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Tatooine: The Great Hunt

Most likely Tatooine will be your first stop after finishing Dantooine as it is the easiest of the four. Upon arriving upon this barren wasteland, you will be required to pay a docking fee of 100 credits. If you have a few ranks in persuade, or affect mind you can wave that fee. No big deal though as it doesn't affect alignment either way.

Anyways your first task here is to get out of Anchorhead, and to do this you will need a Hunter's License so head on over to the Czerka Office just down the road. On your way there some gizka will be loaded onto your ship by accident. Click Here to for more details on how to get rid of those pesky critters. Along the way you may meet an annoyed Duros if youíve gone far enough with Bastilaís Side-Quest. Anyways once you enter the Office, a Duros will be ranting about saving the Sand People. Obviously he's been off his meds for too long.

Anyways talk to the Protocol Officer about getting a hunting license and agree to her conditions. Oh and when you exit the Czerka Office you'll be accosted by that same raving Duros mentioned previously. Just say whatever you want as there are no real consequences. Once you have that in hand head over to the gate area. Oh and mind the Dark Jedi near the Swoop Registration Office. They can pack a wallop if you're unprepared.

Here is where the solutions to the Sand People problem begin to diverge. If you want to go for a peaceful resolution then head over to Yuka Laka and buy HK-47. Otherwise you donít have to buy him at all if you donít want to. I personally advocate going the peaceful route as you can always change your mind and eliminate the Sand People at any time, while on the other hand if you choose to wage war with them there is no going back.

Besides you can always get the XP and items for both sides by declaring peace and then making them hostile afterwards, which is what I personally do much of the time. If you decide to do it that way you may want to finish the Worthy of History side-quest so you can kill and loot the storyteller as well.

Anyways assuming youíre going to buy HK-47 you need to have at least 2500 Credits to buy him. Make sure you donít accept Yukaís first offer as he will automatically drop it to 4000 without any persuasion whatsoever. A medium persuade check or force persuasion will drop it to 3000 Credits, while passing a high persuade check or using dominate mind will drop the price to 2500. You can threaten him for some DSP to give it to you for 2500, but that will make him upset and wonít deal with you anymore. Too bad you canít kill him and loot his corpse for some extra DSP. You'll gain 250 XP after having him join your party. Anyways with that out of the way head out to the dunes.

Now that you are outside, there are a few side-quests you can take care of out here at this time. Also this is a good place to level up as the Wraid in this area will spawn every time you reload and get you good XP and cash (in the form of their plates) without too much trouble. Another thing to note is that once you hit level 12, the difficulty of the encounters here will jump up a notch so be careful. Both the Wraid as well as the Sand people will become more difficult, but they will also net you more XP.

Anyways you will need some Sand People costumes to proceed. There are two potential sources for these costumes. First is if you are less than level 12, then you can be ambushed by a two Sand People warriors and an elite warrior. The elite warrior will have a costume on his corpse which you can use to sneak past any other Sand People. Unfortunately once you reach level 12 the Sand People that you will encounter as you walk around no longer carry costumes on them.

This leaves you with the second source, which is the group of 5 or so Sand People standing around the exit in the southeast. When you attack them 6 more show up, one at a time as they die. If you already have a Sand People costume or two on hand you can take advantage of this by killing them one by one, while the others look on oblivious to your actions. If you donít already have a costume you can always kill one, loot the corpse during battle, run away far enough and once out of combat mode equip a costume. Then save and reload, to cause the remaining Sand People to stop fighting. Remember all your party members (barring droids) must be costumed for it to work. While you can sneak past them, remember that you need to have at least one costume , as sneaking into the compound without a costume on is impossible. Anyways you gain 100 XP on getting your hands on a Sand People outfit.

With costume in hand head toward the Sand People compound. If you are going for a peaceful solution make sure HK-47 is in your party when you enter the compound. Also never make a save right outside the compound doors, as they laser turrets will occasionally become hostile on loading meaning instant death. Always save far enough away from the turrets otherwise you may find yourself having to redo a large portion of Tatooine again. Remember if plan on eliminating the Sand People, you cannot exit the compound until all of them are dead. Make sure you are truly ready before entering. Once prepared go ahead and go on in for 100 XP. The Sand People Guard that is there will either try to kill you or escort you to the Chief depending on your actions.

Assuming you are going for a peaceful solution, ask what the chief wants in exchange for peace, to which he will reply that he wants Moisture Vaporators. Go back to the Czerka Office in Anchorhead and ask Greeta for a pair which will cost you 400 credits and net you 100 XP. You can decrease the cost to 200 credits if you succeed a medium persuade check or have Force Persuade. With vaporators in tow head back over to the Sand People Compound and hand them over in exchange for his Gaffi Stick, a promise of a peace, and 400 XP.

Now go ahead and ask him about the star-map and he will hand you a map of the Eastern Dune Sea, which is the entire reason we came here into the compound in the first place. Remember that at any time you can have the entire compound become hostile simply by checking a basket or bin. Another way to get them to become hostile is by apologizing to the Chief for unwrapping his warriors or by committing blasphemy by questioning the Storyteller despite HKís warnings. In any case any peace will be short lived if you so desire. Remember that once the compound goes hostile you must eliminate every last one of the Sand People before exiting, as the turrets outside have an insta-kill attack.

For those that plan on clearing the compound, either before or after the peace, remember these few tips: Take each group one at a time. Donít rush forward, but rather let the Sand People come to you. That way you can take them out a few at a time, rather than having a large group hammer on you. This is especially true near the Chieftainís room, as the group there can quickly overwhelm you if you go charging in. The only exception to this would be if you are high enough level that you have Force Storm and Force Wave, where you may wish to take out a large group out at once to get the most bang for your buck. Make sure to loot the everyone for their Gaffi Sticks, but especially the Chief, as he also has the Map to the Eastern Dune Sea.

To be honest once you get to this point where you have the Chieftainís Gaffi Stick, either by force or by diplomacy, you donít have to finish the Sand People quest. You never have to report this to the Czerka Protocol Officer if you wish, though I donít see any advantage of doing so. Reporting this nets you some cold hard cash as well as 1300 XP so there is no reason not to do this. Anyways once you have gotten to this point you can proceed with some other side-quests or you can continue the main quest. Make sure that you search the rag pile for some Bantha Fodder if you donít have any. Donít worry about upsetting the Sand People, as they wonít turn hostile for searching the rag pile.

Now that you have the map to the Eastern Dune Sea, you can finally get there so head on over and you will notice a cave in the northeast. Komad will be there as well as another nameless moron who is promptly eaten by the Dragon in a cut-scene once you get close enough. If you yourself attempt the same feat you will suffer the same fate and die a gruesome death (Yay!). Anyways talk to Komad and he ask for your help in dealing with the Dragon. Basically he wants you to fight off some more Sand People while you lure the Bantha towards the cave entrance. You can betray him now once you find out his plan if you wish for some DSP, or you can later on if you want.

In either case talk to the Bantha to lure them, and a battle with some sand people will commence. This battle isnít all that difficult, just make sure you focus on them one at a time and they should fall without too much trouble. Once they are taken care of lure the Bantha again to talk to Komad (or not if you betrayed him), and then a cut-scene will follow showing the demise of the Dragon for 500 XP. Komad will give you one pearl for your help. You can, of course kill Komad for some DSP at this point to get a second pearl, as this is the only way to get two pearls without cheating. If you betrayed him prior to luring the Bantha don't forget to get the pearls on the corpse of the dragon.

At this point if you have seen their cutscene you will face Calo Nord or Darth Bandon on exiting the cave, so make sure youíre ready for them. Before entering the cave you will want to get rid of the dragon corpse to get you a clear line of sight to them. If you cannot destroy the corpse you can always save and reload which will make the corpse disappear. Anyways make sure you have the party you want and the equipment you need.

Once ready go ahead and enter the cave up ahead, making sure to loot everything as you go. Click on the Star map for a large step forward in your main quest, 2000 XP, and an end to Tatooineís main quest. Remember that you may meet Calo Nord or Darth Bandon on exiting this cave. For strategies on dealing with these idiots see my "Big Bads" page on Calo or Darth Bandon. Once these guys are taken care of you are home free. If you defeated Calo you may want to walk past the Czerka Offices to encounter Senni Vek on your way back to open up the GenoHaradan Side-quest. Once that's complete we can move on With the Show!

Synopsis of Tatooine

Difficulty here is largely a function of level. Below Level 12 you'll have relatively easy battles, however when you hit level 12 the difficulty jumps up a notch. Be careful especially of the Hulak Wraid, which can do some serious damage if you are unprepared. Once you hit level 15 however, things become dramatically easier. At this level you have access to Force Wave and Master Speed. Consulars can do some great damage and debilitate all surrounding enemies, while the damage output of melee builds increases greatly with these force powers.

Melee and Attack builds: The melee builds have a slight disadvantage when you start. The Sand people often have energy shields which will block some of the damage done and the enemies here can dish out a good amount of damage. However as long as you remember to disable the enemy using either your force powers or your companions, they shouldn't cause too much trouble. Remember to focus on one enemy at a time to prevent from being overwhelmed.

Consulars: Dark siders have the advantage here, as their offensive force powers can easily decimate the enemy. However Consulars in general will fare well, since none of the enemies are resistant to force powers, and their saves are relatively easy to overcome. Just remember to have a tank lead the party and you'll do fine. Prior to level 15 it is best not to let yourself be surrounded by enemies as you can easily become overwhelmed.

Overall: Below Level 12: Easy. Level 12 ~ 14: Medium easy. Level 15 and onward: Very Easy

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