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Mini Games

Here is where you'll find information for all the mini games throughout the game.

Find the Dragonball:This is a very simple mini game. You just push the X button to see if the dragonball is anywhere around you. If its not, keep moving until it is close to the triangle on the radar. When it is press the A button to search for it on the ground. If you manage to find it, Goku will hold it up and grin.

Hit the Fish:This is right at the begining of the game. You have to predict what part of the screen the fish will pop up at. Your choices are:
When you get it right Goku will kick the fish (killing it) and then take it home to eat.

Find Kame a Girl:Before Kame trains Goku...he must find Kame a woman (dirty old man!). This mini game can be VERY difficult. The options are all different and have a different effect. You must choose one of two options when Goku reaches an area:
2.Go to another area.
If you leave for another area you will be given the same options. If you stay in an area you are Given 3 choices. Since the options change from area to area I'll give an example:
Which ever one you pick depends on what kind of girl you bring back. You might bring back a fat ugly one, or a pretty one with sunglasses and blonde hair. Its kind of randomized so choose wisely.

Plow the Field:This takes place during Goku and Krillin's training with Kame. This is simple. You have to alternatelty press A and Y. Alternate between these 2 buttons until you completely plow the field.

Running Sequence:This is also done during the training with Kame. You repeatedly press A to make them run across a series of screens.

Catch the Dirt:This is just like the "Hit the Fish" mini game. The only difference is that this is also done while training with Kame.

Climb Korin Tower:This mini game kinda hurts your arm if you're playing the rom. You alternately press the A and Y buttons to climb. If you don't press them Goku will begin to fall. And if he falls all the way down...your in for a world of pain. must climb back up again.

Catch Korin:This mini game can be tricky. You have to hit the A button to catch Korin while he is in the middle of the screen. If you do not catch are thrown back to the ground, forced to climb again.