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The statistics of Brian are expressed as the actual value and a percent. By performing certain actions the percents increase. When they reach 100 the value of the actual is increase. However the amount of percentage gained in an action is screwed and relational. The higher Brian's statistics, the less percentage he receives for the actions performed. To see his statistics press the Start button to bring the main menu. To see his elemental statistics use the control stick to select one menu left of the main.

Name Description How To Raise It
Hit Points (current) The current hit points of Brian. This is the numerator (top number) of Brian's HP fraction. Every time Brian receive damage his current HP decreases. When it reaches zero Brian falls. Use healing spells or healing items. Sleeping at an inn will restore all HP.
Hit Points (maximum)The maximum hit points of Brian can have. This is denominator (bottom number) of Brian's HP fraction. Use Staff attacks or get hit (lose HP) in battle to increase maximum HP.
Magic Points (current)The current magic points of Brian. This is the numerator of Brian's MP fraction. Each time Brian casts a spell his MP decreases. Walking around a field will restore MP. Successful Staff attacks will restore MP. Use MP healing spells and MP curate items. Sleeping at an inn will restore all MP.
Magic Points (maximum) The maximum magic points Brian can have. This the denominator of Brians' MP fraction. Use spells to increase maximum MP.
Defence Higher defence decrease the damage taken in battle. Get hit (lose HP) in battle.
Agility Higher agility increase the amounts of misses in battle. Have Brian run (dust clouds appear) and get misses in battle. A miss is when the attack connects with Brian--"thunk" is sounded--but "Miss!" is displayed instead of damage.
Elements Higher elements increase the effect of a spell in that element. The maximum for an element is fifty. Find a Spirit or gain a 100% experience.
Experience The percentage Brian has to naturally increase an element. Win battles. (It is only awarded at the end of a successful battle.)
Movement The amount of area Brian is able to move in battle. NA
Attack The amount of damage done with a Staff attack. Gain more Elements.