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First and foremost, to Cidolfas for originally creating the shrine.

The monster and hacking lists were originally made by ShaheenJim (the monster list info was provided by Sky). The new annotated world maps were created by TS. Thanks also to KuZap, for making the original FF3 FAQ, which helped me get through the game the first time round.

Thanks also to:
-Rob Iannacone for the information about equipping two nunchuks on a monk to increase attack power.
-Andrew Dyche for the location of the Onion Glove.
-PerspixLXXXII for the hidden items in Kazus and for the tip about using ZeusRage on Jinn.
-Foppe for the secret passage in the Sewers and the free Demon Shield in Fargabaad.
-Tic for the secret passage in Argass Castle, and for another two secret passages in Kazus.
-Paul for a correction involving the direction of Salonia in the walkthrough.
-RalphTheRobopon for reminding me that Ninjas cannot equip Onion equipment.
-Marc Herbez for a slough of niggling details involving equipment. 8-)
-Angela for the secret Shuriken in Gisahl Village.

ShaheenJim's Thanks

NeoDemiforce - for translating FF3j.

Lady Keyla, Chris Hanneman, and Saritphong - for locating more enemies.

Skrybe - He found lots enemy spells, enemy hits effects, and things enemies drop which I missed. He also found that the HellClaw poisoned it's target. He also contributed the Geomancer Terrain magic list.

The Amazing Hiryuu, of this very site - He submitted the location of five enemies I couldn't find and he also found the location of the Onion Armor, Onion Shield, and Onion Sword.

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