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Japanese name English name Uses Effect
Amulet 1 Ups Magic Defense by 7.
Angel Clothes 1 Ups max HP by 9.
Boots 1 Ups Movement by 4.
Door Key 1 Opens doors.
Dragon Shield 1 Ups Defense by 3.
Dragon Whip 1 Promotes Pegasus Knights into Dragon Knights.
Drawbridge Key 1 Opens drawbridges.
Goddess Statue 1 Ups luck by 5.
Hero Badge 1 Promotes Mercenaries into Heros.
Knight's Medal 1 Promotes Social Knights into Paladins.
Manual 1 Ups Weapon Level by 5.
Member Card N/A Holder can enter Hidden Shops.
Mystery Book 1 Ups Skill by 5.
Orb of Earth 3 Damages units, both your and the enemys. Not sure how damage is calculated. Can't kill a unit.
Orb of Light N/A Holder will not deal less damage if the opponent is on a terrain type that would normally cause this. Give to Gato along with the Orb of Star to get the Starlight spell.
Orb of Star N/A Holder's weapons will not lose uses when you attack. Give to Gato along with the Orb of Light to get the Starlight spell.
Orion's Arrow 1 Promotes Archers into Snipers.
Power Ring 1 Ups Strength by 4.
Priest's Ring 1 Promotes Bishops and Magicians into Priests.
Pure Water 5 Casts M-Shield on user.
Salve 5 Recover 10 HP
Silver Card N/A Holder can buy items at half price.
Speed Ring 1 Ups speed by 6.
Thief Key 16 Opens doors and drawbridges. Can only be used by thieves.

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