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Name Location Description
Brian a.k.a. Shanjaque NA The son of Lord Bartholomy and skillful Spirit Tamer, Brian quests for the Eletale book hoping to save Celtland.
Bartholomy ??? Father of Brian, he went forth to look for the Eletale book and was last heard from in a letter on a boat heading to Western Carmach.
Grand Abbot Melrode Monastery The head of Melrode Monastery, he warns Brian of questing for his father and the Eletale book.
Shannon Inns Mysterious lady, she appears at every inn in Celtland right as Brian arrives, giving him hints to the next event.
Scotford Dondoran King of Dondoran, known for its earthen wares, he implores Brian to recover the Earth Stone that was recently stolen.
Flora Dondoran Princess of Dondoran, she also commands Brian to retrieve the gem.
Solvaring Connor Forest The King of Beasts, this is the low brow character who stole the Earth Stone in hopes of ruling Kennishire.
Leila Larapool This water sorcerers protects Larapool tells Brian about the stilled wind and guides him to retrieve the Water Stone.
Leonardo Normoon This fellow magician, while searching for the Alchemist's Secret, was is stranded in Normoon while the winds died.
Zelse Windward Forest The elusive magician of a band of thieves, he has developed his powers and megalomania after finding the Wind Jade.
Epona Crystal Valley Sage in Crystal Valley, who can see everything in Celtland, she will help Brian gain the Water Stone.
Kiliac Lake Kildrey A pirate who spares Brian's life on hoping that he can help calm the storms on the lake.
Colleen Isle Of Skye Another sorceress of Water, Colleen in anxious that she is shielded from her stolen ward, the Water Jewel.
Nepty Isle Of Skye Self proclaimed queen of the world, Nepty as sealed herself in the loch planing her domination with her newly gained Water Jewel.
Deanna Limelin The queen of Carmach, Deanna hopes that Brian will defeat his inevitable crossing with Fargo.
Shriker NA The house line and the knight who capture Fargo, but was killed when he escaped. (Never appears in the game.)
Shilf Baragoon Tunnel Servant of Mammon, this strange lady haunts has haunted the tunnels recently.
Lavaar Shamwood Hermit in the dessert, this is the guy knows a great deal of the Day of Grief.
Fargo Boil Hole Escapee and hitman of of Beigus, he intends to double cross his master and rule all Celtland with the Spirit Gems.
Guilty Brannoch Castle Scientist mage, he is source of the Highlands magical artillery.
Beigis Brannoch Castle King of the Highlands, he plans to conquer all of Celtland starting with an invasion on Carmach.
Mammon ??? Mysterious demon various that magical people often refer to.