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Guinea Pig Experiment
Age: Unknown (M)
Origin: Viper Manor Lab (Another)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Build: Unknown
Dominant Paw Unknown

Japanese name: Tumalu
Innate: White
Weapon: Glove
Element Grid: 5 5 5 4 3 2 0 0
Accent: Normal, but has a lisp so he changes "th" for "d" and both "r" and "l" for "w".

To join: Chase after him in the S.S. Invincible artillery room. He's the only character who'll rejoin you once Lynx is in your party; you can find him in the first room inside the Invincible.

L. 3 Technique (One enemy): "Pounce". Strong physical attack.

L. 5 Technique (All allies): "Soothe". Pleasant sunlight and music restores HP and stamina for the entire party.

Much thanks to boko-kun for his excellent Pip/Tumalu guide, which provided the information you see here.

Pip has the ability to transform into different forms based on the Elements used in battle. If you use Dark elements (Black, Yellow, Red) he'll lean towards a Devil form (more physically-oriented). If you use Light elements (White, Green, Blue) he'll lean towards an Angel form (more magically-oriented). There are a total of five new forms he can change into (the first two are the first evolution, the last three are his final forms):

Light: Pip grows wings and turns pink.
Dark: Pip grows small horns and turns purplish.
Light then Dark or Dark then Light: Pip has horns plus butterfly wings.
Light then Light: Pip grows angel wings.
Dark then Dark: Pip grows devil horns and turns purple.

For the first evolution, Pip's stats will change (all stats will raise, but physical stats will raise more for the Devil form and magical stats for the Angel form). In his final evolution, Pip's stats will raise yet again, plus his Element grid will grow, allowing him use of a L. 7 technique. Each of the final three forms has a different L. 7 tech, as follows:

Light-Dark or Dark-Light (One enemy): "CanonCannon". Pip becomes a human (or monster) cannonball.

Light-Light (One enemy): "Heaven'sCall". Pip strikes the enemy with holy magic.

Dark-Dark (One enemy): "Hell'sFury". Pip goes nuts and attacks several times.

Here's how to get Pip to change. He needs a certain amount of "points" to evolve. Split the Element colors up into two "teams", Light and Dark. If Pip uses an Element during battle, that Element's team gains 2 points; if a party member uses an Element, that Element's team gains 1 point. The points remain even if Pip dies or the party runs away. Once Pip evolves, all points reset.

To get to:

FormLightDarkLight-Dark or Dark-LightLight-Light or Dark-Dark
You need:100 pts.125 pts.200 pts.300 pts.

Here are the Element grids for the final three forms:

Dark-Light or Light-Dark: 7 6 6 5 5 5 3 2

Light-Light: 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 4

Dark-Dark: 8 8 6 6 4 3 2 2

Two more things: The single Element which Pip uses the most during battle will become Pip's new innate element when he evolves. And: Pip's stats will NOT raise until you get a Star, so if you already have all 99 of them, you're out of luck.

Pip is an experiment by Viper Manor's insatiable Luccia. His only desire is to "see more of de world" and he tags along to do just that... he doesn't really care who it's with.

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