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Welcome to the one and only Chrono Cross shrine! What is Chrono Cross? Well, let's go back a bit. In 1995, Squaresoft released a game for the Super Nintendo called Chrono Trigger. It was a smash hit, due to its great graphics and sound, intriguing storyline, and compelling characters.

In 1996, Squaresoft tuned into an obscure system called the Satelleview. This was a sort of dial-up provider for the Super Nintendo (or, rather, the Super Famicom, as it was called in Japan) and this let you "download" games onto your Super Nintendo. Squaresoft released a game called "Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit" ("The Forbidden Treasure") for this setup. RD was a text adventure, meaning that all the action was just making choices of dialogue, set against background pictures and music.

Radical Dreamers was the true precursor of Chrono Cross. It featured three main characters: Kid, Serge, and Gil (or Magil), who try to break into the mansion of a mysterious man named Yamaneko, or Lynx. You'll recognize those names from Chrono Cross. Many of the music themes also made it into CC.

This shrine is as spoiler-free as I could possibly make it, but there are still references which might contribute to ruining some of the plot for you. Read at your own risk!


November 18, 2003: I, Hiryuu, have taken over this shrine in a bloody coup. ˇViva la revolución!

May 21, 2003: Since Radical Dreamers has been translated (online) into English, I expanded the section dealing with it, adding a featured walkthrough and a larger SPC archive (with the actual soundtrack names). Check out Miscellaneous for that.

Oct. 6, 2002: Wow, it's been a while, but this shrine has been completely revamped! The walkthrough (and character/technique/item/element etc. pages, to an extent) have been redone with lots of inaccuracies and mistakes corrected; the six dragons segment has been completely reordered. (Also added a "memory card save" cute little thingy on each section.) Added face pics for all the characters (and extra ones; basically every face pic in the game). Added a full list of enemy pics, and added better character pics for some characters. Added a Story section (basically just posted an existing FAQ about it).
Thanks go to: TrinTrin86 for info about getting Poshul and Leena at the same time; Eric Noll for an addendum on the General Kid ending; ShroudedTravelr for info on the Skullduggery frame; and Tim Gourley for info on the Comic Relief ending.

December 27, 2001: Hunter S. Broadfoot mentioned that you can trap UltraNova from the White Dragon as well.

December 26, 2001: DeAd AnD bLoAtEd sent in a neat trick about the Criosphinx in the walkthrough. theravenmaiden mentioned that if you attack before trying to steal, your accuracy goes up a lot. Caspian Rampage gave a hint about using AntiBlack on Fate, and lauded the effects of MagNegate. M gave a hint about fighting the Dodo in Fossil Valley.

August 10, 2001: Carla gave me some info about Myxomecete's items dropped/stolen, and reminded me that if you steal in battle then run away, you'll lose the item you stole.

June 5, 2001: DeAd AnD bLoAtEd pointed out that you can actually get Mel before you hit Fort Dragonia if you wish.

March 28, 2001: Hugh Byrne pointed out the use of the Square button on the Status screen (in Miscellaneous).

January 25, 2001: Whoops! Two nice people, and Chau Tieu e-mailed me about the "unknown" item: the Hero's Medal. I'm a doofus. ^^;

January 21, 2001: Added pics for the items and window frames, and the art pics for those characters that didn't have it. Also made a few things clearer in the Items and Characters sections (thanks to for the tips).

December 24, 2000: Tip added for the Boxer Brothers in Viper Manor (thanks to Edson Walmor Wuerges). Also added more pics of NPCs thanks to RPG Icons.

November 13, 2000: Shrine created.

Chrono Cross © 2000


A big thanks goes to KnightofBlades (ICQ# 84592657), who originally started the shrine and lay the basework for me to snatch it from him. 8-)

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