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Secondary Characters

Marge: Serge's unbelievably understanding mother, who... well, does mother things, I guess.
Una: Leena's sister, who's concerned that she needs to be more ladylike, go figure.
Lisa: The girl who works the Element shop in Termina. She's Leena's friend, and (if you believe one of the endings) has a crush on Serge.
Zippa: Zappa's loving wife, who has the same hilarious Scottish accent.

Peppor and Solt: The two bumbling Acacia Dragoons accompany Karsh for a little while, but it's clear they have no idea what they're doing. In Serge's Home world they have amnesia, and since it was obvious they were no fighters, they joined Sneff's family show. Peppor has an affinity for the phrase "shake it", and Solt doubly doubles all his adjectives. They appear once in the game (if you take Pierre's quest) with their overbearing friend, Ketchop.
Garai: One of the four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons, Garai was a contemporary of Radius (although a far better swordsman and for some reason a lot taller). However, their friendship would be torn apart by coming into the company of a certain cursed sword...
Dario: Glenn's older brother earned the title of Acacia Deva, like his father Garai before him. However, Dario was destined to share his father's sad fate...
The Prophet Of Time: A mysterious old man who lives in the Viper Manor library. He's very knowledgable about Serge and the alternate worlds... could he be from somewhere in the future?
Beeba: These very strange yellow creatures live in the Hydra Marshes and carry around parasols. They know a lot about Gaea's Navel.
Direa: The elderly shaman of Guldove, who knows much about the six Dragon Gods.
Gogh: Van's father. In Another World, he's a fat businessman who has almost no time for his son; in Home World, he's a thin artist trying to make ends meet. The contrast is stunning.
Rosetta: The head of the faerie clan on Water Dragon Isle. Like most non-humans, she's innately distrustful of them.
Marbule's Sage: A lot swifter and sharper than most demi-humans, the Sage has an open mind, even to humans. But because attitude towards humans is so overwhelmingly nasty, he doesn't have a lot of options.
Wazuki: Serge's father, who took his wounded son to sea 14 years ago, never to return...
Miguel: Leena's father was the victim of a huge storm 14 years ago, along with Wazuki. What happened in the Dead Sea was never known to Serge, but would have a profound impact on him nevertheless...

Ozzie, Flea, and Slash: These guys need no introduction!

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