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Space Century 342. Location: Camineet, Palma. In the beginning of the game, you will see a man wounded on the floor as some guards look over him. The man is named Nero, and the guards are the Roboguards of King Lassic. Nero's sister, Alis, finds Nero. Nero tells Alis to find a man with great strength by the name of Odin. Alis takes Nero's Short Sword and vows to avenge her brother.

Once you start, you will have control of Alis. The first thing you want to do is go to the warehouse just to the right of Alis' house. The dungeon is in first person view, so it can be tricky to navigate at times. Go straight, then turn left and then left again. Follow to the door and open it. Behind it is a chest containing 50 Meseta (the currancy in Algo). Grab it and exit. Go to the shop furthest to the left and buy Alis a Leather Shield. It is not much, but for now, it will do. Equip it. The blue house at the Northwest corner of town is owned by a man named Nekise. Enter the house and he will tell about Odin and give Alis the Laconian Pot. One more important place is the house directly to the left of the East exit. Enter this house and Alis' friend, Suelo, will let Alis rest there for free, at any time in the game, so remember this place when I say to rest up in Camineet.

Save up and exit Camineet. Do not enter the forest yet, as the monsters are too strong. You will not get attacked within the gates unless you are in the forests, so exit the gates with caution and wait for an attack. Sworms are the enemies you want to fight right now. They give enough experience for now to make Alis a bit stronger. Also, after each battle, a monster will leave a treasure chest. Once in a while, these will contain traps. A Lovely Town!A spear trap damages 1 random character, while a bomb trap damages the whole party. If Alis' HP gets low, rest at Suelo's house. For now, you probably want to stay away from Scorpions, unless you think you can handle just 1. Once you gather up 75 Meseta, head to the town just southwest of Camineet (still inside the walls). This is Parolit. There is very little to do in this town. Buy an Iron Sword for Alis with the 75 Meseta you saved up. Sell the Short Sword and buy a Cola or two. Now with the Iron Sword, you should have enough power to defeat some Scorpions. Still hanging around town, fight more Sworms and Scorpions to build up her level. When Alis reaches level 4, she learns the Heal spell, which can help her stay out in the field longer instead of resting up every now and then. Gather up 320 Meseta for a Titanium Sword (which can be bought in Parolit) before going on much further. Sell the Iron Sword. Rest up at Suelo's and buy a couple Flashes and a couple of Colas. When you are ready, head south along the outside wall until you reach a cave. This is Medusa's Cave. Save and enter.

The first thing you have to do is use the Flash in order to light the way. The monsters here are a bit tougher, but the Titanium Sword should wipe out anything you face. If Alis' HP falls below 8, use a Cola or cast Heal to recover lost HP. From the entrance, if you go up, left all the way, left again all the way, and then left, you should meet a stone man. This is Odin, but there is no way to restore his health, at least just yet. There are also two treasures in here that total up to 30 Meseta. Refer to the map to find them. Exit the cave. Rest up in Camineet again. Save up and head directly east of the walls to the port town of Scion. Ignore the cave south of it, as the monsters are too tough right now. Enter town. Buy Alis a Light Suit for 290 Meseta (you may have to fight and save up for one). After buying a Light Suit, save up around 300 more Meseta. Go to the Second Hand shop in Scion and ask for "Secrets". The owner will throw you out. Try again and the same thing. Ask 1 more time and he will give you a Roadpass for 200 Meseta. Head back to Camineet. Rest up and go to the West side of town where the two guards stand. Try to access the roadway and they will let you by, now that you have a Roadpass. The road will take you to the Palma Spaceport. Enter the first shop and you can file for a passport there. Tell the woman that you are interested in it. Answer "No" to both questions and she says that the price for a Passport is 100 Meseta. Pay it and you will have your Passport. Talk to the guards and tell them that you have a Passport. Enter any Spaceship and answer "Yes" to board on and fly to Motavia.

Once in Motavia, talk to the guards and they will let you on the roadway to Paseo, the Capital of Motavia. Enter the shop on the right. The man inside says that he has a rare animal and offers to sell it for (dramatic pause) 1 billion Meseta! That is a lot of money, and chances are, you will never make that much money, even through hacking a rom. Reject the offer and he will offer to trade it for Alis' Laconian Pot. Accept the offer. The cat's name is Myau. Alis asks Myau if he has ever heard of a man named Odin. Myau says that he has, but that Odin was turned to stone (duh). Around Myau's neck is a bottle of Alsulin, which can turn stone to flesh, but Myau cannot open the bottle. Myau then joins the party. There is not much more to do on Motavia just yet, unless you want to try to build up levels. Notice that with Myau in the party, the number of monsters you fight in a battle increase. Now you can face up to 4 monsters at a time instead of 2.

Head back to Palma and back to Medusa's Cave. Go to where the Stone Man was. Use the Alsulin on the Stone Man and it will turn the stone back into flesh. Odin then talks. He says that he tried to kill Medusa because she had a Mystic Axe that he wanted. He then says that he has stashed a Compass in the dungeon somewhere. Odin then joins. Back up and head left all the way. Take the corner and go to the end to find the Compass. Take it and exit the dungeon. From the dungeon, go a bit southeast until you reach a forest. Normally, you would not be able to enter the forest, but since you have the Compass, you can. Enter the town of Eppi. Buy Odin a Needle Gun and a Bronze Shield. The Needle Gun only does 5 HP damage, but it attacks all monsters and ALWAYS hits. If you don't have enough money, just fight Were Bats outside of Eppi. They drop 63 Meseta a pop, so that can add up. Talk to the man inside the house with the golden roof. He asks if you are looking for a Dungeon Key. Say yes and he will tell you to look in the Warehouse in Camineet. If you can last long enough against the Were Bats, gather up enough money so that you can buy Alis a Ceramic Sword. It is not nessecary just yet, but it can help out in the next dungeon. Anyways, rest up in Camineet and head to the Warehouse. Follow around the first corner and go straight until you reach the chest with the Dungeon Key. Take it and exit. Buy a Flash or two and a few Burgers before leaving.

Head to Scion and head north from there. Follow the outside of the new wall until you reach an entrance to a cave. Save before entering. The dungeon is pretty straight forward with a few misleading paths. Unlock the first door with the Dungeon Key, then take a left to the stairs. Go to the fork. A right and a left lead to a Short Sword while a left all the way to the end and a right lead to the next stairs. Follow to a crossing. Left leads to the stairs while forward leads to 10 Meseta. On the next floor, follow to the fork. Straight leads to a Flash while 2 rights go to a door. Behind the door is a Shortcake shop. The man sells the Shortcake for 1000 Meseta, but he only takes 218 Meseta. Once you have the Shortcake, exit this cave. If you have another 1000 Meseta to spare, buy Alis a Zirconian Armor in Scion. This will be her best Armor for quite some time. Rest up and enter the Spaceport.

Fly to Paseo on Motavia and enter the gray building in the middle. Unlock the door with the Dungeon Key and go forward. Give the Roboguard the Shortcake and you can go though. Follow and exit out the other door. Battle!Enter the big mansion and talk to the Governor of Motavia. He was told that Alis and company are trying to kill Lassic. He tells them of an Esper in the Naharu Cave named Noah. He gives Alis a letter of introduction to give to him. The Governer then offers Alis to rest. The party falls into a deep sleep... Big prob, bob! You find yourself in battle with the very powerful Saccubus. 255 HP is quite a lot to try to overpower. Just fight. Don't waste any items or waste magic. It doesn't matter how tough you fight anyways, Saccubus will wipe out Myau and Odin in 1 shot and use at least 2 or 3 against Alis. If you do manage to defeat it, you get 10 Exp for it. Either way, you will wake up realizing that it was nothing but a bad dream. Exit the mansion. You can rest in the blue building by the mansion at any time, just like at Suelo's.

Head back through the entrance back to Paseo. Buy Myau a Thick Fur if you have the money. Make sure you have a Flash and a Transer. Stop by the Church (handy thing to do often) so that the Transer will warp you back to Paseo. Now time to head to Naharu. Go north around the Antlions and follow east. Just go where you can and eventually you will find a cave. If you run into any E or N Farmers, just use the Talk command to save yourself from a battle. Save it here then enter the Naharu Cave. Use a Flash to light up the place. Go forward and turn either left or right. When you take the corner, take the path in the middle of the hallway. Go forward and again, either left or right. Take the corner and the path in the middle again. Take either left or right. If there is a Cola is to your left, then turn right at that crossing and the next fork to the stairs. If 20 Meseta is on your right, turn left and go at the fork for a pitfall. If you fall, don't take the stairs up. Turn around and follow to a Fork. Go 2 steps to the right and face the right wall. Walk towards it and go down the stairs. That was the false wall. If you follow the path directly and do not take any side roads, you should wind up at a chest containing 2000 Meseta! Grab it and head back, as the only things left on this floor is a Red Dragon. Go through the false wall again and head left. The 1st turn leads to a Flash and 50 Meseta. Take the 2nd turn on that hallway to continue. Go right and follow, then right, left, left, right, left, left, and right again. That should take you to a set of doors. Behind the doors is Noah. Alis will give him the letter and Noah will join the party.

Noah is pretty weak physically, but her magic is her strong point. You can search around for treasures all you want, but make sure to quickly get out of the cave and return to Paseo. Fly back to Palma and to Camineet. Rest up and walk over to Parolit. Buy a Magic Lamp in the Second Hand shop and sell all of your Flashes (the Magic Lamp always gives light). Now head over to Scion and buy Odin a Zirconian Armor. Sell anything not needed and then head southeast from Scion until you reach a cave. This cave is optional, but the treasure inside can be a big help. This is probably one of the more complex caves in the game. You may want to resort to the map for this one. Most of the empty chests here are trapped, so watch out. Also keep an eye out for pit falls. Again, refer to the map. Make your way to the bottom floor (just follow the numbers on the stairs). When you reach the 4th floor, follow and open the door. At the T, go right and open the door. Take the next three corners and you should run into some Skeletons. They are pretty easy. Just attack them normally and they should die, leaving an Iron Fang, a weapon for Myau.

With the Iron Fang, Myau's attack skyrocket's and might now even be as high as Alis'. Once you have it, have Noah cast Exit (if he has it, else walk out), and go back to Camineet to rest. Take the roadway to the Spaceport. Check out the manhole on the west side. Walk over it and you will now be able to enter a cave. Go straight through the passage to the village of Gothic. If you can spare a Cola, the villagers will talk. One villager says that Dr. Luveno used to live in town but went nuts and then was imprisoned in Triada, which is south of town. Visit the church before leaving. Head south along the east side out the mountain chain. The first chance you have to go west, go west and you will soon arrive at the Triada prison. When you reach the Robot Cop, he will ask if yo have a Roadpass. Tell him that you do and you can procede. There are no monsters here, so feel free to look around. You will find information of a liquid that dissolves all metals except for Laconia, and you will hear about the Hapsby Robot. When you do find Dr. Luveno, he will shove you out. Enter again and the same results. Try for a 3rd time and he will head to Gothic to build a Spaceship. Head back to Gothic. Dr. Luveno is in the good house on the left. He tells you to fetch his assistant. Enter the passageway to the spaceport and check out the room off to the side. The assistant will realize that Dr. Luveno is back and will head back to Gothic. Go see Luveno and he will start building the Spaceship, for a fee of 1200 Meseta. It should be no problem to come up with. Give him the money and he will start working. Visit him 3 more times and the ship, the Luveno, will be complete, except for 1 thing, a Hapsby Robot to fly the spaceship. Heal up at the Hospital.

Buy a few Burgers at the Spaceport before leaving Gothic. Also make sure that you have a Transer with you. Head south from Gothic along the east side of the mountain. Go around the mountain chain and you should eventually hit a pool of lava. Make sure your level is high enough and then carefully cross the pool of lava. Once across, enter the town of Bortevo. There is nothing in town, but this is where the Hapsby is suppost to be. Save and enter the cave to the north of the village. The monsters are a little stronger here, and more chests are being booby trapped. Take the 1st left and then a right. Go straight to the end and take a right to recieve 100 Meseta. Turn around and take the path going left, then go right all the way to the end. Turn the corner and up the stairs and out of the cave. Head east after you exit towards the coast. Follow the coastline, battling the tough monsters on the way. At the end is the village of Loar. Heal at the Hospital, but do not enter the Church unless you need to revive someone. Buy Odin a Heat Gun at the Weapon shop. This gun is twice as powerful as the Needle Gun and takes 10 HP from all enemies. Much better than the Needle Gun. There is also a Silver Fang here, but it is not needed just yet. Head northwest from town until you reach another village. This is Abion, where the Polymaterial is sold. It is sold in the First Food shop for 1600 Meseta. Buy one. There is a warehouse here that leads to the Laconian Pot, but the boss is too strong for you right now. You can also buy a Laser Shield for Noah, but he does not need it just now.

Once you have the Polymaterial, use the Transer and warp back to Gothic (if you had to visit a church in Loar, then you will have to walk back. Head to Bortevo and enter the house with a blue door. Use the Polymaterial and it will leak out and reveal Hapsby. You then recieve Hapsby. Have Alis use Fly if she has it to warp to Gothic (or walk there if you came from Loar). Talk to Luveno and you can board the ship. To do so, talk to the man on the west side of town and he will let you by to the ship. Enter and you will have the choice to go to either Uzo on Motavia or Skure on Dezoris. Dezoris monsters are tough, so for now, choose Uzo. You will fly to Uzo on Motavia. Buy Alis a Light Saber at the Weapon Shop (I never knew that Jedi Knights live in Algo). Talk to the man in the northwest house and he will talk about the Soothing Flute. Answer "No" to his question and he will tell you that he placed on in Gothic. Fly back to Gothic and start searching for the Flute. Head to the lone tree in the southwest part of town and do a search. You will find the Flute. This Flute will allow you to Exit a dungeon at any time.

Rest up in Camineet and fly back to Uzo from Gothic. Head southwest from Uzon until you hit a bunch of rocks. There is a town there, but a lake blocks the way. The only way through is through the cave south of the town. The cave is pretty straight forward except for the 3rd floor. After you take the 2nd stairway, you should come to a fork in the road. Go right then right again. Go around the corner to the right for 100 Meseta. Return and take the next path going right. Go forward past the crossing to lead to another 100 Meseta. Head back and go right at the crossing. Save around here. Take a right at the fork and you will eventually end up at the Blue Dragon. This dragon hits hard, and is pretty tough. Alis and Noah should both cast Fire (or have Noah cast Wind if he has it). Have Odin attack and have Myau stand ready to cast Cure, else have him fight. If anybody dies, reset the game, as the Blue Dragon gives good experience. Once the Blue Dragon is dead, it will drop an Amber Eye. Use Burgers to heal and use the Flute to Exit. Enter back and just go straight through the cave to the other exit in the town of Casba.

Casba is where you can buy the "Mighty" Landrover. Mighty indeed, I find the Landrover to be nothing but a waste of money. It can go over Antlion hills, yes, but there are cheaper ways around them. The Guy in the right most house of the two grouped together on the west side asks if you have heard of a Hovercraft. Say "Yes" and he will tell you that he bought it in Scion, but it broke, so he abandoned it in Bortevo. Could be handy to have. Do not use the church in this town. Have Alis use Fly or use a Transer to warp to either Uzo or Gothic. Fly to Palma (if you are not already there) and rest up in Camineet. Try to fly to Motavia through the Spaceport and the guards will take away your Passport. Make sure to do this so that you have room for more important stuff. Head back to Gothic and then to Bortevo. Check one of the houses and choose the Search command. 1 house should contain the Hovercraft (note that this can only be found if the man in Casba has told you where it is). Hapsby will fix it up and you will now own a new Hovercraft.

Test out your new Hovercraft. Head to the shores west of Bortevo and use the Hovercraft. Note that this vehicle will work on water AND lava. Head west from Bortevo until you reach the Scion Cave. Go directly south from there and you will reach the town of Drasgow. Use the Hovercraft again to disembark it. Enter the town. The Motavian Desert!There is not much here. Enter the warehouse. There are no monsters, so feel free to look around. In this warehouse is a shop that sells Gas Masks for 1000 Meseta. Buy one and exit. Rest at Camineet and go to Gothic. Fly to Uzo and walk west from there until you reach a mountain. Go north from there to a lake. Use the Hovercraft and head to the west side of the lake. When you reach the green poisonous gas, disembark and head north to the town of Sopia (the Gas Shield you bought will protect you from the gas). Talk to the Elder of town in the left most house in the middle row. He asks for a donation of 400 Meseta. Give it to him and he will tell you that the shield that Perseus once used to defeat Medusa is buried in the island in the middle of the lake in Motavia. Head east from Sopia to the lake and embark the Hovercraft. Head east to the island with the lone Antlion Hill. Search the southeast side of the Antlion Hill and you will find the Mirror Shield. Give it to Odin, as it is the 2nd best shield in the game and the shield that he is recommended to end the game with. Head back to Sopia and heal at the Hospital. Save and head directly south from Sopia. Board the Hovercraft and still go directly south. Disembark and walk along the west side of the mountains until you reach a cave. This is the cave of the Master Tajima.

The monsters in this cave are a bit tougher, but do not have Noah use any magic. The 1st floor is pretty straght forward. When you reach the stairs going down, backtack to the fork and go right 3 spaces. Turn to your left and walk through the wall (just like in the Naharu Cave). Unlock the door in front and you will recieve 3000 Meseta. Go back to the stairs and head down them. Follow this path on the 2nd floor at each fork: left, right, left, right, right, right, right, right, left. Take the stairs. Go left, right, and left again until you reach a locked door. Heal up Noah to full HP. This is where you will meet Tajima. Noah is a pupil to Tajima. He challenges Noah to a duel, 1 on 1. This battle is not too tough, but if you have Noah try to just attack, you will die. Have Noah continuously cast Wind on Tajima. This will do the most damage. If you run of of MP and he is still standing, you have no choice but to attack. Hopefully, 3 or 4 Wind spells will defeat Tajima. Tajima can use Fire, so make sure to keep an eye on Noah's HP and use a Burger when needed. After Tajima is defeated, he gives Noah the Frade Mantle, which is much stronger than the White Mantle. Exit the cave. This is the last thing you have to do on Motavia for quite some time. Head back to Palma and to Camineet. Rest there and return to Gothic. Board the Luveno and fly to Skure on Dezoris, the Ice Planet. Enter the entrance. There are some monsters in here, but the only one to beware of is the Evilhead. You can talk to them through Telepathy once in a while. From the entrance, go 4 spaces forward then turn right and go through the wall. Turn left and grab the 500 Meseta. Head back through the false wall and follow to the right. Exit down the stairs to Skure. In town, but a Laser Gun for Odin, a Wand for Noah, and a Glove for Myau. The Laser Gun takes 20 HP from each monster, and is the best gun in the game. Skure is by far the biggest town in the game. There is a lot of info in this town. One man says that you need a Sword, Axe, Shield, and Armor of Laconia to defeat Lassic. You also learn that Lassic fears Laconia. Looks like it is time to find these items of Laconia. Leave Skure and take the Luveno back to Gothic. Rest in Camineet and return to Gothic.

Head to the river to the east of Gothic. Use the Hovercraft and head north to Abion Island. Disembark on the east shores and head to Loar. Buy Myau a Silver Fang and then head to Abion. Buy a Laser Shield for Noah if you haven't gotten him one already (if you need money, fight Sandworms near the mountains west of Uzo on Motavia). Once you have the Laser Shield, heal at the hospital and Save. Head to the warehouse on the west side of town. There are no monsters here, so take your time through it. There is 50 Meseta in the dungeon. Exit out the other stairway. Save before entering Dr. Mad's house. He will ask that you give him the cat. Don't give it to him. He will kill it. Either way, if you say yes or no, he will attack. Your odds are better with 4 on 1 than 3 on 1. Dr. Mad is tough, but if you bought Noah a Laser Shield, than Noah won't take much damage. Odin's Laser Gun makes this match pretty quick. Have Everyone but Noah attack, and have Noah hammer Dr. Mad with Wind. Dr. Mad does indeed hit hard, but at this point in the game, he is pretty easy. Once he is dead, he will drop the Laconian Pot, the same one you gave up for Myau.

Rest up at Camineet. Buy a Transer and head towards Scion. Use the Hovercraft and go directly east of Scion. Go a bit north and you should see an island with a tower. This is the Forgotten Tower. Save and enter. The music for a tower is different than that of a cave. Take the left path from the entrance. Unlock the door and follow. Do not take the first left. Take the 2nd left and unlock another door leading to a stairway. Refer to the map for the rest of the tower, after that, it is straightforward (follow stairs #3). There are about 3 more stairways before you reach the top. The next path is a long winding road that leads to the center of this floor. Just follow it and unlock any locked doors. When you reach the center, heal with Burgers and save. Unlock the door and you will be face to face with a Red Dragon. The Red Dragon is nowhere near as tough as the Blue Dragon. Have Myau cast Help on Alis on the first round (if he has it), else have Alis cast Fire. Myau and Odin should attack, and Noah should cast Wind. After a few rounds, the Red Dragon will fall and will leave behind the very powerful Laconian Sword. Give the sword to Alis and exit the dungeon.

Fly to Camineet and rest there. Head to Gothic and fly to Uzo. Once on Motavia, head west from Uzo until you reach a mountain chain. Fight the Sandworms that live in that area. They give lots of money. When you have accumulated around 30000 Meseta, you can stop fighting. Head north to the lake and then board the Hovercraft. Head east to Paseo and in Paseo, buy a Diamond Armor for Alis, but not for Odin. Inside a Dungeon!Head back to Uzo and fly to Skure. Take the passageway to town and buy another Wand. Reason being that if you use the Wand in battle, it will cast Bye. Saves on MP a lot! Exit Skure and head southeast of the entrance to a cave. There are many caves in Dezoris, and it can be very confusing. In the 1st cave, weave around until you come to a fork. Go left and follow to another fork. Left to 100 Meseta, right to the stairs. Head northwest to the next cave. In the 2nd cave, take the 1st right and then the next left to the stairs leading out. Again, head northwest to the next cave. The next cave is full of White Dragons. The quickest way out is to take a left at the entrance and follow. If you run into a White Dragon, have Noah use Telepathy on it or use the Wand to run. Once out of the cave, head northeast to another cave. To exit this cave, go left, right, and take the 1st left again to the stairways. This should lead you to the village of Twintown. Just like with Skure, you have to go through a simple entrance. This one just winds around to the center. The people on the west side of town tell the truth, while the people on the east side of town lie. Buy an Ice Digger here for 12000 Meseta (this is why I had you fight those Sandworms). Heal at the Hospital on the west side of town and visit the church on the west side of town.

Exit Twintown and take the cave to the other side. Board the Ice Digger to gain some speed, then travel northwest from the cave until you reach the Guaron Morgue. The Morgue is overrun by Zombies, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. What you want to do is get in and out quickly. Open the door and go all the way. Turn right, go all the way, turn left, all the way, turn right, all the way, turn right. Take the 2nd path going right and follow. When you turn right again, have Myau use Trap before going on, else you will fall down the hole. Go through the door and grab the Laconian Armor. Give the Laconian Armor to Odin and exit the Morgue. While you are in the area, time to visit another cave. Save and head south in the Ice Digger. The ice in the southwest is weak, the Ice Digger can break it. Break the ice until you reach a cave. Save and enter. Just head straight. Unlock the first door and follow. Unlock the next door and at the fork, go left and follow until you reach a Titan. Titan is tough, so hammer him with everything you have, mostly Fire and Wind. After you kill it, it will drop the Aero Prism. Grab it and exit. Head back to Twintown to rest. Head out of Twintown after you have healed up and through the cave again. Head west until you reach some mountains, then go north a bit and another cave should be there. Pass through it out the other end. From here, you can go to the final cave in Dezoris, or the Corona Tower. Head west to the cave. Once you enter, you will be face to face with a Dezorian. He says to go left at the fork. Don't listen to the liar. At the fork, head right. For the most part, the cave is straight forward. When you reach the 10th set of stairs, it gets complicated. At the forks, go right, straight, right, and right and that will lead to a Ceramic Shield. For now, give the Ceramic Shield to Alis, since you probably still have the Leather Shield. Just head back and go straight at the fork to the stairs. Next floor, just head straight and you should reach the next set of stairs. The rest of it is straightforward. When you reach a locked door, unlock it and recieve the Laconian Shield. Give it to Alis. Exit the cave and fly back to Twintown. Rest up and save.

Head out of Twintown again and through the cave. Head to the same cave that you used that leads to the Laconian Shield cave. Instead of going to the Laconian Shield Cave, head to the northern part and enter the Corona Tower, your final destination on Dezoris. This tower is probably the most simple tower of the 4 in the game. Take a left from the entrance and take the 2nd path going right to a stairway. Take the 1st left. Go to the end and take another left. Take the next left to another stairway. Go right, then left. Weave around, left, right, right, left, left, right, right, to the next stairway. The last floor is straightforward, but the monsters are quite tough. Red Dragons, Sorcerers, Centaurs, and Titans. Just follow the weaving path until you come to a door. Open it and follow to a Locked Door. Unlock it and there will be a Dezorian holding the Eclipse Torch. He says that he will give you the Eclipse Torch if you give him a Gem from a Dragon (the Amber Eye). Give him the Amber Eye and he will give the Eclipse Torch. Exit the Corona Tower. Warp to Twintown and heal up. Say goodbye forever and walk out. Make your way out of the entrance. Take the cave to the Altiplano Plateau and to the nearby cave to the southwest with the White Dragons. Once you have cleared that cave, head west in the Ice Digger as far as possible. Dig through the soft ice to the south. Continue until you find a lone tree. Go to the Tree and use the Eclipse Torch. The tree will thaw out and you will grab a Nut of Laerma. Alis then puts the nut in a Laconian Pot. Now finish the rest of the caves back to Skure. Once in Skure, take the Luveno back to Gothic. Make sure to visit the Church in Gothic so that you won't have to go through the caves again.

Buy lots of Burgers and sell any unneeded stuff. Rest up in Camineet and back to Gothic. Now it is time for Odin to get his revenge on Medusa for turning him to Stone. Head south along the west side of the mountain chain below Gothic. An Armory!Follow and you will eventually find Medusa's Tower, the 2nd biggest level in the game. Save the game and enter the tower. From the entrance, head forward all the way and turn left. Take a right and follow it to the 1st fork. Go straight to the 2nd one. Go right to the stairs. Just go straight around the corner to the fork. Go left and right to the corner. Take the left at the corner to go up the stairs. Continue and unlock any doors until you come to a fork. Take a right to the door and the stairs. Again, follow and unlock the door. Take the 1st left and then another left to another door. Unlock it and follow the corners until you reach a stairway. Follow the path to the next set of stairs past some more doors. Follow and take the 2nd left to the last set of stairs. Go left to a locked door. Heal and Save. Unlock the door and you will meet Medusa. Medusa is easy if you have the Mirror Shield. Just hammer her with everything, including Wind. Once Medusa is dead, she drops the Laconian Axe. Exit the Tower. You are getting closer to the end. Before going any further, I recommend being around level 21. If you need to gain levels, fight some Mammoths on Dezoris near the Altiplano Plateau (reason why you fight Mammoths is because you can fight them 8 at a time (8x40 is 320 exp).If you plan on doing this, make sure that Noah knows Thunder, and that Odin has the Laser Gun, NOT the Laconian Axe, equipped. And whatever you do, do NOT sell the Laser Gun. It can still be used hand and hand with the Laconian Axe. Also another good idea is to fight White Dragons in cave #3 in Dezoris.

Once you are ready, rest up in Camineet and visit the local church. From there, head to the tower just north of Scion. This is the Baya Malay Prison. There are no monsters here, so talk to the prisoners inside. They are all prisoners of Lassic. At the end of the road is a Robotcop. He asks for the Roadpass. If you show him, he will throw you in jail. If you end up in jail, follow the map to escape or just use the Flute. The only way to get through the guard is to fight him. He is really easy, so waste him and exit the Prison. Once out of the prison, head northwest along the mountainside to a cave. This is the Baya Malay Cave. The monsters in this cave are weak, but come in great numbers. Have Odin equip the Laser Gun for this cave. Take a left at the fork to another fork. If you take a left and end up in the loop, you might have to fight another Dr. Mad! Don't risk it, especially at this point of the game. Take a right at the fork to the next stairway. In order to cross the lava without getting damaged, you must use the Hovercraft. Cross the lava and disembark it at the other side. Just south of there is Baya Malay. At this point, the game's difficulty goes from slightly hard, to Extremely Difficult! Baya Malay is by far the biggest level of the game. It is not unusual to make 3 or 4 trips here. If you haven't looked at my map of this level yet, you WILL need it. Save the game (better make another slot, because you might make a costly mistake and not be able to make it out alive. Enter Baya Malay with great care.

The first thing you want to do is to find Damor, the Soothsayer and get the Crystal from him. The Crystal will weaken most attacks from Lassic. From the entrance, have Noah open the magic door. Take the 1st left and follow. Take the fork going left and then go right again. The rest of this path is straight forward. When you reach a chest, do not open it, as it is empty and trapped. Just continue until you reach a locked door. Open it and you will see Damor the Soothsayer. Answer his questions in this order: Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No. He will take a liking to Alis and give her the Crystal. Flue out and go back inside. Open the door again. Now you want to find the Miracle Key. This key will open Magic Doors without using magic. To find it, from the entrance, go straight around the first corner and take a right. Follow to some stairs. Follow straight and go up the stairs. On this floor, go right every time there is a fork. This will lead to another set of stairs going down. Take the first left and follow around the corner to the very end where the Miracle Key will be (have Myau use Trap to disarm the trap). Now would be a good time to exit, rest up, and come back.

Stock up on Burgers and make sure that you have a Transer. Head back to Baya Malay and take the same path that you used to find the Miracle Key. From the place where you got the Miracle Key, go right then take a left. That will be stairway # 12. View the map I made and follow these stairway numbers: #13, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, and #23. On this floor, after you take the 2nd turn, have Myau use Trap to disarm the trap floor. Follow, opening any doors, and you will eventually head to the top. Use the Prism to reveal the Air Castle. Save, then give the Nuts to Myau. Myau will grow bigger and sprout wings. He will start to fly to the Air Castle, but Lassic knows better. He sends a Gold Dragon to attack the party. Attack it, but do not use any magic. You are too close to Lassic to lose any MP. . If anybody dies in the fight with the Gold Dragon, reset and try again, as it is vital that everybody live. Defeat the Gold Dragon and you will arrive at the Air Castle. There are no monsters in the town part of it. Do not visit any of the houses, but eventually you will end up at the dungeon part of the Air Castle. Save and enter. Make sure that Odin has the Laconian Axe equipped. The Air Castle is simple, but the monsters are tough. The best thing to do is to save HP and use the Wand to make your escape. From the entrance, go straight around the corner and take a left to the door. Open and go down. Follow to the fork and take a left. At the next fork, take a left to the stairs. Go forward and take a left. Follow to the stairs. Follow and take a left the fork for a stairway. Just follow the next part to a locked door. Save and heal with some Burgers. Open the door and you will find Shadow. Attack him with Physical attack and save your magic for Lassic. It fights like Dr. Mad, but is not as tough. Once you have defeated Shadow, save again and continue. Go up the stairs at the end. The rest of the Air Castle is just reverse of what you just did. Make your way back to the top of the castle. Where the Exit was on the other side is a Magic Door. Heal up with Burgers and Save. Give Odin the Laser Gun. Open the door and Lassic will be waiting. You have to fight him now. Have Alis use Fire, Myau cast Cure when needed, Odin attack, and Noah use Wind. Lassic always uses Thunder, so watch out for that. Odin will probably do more damage with the Laser Gun than with the Laconian Axe.

After you kill Lassic, exit the Air Castle and fly back to Camineet. Rest up and stock up on Burgers. Head to Gothic and fly to Uzo. Make your way to Paseo and rest up by the Governor's house. Enter and the Governor will be gone! You will then fall through a pit into the final dungeon, the Governor's Palace. Pretty straightforward. Use the Wand to run from battles, because you will need the HP. Follow and unlock any doors. Fall down the pit and wind around until you reach another pit. After the 2nd pit, take a right at the fork. Go around the corner and around another one. Go 3 steps foward and look to your left. Open the door. Follow to another door. Save and heal and open it. You will then come face to face with Dark Force (the game calls him Dark Falz). This guy is super tough. He can attack twice per round, and you cannot tell how much HP he has. He actually has about 400 HP, but you will never know how much damage you do to him. Have Alis cast Fire, Myau cast Help on himself and heal when needed, Odin attack with the Laser Gun, and Noah cast Wind. When Noah runs out of magic for Wind, cast Fire. Keep up the attacks and Dark Force will soon die. If Alis died in the fight, Nero's voice will revive her. After it dies, you will arrive back in the Mansion. The Governor explains that he was possessed by a Dark Force. The Governor then tells Alis that her father was once the King of Algo. He askes Alis if she will ascend to the Throne and rule Algo. Whatever you say, the game will end. I hope this walkthrough helped in any way (most likely it was my maps that helped out). I hope you enjoyed one of the greatest 8-Bit RPGs of all time (one of the greatest in any platform if you ask me).

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