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Chapter 1 - Arr, matey!
Chapter 2 - Yar, more pirates
Chapter 3 - Why can't they just leave us alone?
Chapter 4 - It ain't easy, ya know.
Chapter 5 - Orleans! Finally!
Chapter 6 - What do you mean we haven't won yet?
Chapter 7 - Time to start our second quest.
Chapter 8 - Can't we even spend the night in a quiet town without getting ambushed?
Chapter 9 - And here's the most unexpected turn of events ever...
Chapter 10 - Another sidequest Marth decides is nessecary to do
Chapter 11 - It looks like a sidequest - but it isn't
Chapter 12 - The Ultimate Deciding Battle!!
Chapter 13 - You didn't think you could just go somewhere without fighting your way through an army first, did you?
Chapter 14 - The Ultimate Weapon that can Destroy Medeus: It's right here... I think.
Chapter 15 - Yeah, Garef's immortal. But we can still take him. I hope.
Chapter 16 - Another Sidequest? Dammit, Marth!
Chapter 17 - A Winner is You
Chapter 18 - Grunia again? When will they learn?
Chapter 19 - The easiest boss ever
Chapter 20 - Final Battle! Aritia VS Grunia!!
Chapter 21 - Second Showdown! Aritia VS Macedonia!!
Chapter 22 - Unimaginative Title! Aritia VS Macedonia part 2!!
Chapter 23 - Getting Close to the End! VS Garnef!!
Chapter 24 - The Final Stretch! Aritia VS Doluna!!
Chapter 25 - The End! Marth VS Medeus!!

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