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Tatooine: Side Quests

The Middleman

Near the entrance to the Hunting Lodge, you will find Sharina Fizark who will try to sell you a Desert Wraid Plate for 500 Credits. Her husband was murdered by the Gammoreans and stripped him of everything leaving her with nothing but that plate. There are several ways to deal with the situation which I will list out.
  1. Buy the Plate off of her then and there. You don't need to have a hunter's license for this, though you will need one to sell the thing later on. If you do decide to buy it off of her you can pay her three different amounts:
    • Full Price for some LSP and 200 XP.
    • Plus an extra 200 for more LSP and 250 XP.
    • Give her Half for some DSP and 150 XP. You can Force persuade her for even more DSP.
  2. Just forcibly take the plate from her for some DSP and 50 XP. You can Force persuade her for even more DSP if you have dominate mind.
  3. Take the Plate and Sell it, promising to return with her money. You will need a moderate amount of ranks in persuade to pull this off, and will need Dominate Mind if you wish to force persuade her to do so. You never have to return and get to keep the full price without incurring any DSP which is the "ideal" neutral solution. If you do decide to come back, you can choose to give her as much money as you wish which will give you the same options and LSP or DSP as outlined above, two exceptions. If you tell her she's not getting anything, you'll gain 150 XP instead. If you intimidate her into accepting half you'll get no XP.
After you have the plate you will need to have a hunter's license to sell the thing at Fazza's. As she says it is indeed worth 500 Credits so you only lose money if you go with the highest LSP option so it is worth your time for the most part. Click here for a more thorough list of special conversation choices.

Tatooine Swoop Races

Winning each tier on the Tatooine Swoop track nets you not only bonds (sold for credits) but also XP. Here are the rewards listed in order:
  • Tier One: 10 Racing Bonds and 75 XP
  • Tier Two: 30 Racing Bonds and 150 XP
  • Tier Three: 80 Racing Bonds and 525 XP
  • Total Gain: 120 Racing Bonds and 750 XP
Sell racing bonds on the Yavin Station for the most profit (each sells for 156 credits instead of 60). For information on how to win the races click here.

Signing Nico

In the Swoop Registration office, you'll find Motta the Hutt, who will give you this quest when you talk about business after you pay or waive the track maintenance fee. Basically he wants you to persuade or bully Nico into signing an unfair deal. Before you can talk to Nico and complete this quest however, you need to win all three tiers of swoop races. If you are having problems with completing the races, Click here.

Once that is done, you have two ways of dealing with the situation. The "good" way of course is to convince Motta to give a good deal to Nico for 50 XP, but you don't gain any credits or LSP. Persuading Motta is possible if you have 10 or more ranks in persuade. To simply force persuade him, you'll need Dominate Mind. Even if you threaten him, you won't get any DSP, and both persuading and Force Persuading become significantly easier, so that is a good option if you're having difficulty. Also if you have Zaalbar, HK-47, Canderous, Jolee, or Bastila with you when you threaten him, he will automatically agree. Talk to Nico and he'll thank you and you'll gain 200 XP, but that's about it.

The "evil" way of course is to persuade Nico to sign. You can persuade him, threaten him, or force persuade him, all of which will convince him to sign, and net you some DSP and 50 XP. Using Force persuade nets you the most DSP, but make sure you don't have any other Jedi or Zaalbar in your party, as that ups the requirement to Dominate mind to persuade him (why that is I don't know). Talk to Motta again for 20 Racer Bonds and 200 XP. You can ask for more, but both persuading him and Force persuading him are difficult.

It is best to threaten him (though it doesn't net any DSP), and as before if you have Zaalbar, HK-47, Canderous, or Jolee with you he will automatically agree to give you 10 more Racer Bonds. Even without them in your party, as before it makes him much easier to persuade and force persuade once you threaten him. Both paths, as you can see net you 250 XP, but only the dark path has any monetary reward.

Tanis Trapped

You first meet Tanis (possibly) in the Hunting Lodge, where you find out that he isn't very well thought of amongst the other hunters because of his use of battle droids. If you're a woman he'll even try to flirt with you despite the fact that he's married. So obviously we find him trapped out on the dunes by the very droids he's using, in a snare laid by his wife. When you talk to him he tries to convince you to free him. Just for laughs you try approaching him with a Sand People Costume on and then leave.

You can ask for credits, but that isn't necessary as he gives you the same amount whether you request it or not. The only other option is to ask for him to quit hunting. While this earns the respect of the others in the Hunting lodge, it doesn't net you any cash OR LSP, so it's you're call if you really want to go that route. If you are female the dialog is bugged and he will always assume that you haven't asked for anything making it impossible to get him to stop hunting. Click here for a bugfix. You can also get him to commit suicide by triggering the trap if you tell him that you are not going to rescue him for DSP. If Tanis dies without you deactivating the droids, you get no XP, though you can scavenge items off of his corpse, and the Droids around him. You also get 25 XP per droid that you fix (only 13 XP per droid after you detonate one), up to three droids worth. You can let one droid explode without any negative repercussions as long as you do it last, so I usually do that to Droid B and scavenge the remains. You also get 175 XP once you free him, no matter what happens afterwards.

Once freed, he'll stick to his promise (if he made one), either by paying you or by not hunting anymore. You can ask for more if you want, but unless you have a high persuade you most likely aren't going to get any more out of him. If you do succeed, he'll give you the Thermal Detonator he's carrying, which is worth quite a bit. If you don't mind getting DSP, you can force a fight, by saying you'll take what you need. This is actually a the best option for Darksiders, as you get the full XP for rescuing him, on top of which you get the XP for killing them and you also get to loot the remains. If you're having problems solving the correct answers they are listed here for your convenience:

  1. Node 2 is reporting accurately.
  2. The missing value is 7.
  3. Allocate 120 large pulses.
  4. 31-13-12-14 * 23-41-12-14

Miners under siege

In front of the sand crawler are two miners and a mining captain. Just talk to the captain and no matter what you say sand people will attack. There are three waves of four warriors, but they shouldn't pose too much of a problem. After taking them out talk to the captain again and he'll give you some information and thank you, but unfortunately you don't get an XP reward. If you approach them with a sand people costume on, they'll attack you. You don't gain and DSP (why?) and sometimes they drop stuff, but they don't yield very many XP.

Desert Ambush

In the hunting lodge you'll meet a group of Gammoreans which are rather hostile. You will meet them again on the dunes, whether you run them off or not. Go to the Accident site, southeast of the Sandcrawler. Be careful as it is surrounded by mines. Make sure that your main character is at full health before proceeding. When you click the central refuse pile it will explode dealing 90 points of damage to you, after which Gurke and his buddies will appear. No matter what you do here you cannot get any DSP so don't worry about changes in alignment. The three different options here are as follows:
  1. Bribe them. Pay what they demand ($500), persuade them not to fight, or Force persuade them (Dominate Mind Needed) that they have what they came for all fall under this option. If you do this, you will lose the respect of the other hunters in the Lodge, but you will get 125 XP. If you haven't chased them out of the lodge you can go back and kill them, but you only get minimal XP for this (20 XP per kill). Killing them in the lodge does net you DSP.
  2. Frighten them off. Either persuade them or force persuade them to run off, and you will get 200 XP, but you don't get to kill them. Like the previous option if you haven't chased them out of the lodge you can go back and kill them, but again you only get minimal XP, around 20 XP per kill and some DSP.
  3. Kill them off. Again this nets you no DSP, and is the best option out of all of them, especially at lower levels. When start the fight you get 50 XP, along with 50 ~ 250 XP per kill depending on level, meaning you get a total of 200 XP ~ 800 XP, along with any equipment that they drop, and the satisfaction of flaying those pigs alive.

Fair Trade

In the courtyard of Anchorhead you will find a Jawa named Iziz. If you speak with him, he'll tell you that some of his people are held captive by the Sand People to the south. Go to the Sand People Enclave where you can rescue them by completing the main quest far enough to the point that you are able to get the Chieftain's Gaffi Stick. If you have made a peace with the Chief, you must ask for permission to let the captive Jawa go. After you have permission or have cleared out the compound, go ahead and talk to the Jawa and they'll go running off, and you gain 150 XP. Return to Iziz for your reward. He'll give you an Echani Shield and 350 XP. You can persuade him for 500 credits, or Force persuade or threaten him for the same and some DSP. He also has the map of the Eastern Dune Seas, but since you can get one from the Sand People Chief it shouldn't be necessary.

Worthy of History

If you do go with a peaceful solution with the Sand People, you can ask to hear the history of the tribe. In order to prove your worthiness to hear the stories, you must first get a Krayt Dragon Pearl and present it to the Chief. Proceed with the Main Quest until you get your hands on one, and then return. Hand the pearl over for 250 XP and the chance to talk to the storyteller (Whoopee!). You gain no XP for talking to the storyteller, and there are no opportunities for LSP or DSP, but you do get to listen to some interesting background if you wish, though it is entirely unnecessary. Donít worry about your Krayt Dragon Pearl, you can reclaim it if you wish by wiping out the entire tribe. There are many ways to anger the tribe, from opening a sand people basket to committing blasphemy, take your pick. Just kill the Chief and take back the Pearl, along with anything else he may have on him. This is also the only way of getting Raito's Gaderffii, the most powerful simple weapon available, which isnít saying much.

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