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This thread will revolutionise the way we post.
People will build shrines to this thread and worship at our feet for bringing them this perfect piece of internet literature.
The president of the United States of America will seek out advice on how to make threads as good as this one.
The whole world will look upon it's majesty and despair because they can never make a thread as good as this one.
Third-world hunger and the national debt will be ended by this thread.
This thread will shine as a beacon of hope in a world on the edge.
This thread is retoractively responsible for the civil rights moment, vaccinations and modern scientific theory.
This thread will endure the ages like a cockroach endures a nuclear holocaust.
If this thread were to be shot into space, aliens from all around would flock to it and view humanity as the greatest species in creation, merely on the strength of it's awesomeness.
This thread can travel through space and time and all seven dimensions.

This thread will prelude the Second Coming itself and lead humanity into a new dawn of tolerance and equality

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Your fucking face, bitch

The Legendary Thread 2005

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