and you'll fall upon a bard taht will tell you of thefate of Sharkeye and his wife Anise. The next day, a soldier will come to you , telling you to go see the king. You'll hear a plan that will help you defeat the monsters. You'll be asked to get the Glim Moss at the bottom of the Halfling Cave to the east. The Halflings will freak when you come in their home on the 3rd level of the cave, but talk to the Grand Halfling and he'll let you get the Glim Moss. However, at the 5th level, you'll find it's guarded by monsters...

Gamadius , Sea Dragon Sea Horser Boss Battle Info: Gamadius will cast Cold Air (40-60 all) , revive if either companion dies, and attacks in the 60s. The Sea Dragon will cast Cold Air (40-60 all), attack twice and heal. The Seahorser will cast HealMore and cast Scorching for 70 damge to all. You'll definetly want to take out the Sea dragon or Seahorser despite Gamadius' reviving ability. They're easier to kill and can go in a couple rounds. Concentrate all your damage on 1 and make sure you keep up the healing. Woolguard works wonders.

Search the glowing wall and you'll get the Glim Moss. Bring it to Coastal. The newborn returns as you enter. Use the Glim Moss and it will leave footprints to guide you up the tower. To extinguish the Dark Flame at the top of the tower, you need RainbowDew. This can be acquired in the Shrine(Ruins) in the Present. Go to the main room where the map is with the 4 gates. Enter the room with the blue flame and enter the vortex. You should recognize this area. Go to the right upon exiting the room, where there's this pondlike place. Use the empty bottle here to get the Rainbow Dew from the Rainbow Cove. When you get to the top of the tower, sprinkle it (use) and you'll be wared to a dark place. Follow the tracks as they lead to a very easy boss.

Belimawr Boss Battle Info: he can stomp violently (40-60 all), his attack is 60-70 ish, his brutal hit goes in the 160s and he casts healmore.

You'll get a ?Shard from the battle. Return to Coastal and he'll as for the PilotFire of Engow. Go see the Elder in the Engow-past and then talk to the man next to the torch in the Elder's house to get the Pilotfire. Go back to Coastal and back up the tower AGAIN and use the PilotFire to bring light back to the world. Once the seal is broken, you'll be summoned back to the castle. You'll be rewarded with one of the best swords in the game: the Aquagon. You can also get a reward from the Halflings. You'll find a ?Shard in a chest in Coastal (move the library in one of the houses to go behind it) and there's one in the Halfling treasury too.

Back to the Present

Go see the Coastal king in the Halfling cave for an ID Card. You'll get a Puff Puff massage from a girl in the Coastal casino for it. I have reason to believe it boosts your luck with the gambling (particularly useful in the slots). To get a ?Shard, you'll have to go through a few hoops...

The Priest is out. Go talk to an old man in the casion to learn a rich man won a Shard; in the passage from the casino to the 1-way door in the castle to talk to the man who won the ?Shard. He'll tell you he sold it to the Armorer. The woman at the armor shop will tell you her husband went to the Lighthouse. Go up the Lighthouse and he'll tell you he gave it to the Priest. Go back to the bar in the casino basement to find the Priest. The Priest will evade you. Follow him to the temple. Hel be in bed in the room above it. Talk to him, he'll blow you off. Talk to the nun and she'll tell you to look under his desk, where you'll find a ?Shard.

Sin's Casino Gambling Guide

I'm one of those people that should never go to Vegas. It'd be bad. Very bad. I can, however, get 4 MetalKing Helmets in 1 morning session (3-4 hours).

The poker table is the best way to start off getting easy money. The slots are too expensive and a bit too risky for now. In poker, you can win a multiple of what you bet up to 10 coins (you can't bet more). Get 2 doubles and a triple, you get twice the money you bet. Get a full house, you get 5 times what you bet. It's pretty nice. The doubles and triples happen VERY often though. This is where the poker comes in really handy. After every time you win, you can do a double or nothing trick. Here's how the double or nothing works: you get a card presented to you by the dealer. You say if the next one will be higher or lower. If you're right, you'll win double. If you're wrong, you'll get nothing.

You can keep on going the double or nothing ad nauseum, though I wouldn't suggest it; I've gotten pretty lucky myself getting 2s and 3s and kings and queens many times in a row, but there comes a time when you don't have those anymore and when you have a few hundred coins at stake, it's not worth the risk of losing. When playing poker, greed is your worst enemy. It sounds dumb but when you have a couple hundred tokens and you can win a couple hundred more off, well, a gamble, it's REALLY tempting. What you want to do to get a stable increase in cash is to not get greedy; if something's risky, don't take it. In the poker game, you'll want to stick to doubles and triples usually unless you're really close to getting something like a flush. When you play the double or nothing, always bet higher on the 2,3,4 and 5 cards (5 is when it really starts getting risky). Always withdraw from 7,8,9,10 cards. Jack is when it's risky to bet lower. Always bet lower on Queens, King, Ace and Joker. You won't always win like this, but this is what I do in the poker table. When you bet on a poker game, until you get to 50 coins, always bet 1 coin to start off. 50-100, bet 2 coins. 100-150, bet 4 coins. 150-200 bet 6 coins. Above 250 coins, bet 10. This is the safest way to go without losing too much cash from bad bouts.

I would suggest playing poker until you have 1500-2000 coins. When you do, save, and start working the slots on them middle or top level of the Coastal casino. They're the ones that pay the most (esp on top). Since you can bet 100 coins on 1 slot on the top, you can win 300 times that, which is A LOT of coins. You'd think getting 3 7s is hard, but it happens after enough tries. Likewise with some of the other big winners, like the Metabble. When you play the slots, you always wanna save after getting a big win (hell, whenever you make a decent profit) and reset your game if you lose all your coins. The Puff Puff massage might improve your odds to win on the slots, so don't waste it. The slots also have a unique feature; randomly, little DW7 characters will pop up and have different effects. If the Princess appears, she'll turn the first 2 numbers into 7s. If the pink warrior woman appears, she'll hit the slot a random number of times (spinning the 3rd slot). If Hondara appears, he'll trip and bring the 3rd number down 1. If the King and his soldiers appear, they'll improve your odds of winning anything.

Now if you wanna get items like Monster Hearts or extra gear (some of it's pretty good too), play the Lucky Panels. The more expensive, the better the items obviously. It's basically a memory game. I suggest keeping a piece of paper and pencil around and make a chart making note of where every panel is and what's on it. It makes it A LOT easier. You can't win anything in the panel unless you pair up all the stuff. You only get to do 3 mistakes, 4 if you uncover the +1 panel (its a thumbs up). The dreaded scamble panel will randomly reassign all the panels. Its an open hand. Other than that, you're allowed to see 5 panels before the game begins.

The casinos have some of the best gear in the game. The Coastal Casino has the awesome helm, the Sim City you build , if you make it into a Grand Slum (check how to do that in the side quests), has other great stuff.