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Name Value Effect Location
Herb 24 G Recover HP Brecconary , Garinahm , Kol , Cantlin
Torch 8 G Provides light in caves Brecconary , Garinham , Kol , Cantlin
Dragon Scale 20 G Raise defense Brecconary , Garinham , Kol , Cantlin
Wings 70 G Return to Tantegel Castle Kol , Cantlin
Magic key 53 G Open doors Rimuldar
Fighter's ring - Increase fighting ability Rock Mountain Cave
Fairy Flute - Makes certain enemies fall asleep Kol
Erdrick's Tablet - Tells hero's heritage Erdrick's Cave
Erdrick's Token - Proves you're Erdrick's heir In the Swamps south of Cantlin ( use Gwaelin's love ad follow directions from Tantegel Castle) 70 south 40 east
Silver Harp - Used to get the Staff of Rain Cave of Garinham
Gwaelin's Love - Tells you where you are from Tantegel Castle Gwaeling gives it to you
Staff of Rain - Needed to make Rainbow Drop Northern Cave
Stones of Sunlight - Needed to make Rainbow Drop Tantegel Castle
Rainbow Drop - Create Rainbow Bridge Southern cave
Ball of Light - What you need to get from the Dragonlord Dragonlord himself
Cursed Belt - (sells for 180 G) Cursed Cave of Garinham
Cursed Necklace - (sells for 1200 G) Cursed Rock Mountain Cave

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