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In the course of the game you will find weapons that increase Kane's attack strength. While you don't see these weapons being used, their power is shown by the increase in effect of Kane's 'Ki' force attacks. The weapons can be viewed in the Status screen. Each weapon increases your strength points by ten.

Name Description Location
Dokko A handheld steel spike with two sharp points used by gripping in the center. The basic weapon and first one studied at Summit Temple. Given to you by Daikok after the first scene.
Vajira The steel claw. It is held like the Dokko, but is more powerful and causes more damage to the enemy. Shimono Sea
Trident An ancient, powerful weapon from China. It has been forged from enchanted metal to fight evil. Pyramid
War Hammer A mystical weapon with great powers! It is said that it was forged by the Gods and will greatly increase the strength of any man who owns it. It also allows you to break blocks in the Pyramid. Pyramid

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