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Here is a list of all the different items you find in chests, etc. Click on the item to see a picture of that item being acquired.

Selen Tower Near Selen Fountain Shrine Doros Tower Desert Tower Nana Desert Shrine
Storm Tower Leneira Undersea Cave (Beneath Poseidon's Shrine) Cave West of Temis Aros Olympus Gods' Shrine Shrine South of Privia
Pirate Tower Shrine Northwest of Loran Marea Cave Mist Tower Cave To Hades' Tower Hades' Tower Undersea Cave (South of Shuba)
Shrine South of Elm Elm Cave East of Elm Dark Tower Gaia's Shrine Shrine North of Elm Titans' Castle


In the chest guarded by the elder (must defeat Dan in Hebe first) Door Key

Tower near Selen/Hebe

B2 MedHerb
B1 AntHerb
2F Wing
3F Shore Harp

Fountain Shrine

B2 100 G
B1 50 G
Behind Locked Door Near Eastern Exit (Need Light Key) Hope Gem

Doros Tower

Basement MastBall
Past the Basement Herbs
From Doros After Curing the Queen of Menai and Getting the Pirate Key MgMirror

Desert Tower

1F Whetston
2F Spark Staff
2F 200 G
4F Wing
5F EntWater


Drop down the ledge east of throne room Jade

Desert Shrine

From Priest (After Homer Leaves Party) Trident

Storm Tower

1F Knight Sword
2F Whetston
4F 300 G
3F Wing


Castle Basement (Take staircase in far northeast corner of town) Flame Whip

Undersea Cave (Below Poseidon's Shrine)

B2 Coral Armor

Cave West of Temis

B1 Wing
B4 ChaosGem


Poison Bog Beneath the Well Hategem

Olympus Gods' Shrine

3F Angel Shoes
Along path hidden in southeast corner of shrine (You need the Light Key) MagicBag
From Hephaestus (after defeating Cronus' Shadow. You must have the Zeus Sword) God Sword

Shrine South of Privia

In the tree (Can get another if none are in your inventory) PopoDrop

Pirate Tower

3F Wing
2F MedHerb
Ship Whetston
Ship Whetston
Ship (After defeating Tagon) Jail Key
Brig (Need Jail Key) Water Crown
Brig (Need Jail Key) Coral Armor
Brig (Need Jail Key) Bear Gauntlet
Brig (Need Jail Key) 556 G

Shrine Northwest of Loran

In Chest (Need Jail Key) SilkRein

Marea Cave

B1 Light Key

Mist Tower

3F MistHound
3F MistHound
3F MistHound
3F MistHound
3F Wing
3F Jason's Sword

Cave To Hades' Tower

B1 Rope

Hades' Tower

2F Rope
4F Giant Shield
3F MgScale

Undersea Cave (South of Shuba)

2F 1000 G
1F Zeus Shield

Shrine South of Elm

In the tree in the SW corner of the shrine (Can get another if none are in your inventory) LifeSeed


In NE corner of town, beneath hidden staircase east of the blacksmith's shop Eagle Shoes

Cave East of Elm

B2 Rope
B3 Wing
B1 MedHerb
B1 Earth Gauntlet
B4 ValorGem

Dark Tower

2F Wing
1F Wing
3F Gorgon Sword
2F GriefGem

Gaia's Shrine

In Chest (Need all five Gems) Hero Gauntlet

Shrine North of Elm

From Elder (Need the Hero Gauntlet) SeaFlute

Titans' Castle

B1 MistHound
B1 MistHound
1F Zeus Armor

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