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Items (305)

Usable Items (26)Rare Items (35)Arms (119)Body (44)
Head (33)Accessories/Souls (45)Ores (3)Gold bag, holds 100000 gold

Item Prices
  • Multiply an item’s price by 0.125 (1/8th) for its sale price.
  • Unknown items always sell for 1 gold.
All items listed have a “Base Price,” even ones that can’t be bought. You can ignore it, but you might find it of some use.
Unknown Items
When a body or head garment, weapon or scroll has a question-mark on its icon and before its name, the item’s power is concealed; and therefore it can’t be used. Its powers can be revealed and used by paying the Valuer in Prontis half the base price of the item, or by using a Valuing Scroll on it. The powers sealed consist of at least one of the below and aren’t random.
Weapon Abilities
When a weapon has a symbol before its name and on its icon (seen only when equipped), the item has an ability. (Some items listed have one by default.) Abilities are produced automatically when attacking.

AbilityItem Price
Engulfs enemy in flames+150%
Freezes enemy in ice+200%
Bolt effectual+150%

Types of Items
When a body or head garment or weapon has the word “of” followed by one of the applicable suffixes below, it bestows you with the corresponding effects.
Name SuffixBonus EffectsObtainable onItem Price
Power+2Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+150%
Force+4Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+300%
Skill+5Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+150%
Miracles+10Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+300%
Life+5Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+150%
Existence+10Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+300%
HolinessGood versus undead enemiesWeapons+200%
the WindGood versus flying enemiesWeapons+200%
the VampireAbsorbs HP from the enemiesWeapons+900%
DeadlinessMore critical hitsWeapons+200%
TempestsIncreases attack speedWeapons+700%
Light+5, +5, +5Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+600%
Darkness+8, +8, -10Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+500%
the Moon+5, +5, +5Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+200%
the Stars+10, +10, +10Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+300%
Protection+3Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+200%
Double-Edge+10, CursedWeapons+500%
the CursedCursedWeapons, Scrolls, Garments-50%
SpiritualityRaises hit immunityWeapons+400%
Fire-shield+10Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+100%
Cold-shield+10Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+100%
Thunder-shield+10Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+100%
the OldUsed SP-1Scrolls+400%
the AncientsUsed SP-2Scrolls+900%
Solidness+6Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+300%
Impregnability+9Weapons, Scrolls, Garments+450%
the HeartRaises hit immunityWeapons+200%

Grind of Items +
When a body or head garment or weapon has a plus-sign and number affixed to the end, it increases a stat by the number. Weapons add to , body and head gaments and scrolls add to . The maximum is 15.
GrindItem PriceGrindItem PriceGrindItem Price

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