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Side Quests

Sometimes, one simply can't stand doing their duty collecting Myrrh and must have some fun every now and then. Either it be playing a mini-game or finding moogles in the nooks and crannies of the world, there is always something extra to do in Crystal Chronicles. Below is a comprehensive list of all available side-quests within the game, including mini-games. (excludes Blazin' Caravans, which is multiplayer only)

Cow Racing

Upon entering the Fields of Fum, you can speak with Morris, the cow rancher near the entrance to the cow grazing area. He'll offer you a chance to wager your money on a cow to see if it will win a race. The race will feature many cows and will progress with excruciating slowness. Should your cow win, you can earn a lot of gil; if it loses, you win nothing. You can also talk with Mileu in purchasing a cow for your family; which will, in turn, increase your relations with your father.

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De Nam, The Pen Pal

Upon your first visit to Shella, head to the blacksmith and speak with the Selkie standing nearby. His name is De Nam, and he is researching Miasma. Upon exiting Shella, he'll leave and occasionally send you letters after each successful drop of Myrrh gathered. Once nine letters have been received from De Nam, head to Conall Curach and you'll receive his Worn Bandanna from a random monster.

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Ferryman's Request

Tristan, the ferryman at Jegon River will require you to bring him two items; one from Kilanda and one from the Lynari Desert. In return, he will lower prices on ferry trips to those respective places. In Kilanda, head for middle boss entrance in the second area. The chest nearby that entrance will randomly have the Kilanda Sulfur Tristan is asking for. Its more common during cycle 3. In the Lynari Desert, travel past the boss entrance and continue along the long path to another area. Slash the cactus in this area to randomly reveal a Cactus Flower. Its also more common during cycle 3.

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Life Giving Plants

During the fifth, sixth and seventh years of your travels, the Veo Lu Sluice will be dried up and travel across Jegon River will become impossible. You must do some clever hot spot switching to reach Veo Lu Sluice during year five to solve the problem immediately. If you don't, the problem itself goes away at year eight. However, visiting Veo Lu Sluice during these three years will garner you equipment you cannot get anywhere else or at any other time, so take advantage of it. Once you feel tired of the drought, head to the Sluice and prepare a Life spell. Find four separate water plants in the water calderas around the area and cast life on them. Finish up the boss and end the level. The next time you enter, the Sluice will be filled with flowing water and the Jegon River will now be crossable.

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Love Letters

1. Sometime in the fifth year and beyond, there will be a man named Cecil hanging out near the center of town at Marr's Pass. Speak with him and follow the clues resulting from the conversation and head to Leuda.
2. Speak with a lady named Leu Tipa.
3. Following that conversation, head to Tida and in the second area at the start, head left to find a huge dead tree. Examine it to find a letter.
4. Show the letter to BOTH Cecil and Leu Tipa.
5. Complete another year of traveling and head back to Tida and examine the same tree again to find another letter and conclude this quest. Your reward is more items being sold at Leuda.

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Moogle Mumblings

Not technically a sidequest, but taking care of your moogle in singleplayer can be a quest in itself. Depending on what color your moogle is, will dictate what type of radar your GBA will display when playing an area as well as what spells he's most likely to cast to help you out. You can repaint him or wash him clean at any moogle nest. (listed below) Furthermore, when going to cold areas, its best to leave him nice and furry; however when heading for humid, hot areas, its best to trim him down so he won't get so hot. Doing this will prevent him from getting tired as often when carrying the chalice.

Radar Display
Area Map
Monster Locator
Chest Locator
Hot Dungeons
Cold Dungeons
Lynari Desert
Selepation Cave
Veo Lu Sluice
Conall Curach
Rebena Te Ra
Mount Vellenge

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Moogle Stamps and Nest Locations

When you speak to a moogle for the first time, they will offer you a chance to acquire a stamp card and one free stamp with 23 stamps total. Once you collect all stamps in a specific set, a new multiplayer mini-game is unlocked called Blazin' Caravans. (explained more in the Multiplayer section) Some of the nest locations can be quite deviously hidden. Besides the mini-game, there isn't too much point to collecting stamps other than the 'completion' factor.

Moogle Nest Locations
Check behind the crystal of your village for the secret door nestled behind the dais.
River Belle Path
After opening the first bridge, head south along the river bank and east up the hill overlooking the area. There should be an odd shaped rock up at the top of the hill, examine it for the nest.
Port Tipa
Simply walk down the stairs to the first landing and enter the cave that is prominent in the rockside.
Goblin Wall
In the first area on the far left are two skull cages that can be opened. What is revealed seems like a useless looping tunnel, however follow it to the back end of the loop and check the darkness for the nest.
Marr's Pass
Head north from the entrance past the well and head left until you get to some wooden stairs. Take those down to a cave.
Mushroom Forest
Near the north end of the forest on your first run through the area, the last mushroom spring you come across will land you in a small area with a artifact chest. Check the nearby small white mushrooms for the nest.
Mine of Cathuriges
In the third and final area of the mine, when the rail tracks head off to the left cavern wall, follow it to the end. Check the wall for the nest.
There are two routes to the lower level of the city near the canal. Take the right stairs to the canal walkway and head towards the end to where water is coming out into the river. Enter to find the nest.
After your initial loop around the eastern portion of the first area, head south to find the broken dais where the village's crystal once stood. Check the house north of the hot spot for the nest.
Moschet Manor
Take either of the two middle doors on the left side of the mansion to enter a bedroom. Check the left chair next to the big table for the nest.
Veo Lu Sluice
Bypass the gate that guards the boss and head north. Follow the loop around and ignore the north branch when it comes. Head east to where the path meets the rock wall. Investigate the wall for the nest.
Next to the two shop vendors, check the stump to the right of the house for the nest.
West Jegon River
As you board the boat to the Fields of Fum, you'll land on its west bank. As you leave the area, check the fencing that outlines the area, head north for the break in the fencing for the hole that represents the nest.
Fields of Fum
Head south from the windmill and follow the path around to a door inlaid into the green hill, enter it for the nest.
Selepation Cave
In the first area, reach the highest ledge in the cave. It will have two chests on it and a wooden staircase leading down one side. Head down the staircase and investigate a hole in the wall for the nest.
Daemon's Court
Two staircases flank the center daemon structure that lead up to the back rampart. Head for the left staircase and check the back wall of the area underneath the staircase for the nest.
Conall Curach
In the second area of the swamp, take the first branch right, then right again. Take the left branch when up against a third choice. Finally, when it splits into four directions, head south a ways to a tree and chest. Explore the area just north of the tree for the nest.
Rebena Te Ra
In the second area, after solving that annoying puzzle in the north-eastern part of the temple for a key, bring it back to the middle area and unlock the small area north. Examine a broken pillar in the area for a nest.
In the first area, take the right branch to an area with two chests. Check the nothern volcanic wall for a hole.
Slip behind the pink tent at Leuda to discover a hidden path to a door in the cliff wall. Enter to find a moogle nest.
Lynari Desert
As you enter the desert, try heading for the far north-western part of the desert. Follow it southwest and loop back around near the entrance to the entrance. You'll come up to a small cave with a chest inside it. Open the chest and then examine the cave behind the chest for the nest.
Mag Mell
As you enter the area, take the left branch and go behind the first cocoon you see. Explore the back area for the nest.
Mount Vellenge
There will be two routes to the second area of the mountain, make sure you take the left or western one! It will split into two paths, one going underneath an overpass. Check the darkness underneath the pass for the final nest.

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Runaway Princess

You won't be able to start this quest until around year 3 or 4. Enter Alfitaria again and search out the lone knight patrolling the streets and speak with him to start off a sequence of events. Please note that inbetween EACH step, its advised to gather a drop of Myrrh, this will ensure that the next step will occur.
1. Talk to Knocfelna, the soldier, in Alfitaria to learn of the princess.
2. Speak to Te Odow, a simple peddler in Marr's Pass.
3. Find the disguised princess on the east side of Jegon River. Speak with her.
4. Encounter Knocfelna at Jegon River, speak with him as well.
5. Speak to the princess and Knocfelna in the Fields of Fum.
6. Travel to Leuda and speak with the princess and Knocfelna.
7. Exit Leuda by land to travel to Lynari Desert, as you reach the desert, a sequence will play about the princess.
8. Enter Alfitaria to watch the final sequence. Everyone who is currently playing in your caravan will each receive 100,000 gil!

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Secret Items

Every village/town/safe area in the game has a secret location that contains a hidden item. Go to the locations listed on the first chart below and search the area until an examine icon appears. When investigated, a secret item will pop out. All items found will go in the order found on the second chart listed below, regardless of where you find them. Once the 25th item on the chart is acquired, the order resets and begins anew. Once an item is found in a specific location, another one will not be found there again until another Myrrh drop is gathered.

Secret Item Locations
From the Tailor shop, head left up the incline to the top of the hill, search at the apex of the hill.
Marr's Pass
From the south entrance to the village, head north to the well and explore just in front of it.
From the grand crystal in the center of the city, head west and take the southern fork once you reach the curved stairs, explore the backside of the staircase.
Head into the village and take the far north-right fork past the village crystal, explore the well near the building on the hill.
Fields of Fum
From the entrance, take a right at the windmill and check the area just before the bridge over the water.
As you depart the port, head up to the first building and check the equipment just left of the structure.

Secret Item Order
Wheat Seed
Vegetable Seed
Bronze Shard
Vegetable Seed
Iron Shard
Fruit Seed
Fruit Seed
Pressed Flower
Fruit Seed
Bannock Bread
Mark of Shella
Spring Water
Spring Water
Spring Water
Vegetable Seed
Ancient Potion

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Selkie Jumping Game

While in Leuda as a Selkie character (no other race can compete), you can participate in the Selkie Jumping Game. Speak to the young boy at the net where people are bouncing on to start a game. Listen well to the instructions of the boy and press the correct buttons at the right time to score points. Using the control pad to roll left and right while you jump can earn you double points. The commands, point values, and prizes are listed below:

A or B1 point
A, A or B, B2 points
A, B or B, A3 points
A, A, B or B, B, A4 points
A, B, B, A or B, A, A, B5 points
A, B, A, B, A or B, A, B, A, B6 points
More than 500 pointsBronze
More than 1000 pointsIron
More than 2000 pointsMythril
More than 4000 pointsOrichalcum

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Sleeping Whispers

There is no reward for this quest, but if you choose to pursue it, you can acquire some interesting information about Miasma and the world. Upon your first visit to Mag Mell, there will be one Carbuncle creature that is only pretending to be asleep (the one in the back!). Return the next year and he'll begin to speak to you. You must visit six years in a row to hear everything he has to say.

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Unknown Element

The unknown element is absolutely critical to passing the final Miasma barrier to reach Mag Mell and Mount Vellenge to beat the game. It allows freedom of movement through all Miasma streams regardless of element. To acquire this, head first to Lynari Desert and follow these steps:
1. Head for the overly large cactus in the far north end of the desert and cast Thunder on it.
2. Now head for the abandoned tent/house just east of the cactus, in the northeastern portion of the map. Cast Gravity on its remains.
3. Now walk south and to the far eastern edge of the desert and spy a mushroom-shaped rock on top of a dune. You must extend your Fire spell out to reach it.
4. Head back northwest, just south of the giant cactus to where three giants rocks are placed closed to one another. Cast Blizzard on each, moving from smallest to largest.
5. Doing all of the above will make a new plant grow near the moogle nest (not on its path though!). Cast Holy on the flower to reveal the hotspot and change your chalice's element to the unknown element!

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