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Picture Name Found/Obtained by Use for
Harp of Apollo Harp of Apollo Apollo Temple at Peloponessus. Play it at the Monolith of the Sun to use the Pegasus.
Ocarina Ocarina Buy it from Poseidon for 60 Olives in Laconia. Play it by the sea to use Poseidon's power.
Trojan Pitcher Trojan Pitcher Kneel, then hit the first pillar after the monolith of sun in Laconia. You can carry nectar with it.
Eye of Graeae Eye of Graeae Defeat the Graeae. Crystal ball with magical powers.
Moon Crystal Moon crystal Obtain it from Artemis at Phrygia. Use it to call the Moon.

Special Items

Picture Name Found Use for
Sandals of Hermes Sandals of Hermes Visit Zeus' Temple after visiting the Hermes Temple to obtain it. Jump into the ceiling and jump higher.
Shield of Athena Shield of Athena Obtain it from Athena in her temple at Attica. Protect yourself from enemy attacks.
Salamander Shield Salamander Shield Give 20 salamander skins and 80 olives to Circe in Crete to obtain it. Protect yourself from flames.
Salamander Skin Salamander Skin Dropped by Salamanders in the abyss below Hermes' Temple. Bring 20 to Circe and 80 olives to get a Salamander Shield.
Key Key Talk to Keleos at Attica (Athens) after getting the first token of love to obtain it. Opens any locked doors.
Bracelet of Power Bracelet of Power Buy it from Ares in his temple at Crete for 80 olives. Doubles Attack Power and prevents Stamina loss when you use the power of Argus.

Other Items

Picture Name Found Use for
Golden Apple Golden Apple Obtain it after defeating Ladon at Phthia. Reduces enemy damage by 50%.
Nectar Nectar Collect it in any fountain if you have the Trojan Pitcher. Fully restores Stamina.
Ambrosia Ambrosia You can find the Ambrosia at the following places: buying it from an old man in the salamander pit at Argolis; before the battle against the Cyclops in Peloponnesus, jump on the third tree, kneel down and hit the tree; defeating the Cyclops in Laconia; an old man at Phthia gives it to you; and another old man at Phrygia gives it to you. Fully restores Stamina and raises maximum Stamina.
Olives Olives Defeating enemies. Use in place of money.
Bay Leaves Bay Leaves Defeating enemies. Partially restores Stamina.
Fragments of Love Fragments of Love Meeting with the Nymphs. Hear message of Helene's love.

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