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Avon, Huzu and Hamelia

Complete the lower right brown slab. Enter Avon , south of your point of arrival. You'll hear of a great musician that just left for Huzu. Talk to the Chief of the village to spend the night at her house. When you wake up, everyone'll be gone. You can, however, go to Huzu via the path that you can access in the village. Don't buy anything in Huzu; you'll hear the same thing about some great musician coming here and then you'll hear from the innkeeper that he left for Hamelia. Spend the night and when you wake, everyone'll be gone again. Go to Hamelia to get to the bottom of this.

This time, you'll see and hear the old man playing a familiar tune. Spend the night at the inn and you'll be rudely woken by the noise outside. Follow the villagers into the vortex. You'll be at the entrance of a tower. The WindBeast skill is extremely effective against these monsters. Go to the 3rd level of the tower to find the people from all 3 villages gathered together in a gigantic room. Talk to the boy in the top right corner to open up the locked gate leading to higher levels. At the top, you'll find the bard and as soon as you talk to him a gigantic flood will swallow the entire continent, except for the tower. The Bard will give you a WindShard and you can go out of the tower on a raft at the 2nd floor of the tower.If you want to, buy the sword on sale by the merchant in the tower. You can stop by Huzu and Hamelia to see stranded villagers, but your real target will be an underwater city where Gracos , the initiator of this flood, resides. It's west of Huzu. In the entrance of town are 5 identical statues, push the middle one to open up a path leading to the main temple of the town, where Gracos is residing. You'll find another sword in the temple if you bother to look around. Before you fight Gracos at the bottom level though, you'll be faced with SeaGrudges, which are really easy to beat.Gracos, on the other hand, isn't.

Gracos Boss Battle Info: he has an attack all technique, which oes 30-40 damage to all characters, he can attack twice and poison your characters. Heal as much as possible with Gabo and Maribel and use upper/pixy sword to raise your defense.

After defeating Gracos, the water will recede from the land. Go to Hamelia and you'll be allowed to get the treasure from the treasure place on the left side of the village (via the raft in the back). There you'll find the MermMoon, the item required to get the REAL magic carpet and a WindShard. Back at Avon, the Chief will give you permission to open up the chests in the basement.

Back to the Present

You can now go get a 4th party member, Melvin and continue the Hamelia quests (Avon and Huzu will have dissapeared). Get Melvin first. Check the walkthrough list for details. Now, I'll discuss what do in Hamelia. Go see a guy called Dr Azmov. He'll be trying to figure out what the heck happened all those hundreds of years ago in Hamelia. He'll ask you to get rid of the monsters in the North Tower in exchange for a FireShard. Start by going in the Tower's basement , where you'll fight the SlimeKing;

SlimeKing Boss Battle Info: he deal high damage (45-60), casts healmore and occasionally will attack twice. This shouldn't be so hard. Just use attacks like Punch, heal, and Stampede is pretty effective too. After defeating the SlimeKing, it'll break apart into many small slimes, one of them called Slachi will be asking you for help. He'll want you to beat the REAL monster of the tower.

At the top of the tower , where you met the bard will be the Gigamute; it attacks twice, uses cold air (attacks all party members) and has a strong attack (60ish damage). If you have woolguard, a shepherd ability, you'll be protected from cold air, so it helps. You'll want to cast sap on him and heal very often. WindBeast is also very effective.

You'll receive a FireShard after the battle. Go see Dr Azmov to tell him the tower's clear and he'll go there.Follow him to the 3rd floor of the tower and he'll tell you where to get the FireShard he promised; it's where you got the MermMoon.

Sail to the Underwater City and get the fireshard in the room directly to your right as you enter. It is in the chest. Now return to the Boss room and prepare to fight Gracos V

Gracos Boss Battle Info: He is stronger and nastier than the original Gracos. He has 2 Ice-breath attacks, can cast snowstorm, Spew poisonous mist, and has stronger physical attacks. This can be a very tough battle, make sure to cast woolguard. WindBeast is a very good skill to use against him (guaranteed to do 60-80HP damage), If you need to remember to use the timesand. After defeating him he will give you a ?Shard.