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Weird Stuff

Weird Stuff and Tips

Welcome to the Dragon Warrior section o' tips and strangeness

This is a typical fairy tale story .

Always use STOPSPELL against things that cast magic . When they use spells , they'll lose their turn.

Use the silver harp to draw enemies to you.

Use the silver harp or magic flute to make the Golem fall asleep.

Gain levels. Lots of levels.

RETURN and Wyvern Wings bring you back to Tantagel Castle .

Go see an old guy in Tantagel Castle to freely replenish your HP . Once you get heal , you no longer have to go to the Inn.

The names of the locations are related to King Arthur stories (Tantagel is a real castle in England that is often referred to in Arthur mythology).

The old english is Arthur-like.

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