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Note: All artifacts in the 'Artifact Drop' list with a asterix next to it can only be received in that level by beating the boss.
It cannot be found naturally within that level.
Also note that just because you receive (for example) 140+ points, doesn't mean you'll get the Artifact set that requires 139+ points. You may get the 102+ points artifact set or less. You just simply meet the requirements for that particular set to appear.

Nest of Memories

Fire - 2
Blizzard - 2
Thunder - 2
Slow - 3
Stop - 3
Gravity - 3
Holy - 3
Minionx2 Variety

Without spoiling the last boss battles for you, I'll give a brief synopsis of his strategy. The first battle is most likely the hardest of the two. He'll be in winged form and have several attacks at his disposal. He'll fire off bubbles similar in nature and effect to that of the Giant Crab's. He'll use laser beams much like the Golem to determine where the ensuing explosion will occur a second later. If all else fails, he'll try skewering you with his wings which is easily avoided by running up close and hacking at his face. The second form is more deadlier, but easier to fight once you know the secret catch. He'll steal memories from you at a constant rate, its your job to pick them up and assign them as an action. Use those memory magicites as attacks when you get Raem back down to your level. Attacking his bottom half with those memories is useless. Good luck!

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