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Status Effects

Status effects in Chrono Cross are divided into Element colors, as well as two types: those that stay after battle and those that don't. (Enemies can also be affected by any of these status ailments.) There are only four status effects that stay after battle.

Poison: During battle, HP decreases with "time". After battle, every step you take decreases that character's HP. Caused by: Bushbasher, Carnivore.
Burns: During battle, the character has a lowered defensive stat. After battle, damage received from damage floors (like the magma in Mount Pyre) is doubled for that character. Caused by: FirePillar, Inferno.
Sprain: During battle, attack power decreases. After battle, you can't run anywhere.
Flu: During battle, your Stamina recovery rate decreases. After battle, the controls become all muddled up (up points you right, etc.) Caused by: AquaBall.

Now for those that don't stay after battle. All of these effects are removed after time; each character has a special Resistance stat (you can raise it by wearing a Resistance Ring or Belt) which indicates how long the status effects will last.

Afraid: Enemies get critical attacks more often on that character. Caused by: AeroBlaster.
Confused: Character is uncontrollable. He/she will use any Elements he/she has, or use a single physical attack, against a random target (character/enemy). Using physical attacks will still raise the Level meter, using Elements will lower it, and both will still use up Stamina. Caused by: MagmaBurst.
Dizzy: Character's evade stat decreases. Caused by: ElectroBolt.
Frozen: Character cannot move, act, or defend. The game ends if all three characters are frozen. Caused by: IceBlast.
Fatigued: Stamina consumption rate (the Stamina cost of attacks or using Elements) is raised. Caused by: MeteorShower.
Asleep: Character cannot move, act, or defend, plus defense stat goes down.
Darkness: Character's hit % decreases by half.
Cursed: Character's stamina goes down when he/she is damaged.
"Anti-" effects: Character cannot use a certain element color (e.g. Anti-Black means he/she can't use Black Elements). Caused by: The "Anti" spells (AntiBlack etc.).

Healing Status Effects

You can use consumable Elements to heal status effects both in and out of battle, as well other Elements which can only be used inside battle. (However, regular Elements can be used infinite times, as long as you use them in battle.) Most consumables are bought for 15G each (besides for WhiteOut, which costs 40G). Follows is a list:

Brace: L.2 Element, consumable, heals Sprain, Dizzy, and Anti-Yellow.
Ointment: L.2 Element, consumable, heals Burns, Confused, and Anti-Red.
Medicine: L.2 Element, consumable, heals Flu, Frozen, and Anti-Blue.
Antidote: L.2 Element, consumable, heals Poison, Afraid, and Anti-Green.
BlackOut: L.2 Element, consumable, heals Darkness, Cursed, and Anti-Black.
WhiteOut: L.2 Element, consumable, heals Fatigued, Asleep, and Anti-White. Costs 40G.
Panacea: L.4 Element, consumable, heals all status effects. Costs 500G each.
Purify: L.4 Element (but can be equipped as low as L.1 with no adverse effects), NOT consumable, heals all status effects. Costs 210G.
HolyHealing: L.6 Element (can be equipped as low as L.4 or as high as L.8), NOT consumable, heals all status effects plus regains HP for entire party. Only for White-innate characters. Cannot be bought.

Status Protection

You can wear various accessories which protect against status effects, meaning you won't have to waste healing Elements. None of these can be bought; they must be found or stolen.

Caps: These protect against a single one of the first four status effects, as well as raising Defense and Magic Defense by 1. However, they become useless near the end of the game, as you cannot equip more than one Cap/Helmet at once. Antitoxinal Cap protects against Poison, Antiviral Cap against Flu, Poultice Cap against Sprains, and Plaster Cap against Burns.

Star Fragment: This special accessory protects against all four of the abovementioned effects.

Charms: These protect against "Anti-" effects, as follows: Daemon Charm protects against Anti-Black, Angel Charm against Anti-White, Flame Charm - Red, Sea Charm - Blue, Earth Charm - Yellow, and Forest Charm - Green.

Finally: Wearing colored Brooches (Red Brooch, White Brooch, etc.) protects against all status effects of that color (e.g. Red Brooch protects against Burns, Confuse, and Anti-Red, etc.)

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