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Here are the Battle of Olympus characters, in alphabetical order:

Picture Description
Apollo: The God of the sun and of art; his temple can be found in Poloponessus forest. He gives you the Apollo's Harp.
Ares: Ares is the God of war and of fighting; his temple can be found in Crete labirinth. You can buy from him the Power Bracelet for 80 Olives.
Artemis: The Goddess of the moon; her temple can be found at the ruins of Phrygia. You can get the Moon crystal from her.
Athena: Athena is the beautiful Goddess of wisdom and battles; her temple can be found in Attica. She give to you the Athena's Shield.
Circe: A witch living inside the Crete labirinth, she can make the Salamander Shield if you bring 20 salamander skins and 80 Olives to her.
Dolphin: Helps you to cross the sea, call it using the Ocarina.
Hades: The god who rules the netherworld of Tartarus, he kidnapped Helene's soul to make her his queen.
Hephaestus: The God of metalworking and handcrafts; his temple can be found at the mountains of Phthia. You can buy the Divine Sword from him for 70 Olives.
Hermes: Hermes serves as the messenger of Zeus; his temple can be found in the caves of Argolis. He gives you the Hermes Sandals.
Hero: A gentle, yet brave young man called Orpheus; his mission is save his beloved Helene from Hades.
Helene: Helene, your girlfriend, has her soul taken by Hades and your mission is to save her.
Keleos: He lives in a mansion in Athens; show him the first Fragment of Love and he will give you the Key.
Pegasus: Call it using the Harp of Apollo at the monolith of the sun; helps you to travel in Greece.
Poseidon: This is the powerful god who rules the sea; his temple can be found in Laconia. You can buy from him the Ocarina for 60 Olives.
Prometheus: Rescue him after beating the lion at Argolis; he'll give you the "Fire of Prometheus".
Zeus: He is the King of the gods. His temple can be found in Arcadia.

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