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Leviathan: Confronting The Past

WARNING! Visiting the Leviathan will trigger certain events to occur which cannot be undone. Read this section before proceeding! Firstly once you have the fourth star map (including Dantooine) you are automatically taken to the Leviathan the next time you Leave Port. You don't have a choice in the matter, so make sure you are prepared beforehand. Make sure all characters that you will be using are fully equipped (this includes your PC, Bastila and Carth), and that all others are not equipped with items that may be vital later on. Second, Dantooine will no longer be available to you and so any side-quests that involve Dantooine cannot be completed (including part of the Genoharadan side-quest and the ending of the Stowaway side-quest). HK-47 and Bastila's quests will no longer be available if you haven't completed it yet. On the plus side Mika's store will become available upon finishing the Leviathan and meeting Ziagrom (a triggered encounter at any port which is bugged). Finally various dialog options will change on various planets due to the nature of the Big Reveal (which will not be explained here). Once you are prepared to board the Leviathan (remembering to equip whatever party member you are planning to choose to save you), get your fourth star map and leave port.

A cutscene will ensue where the Leviathan captures the Ebon Hawk. Before being boarded you get to choose who will rescue you. You cannot choose your Main character, Carth, Bastila, or Zaalbar, but anyone else is fair game. The following list contains details about starting locations and other information about each NPC you can use:

  • Mission: She starts completely unequipped in the South East Cell in the Cell Block area. She is possibly the most difficult character to use to rescue your party (not that that says much). Without a stealth field generator she cannot enter stealth mode, nor is she proficient in combat.

    The best thing for her to do is to head west and run past the hallway. You may take a hit or two, but ignore the blaster fire and open the container labeled Contraband. Equip the stealth field generator, after which she can sneak around without being noticed, thus allowing her to get around fights. She can take out the enemy as long as there aren't too many of them (in other words avoid fighting in the barracks). Make sure you use her Sneak attack to greatest effect.

  • T3-M4: He starts fully equipped in Droid Maintenance. When he starts out another droid will be in the process of attempting to wipe your memory. You are given three puzzles to complete before you can proceed. If you miss any one of the dialog options you die and it's game over.

    The first is the following sequence: 34, 21, 13, 8, 5. This is the reverse of the fibonacci sequence, meaning the next value is 3. The next sequence is as follows: 00, 11, 01. Basically you are given three of the four binary combinations that result from two bits. Therefore the final answer is 10. Finally you are given this final sequence: 2, 3, 5, 7. These are the first four prime numbers. Therefore the next value is 11.

    After completing these three answers the other droid will blow up leaving you free to explore this area. There are enough spare parts in this room to activate the nearby droid, so do so. Although T3 doesn't need the icebreaker to slice the computer, it isn't that out of the way so I recommend that you get it. Also flamethrowers are usually one hit kills against these weak enemies, so remember that.

  • Jolee: Probably the easiest character to use here, even unequipped he is more than a match for any enemies here. He starts in the southwest cell of the cell block. In his case it is best not to equip the armor found in the the riot equipment container as it has a tendency to interfere with his force powers. Just let him run around naked for best effect. You can free and kill the Sith that you locked away if you wish.

  • Canderous: He will start unequipped in the Medical bay, however all of the gear he was wearing is in the container labeled Patient Gear, so you can get started on the carnage right away. While his regenerative abilities make this area a breeze to walk through, you will want to get the icebreaker to make your life easier.

  • Juhani: Juhani starts fully equipped near the Elevator. On the way to the detention area she will meet an additional Sith Heavy Trooper that is tougher than all the other enemies here combined. Still he isn't really all that tough, so he should go down without too much trouble.

  • HK-47: As T3-M4 he starts in the Droid Maintenance area, but a Sith technician is there instead of a droid. This area shouldn't be too much trouble to him either as, similar to Canderous, his regeneration makes him nigh invulnerable (at least against these morons). Also as T3-M4, remember to use flamethrowers liberally.
Your goal here is to get to the Detention area and free everyone by using the console there. However the Detention area is locked and thus you either need a key or need to slice into a computer to access that area. Security is of no use here since the lock is impossible to pick. All of the troopers here are very weak and should go down very easily unless you are forced to fight unequipped and hand to hand. While the Sith Passcard which allows access to the Detention area is found in the Barracks, I have found it easier to slice the computer in the Security Computer Room.

Since you won't have enough computer spikes to slice your way through unless you chose T3-M4, it is best to take the Starboard Cell Block Key that is found on the guard and free the Rodian that is in the cell to the east. He will give you an Ice Breaker which you can use without using any spikes. You'll be treated as if you have 99 spikes which are more than enough to use all of the possible options that are available even with no ranks in computer use. Afterwards head west to the detention area, use the console there and free everyone. Watch the cutscene, and with that completed you will finally regain control of your main party and gain 1000 XP to boot.

Your party will consist of Carth, Bastila, and your PC. You won't have the luxury of choosing your party, so make sure they are all well equipped. Your goal now is to make your way to the bridge and Open docking bay doors. Head over to the elevator and go up to the Command Deck. Before you head to the bridge you will first have to enter the Armory and acquire a space suit. The Armory is due east of Droid Maintenance. Make sure you loot all of the lockers as well as the grenade bins for some good loot. Watch out for the Deadly mines here. Once you've looted this area head to the Bridge Storage area which is northeast of the Armory. Beware of the Deadly flash mines here and eliminate the Dark Jedi. Bash your way through the door to the north and head on over to the bridge.

Once here you will pass through an air-lock with your companions. After a long boring walk on the outside of the Leviathan re-enter the ship and re-equip your weapons. Mop up the Sith in the next room and proceed to the bridge command center. There you will face Saul and his minions. While none of the individuals are hard to take out, they can be a pain as the soldiers chuck plasma grenades. Usually I try to debilitate them as soon as possible using stasis field or force wave. Once you take them out Saul will say something really mean to Carth as his dying words, leaving the wuss sobbing uncontrollably. Just kidding. (Sort of)

Anyways make sure you loot the corpses and use the Computer Panel to open the bay doors. Head back to the elevator, taking out the new enemies that have spawned. Head down to the Hangar and proceed forward. One thing to note is that unless you enter the rooms to either side of the corridor here, the enemies inside will attack you from behind, so it is your best interest to clear each room and loot the containers here. Anyways proceed forward until you get to a spacious room with a Sith Captain, several Dark Jedi and some troopers. From here you can see the Ebon Hawk, so you're almost in the clear.

After you clear this room make sure you save. Once you proceed forward form this point there is no going back. Unequip Bastila of any equipment, otherwise it is gone for good. Now proceed down the ramp and lo and behold Darth Malak makes a personal appearance.

Now time for the big reveal. Darth Malak is your Father! Bastila also happens to be your sister. Remember that that kiss? Now you wish you could take that back eh? Oh and by the way you built HK-47 when you were a child on Tatooine. Oh wait, I'm mixing up plots here. Anyways after the big reveal take a moment to compose yourself from the powerful shock. Deep breath. Ready? Ok.

Anyways just trash talk Darth until you get to the fighting. Now unfortunately Malak is pitifully weak at this point. Too bad you aren't allowed to actually kill him. Ah well, anyways after you take him down to half his vitality he casts force whirlwind and runs like a girl, and locks the door behind him. Jeez what a wuss, come out and fight like a man! Anyways circle around and open the door and take his vitality down far enough and Bastila will come running in and sacrifice herself to save your lazy butt for 1000 XP. After this point Bastila will no longer be in your party, hence the reminder to remove any vital equipment from her.

Continue forward, finish another gunner station mini-game, see some FMV's and cutscenes, after which there is a discussion and a group hug. After those long sequences you will finally be over with the Leviathan and free to go to any planet again (besides Dantooine).

Synopsis of the Leviathan

The first portion of the Leviathan, before you rescue your main character is very easy. Jolee and Juhani will find this area to be a complete joke, and Canderous and HK-47 won't have any problems either. Even Mission & T3M4, who are likely to be the ones who will have the toughest time of the bunch, won't find it too difficult. The second portion is not that hard either, since you should have three planets behind you. This means you should be in the high teens when it comes to your level. Bastila will be a great asset, and your front line fighter if you're a consular. Carth won't be of too much help, but he won't be a hindrance either. In fact if you gave him a great pair of blasters he can help quite a bit against the enemy. The only possibly difficult fight is where you fight against Admiral Saul. Saul himself won't give you too much trouble, but his cohorts will. They'll chuck grenades often, so you'll want all of your party to advance or to be protected against fire (they mostly throw plasma grenades). Darth Malak on the other hand is a complete pushover. Melee builds will take him down in no time, and consulars can choke him to death.

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