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Name Picture (*) Function Cost Location
 Alsulin Alsulin Turns stone into flesh - Comes with Myau.
 Amber Eye Amber Eye Trade for the Eclipse Torch - Defeat Blue Dragon in Casba Cave.
 Burger Burger Restores 40 HP 40 Any First Food Shop.
 Cola Cola Restores 10 HP 10 Any First Food Shop.
 Compass Compass Allows access to Eppi - Medusa's Cave after rescuing Odin.
 Crystal Crystal Weakens effect of Lassic's Magic - Basement of Baya Malay Tower.
 Dungeon Key Dungeon Key Unlocks normal locked doors - Camineet Warehouse after visiting old man in Eppi.
 Eclipse Torch Eclipse Torch Used to melt snow off Laerma Tree - Traded for Amber Eye in Corona Tower.
 Escaper Escaper Escapes from battle - Some 2nd Hand Shops.
 Flash Flash Lights up dungeon 1 time 20 Some 2nd Hand Shops.
 Flute Flute Exit from dungeon infinitely - Search Tree in Gothic after talking to man in Uzo.
 Gas Shield Gas Shield Protects against poisonous gases 1000 Sold in Drasgow Warehouse.
 Hapsby Hapsby Robot made from Laconia that can fly the Luveno - In a house in Bortevo (need Polymaterial).
 Hovercraft Hovercraft Vehicle that can cross Water and Lava - In house in Bortevo after talking to man in Casba.
 Icedigger Icedigger Vehicle that can break Ice 12000 Sold in Twintown.
 Laconian Pot Laconian Pot Keeps things fresh - 1. Friend in Camineet give it to Alis
2. After defeating Dr. Mad
 Landrover Landrover Vehicle that can cross Antlion hills 5200 Sold in Casba
 Letter *no picture available* Letter from the Governor of Paseo to Noah - Governor of Motavia gives it after receiving Shortcake
 Magic Hat Magic Hat Talk with some enemies 20 Sold in some 2nd Hand Shops.
 Magic Lamp Magic Lamp Lights up dungeon infinitely 1400 1. Sold in some 2nd Hand Shops.
2. Baya Malay Tower.
 Miracle Key Miracle Key Unlocks normal and magically locked doors - In Baya Malay Tower.
 Nut *no picture available* Allows Myau to grow wings and fly - Found on Laerma Tree in Dezoris.
 Passport Passport Allows access to spaceships 100 1. Sold at Palma Spaceport.
2. Sold in Paseo.
 Polymaterial Polymaterial Melts every metal except for Laconia 1600 Sold in Abion.
 Prism Prism Needed to see Air Castle - Found in Aero Prism Cave guarded by Titans.
 Roadpass Roadpass Allows access to roadways 200 Sold in Scion as "Secrets".
 Shortcake *no picture available* A sweet Cake that the Governor of Paseo likes 218 Sold in Naula Cave.
 Sphere Sphere Talk with most enemies 30 Sold in some 2nd Hand Shops.
 Transer Transer Warps to last visited church 48 Sold in some 2nd Hand Shops.
 Wand Wand Escape from battle infinitely 1200 Sold in Skure.

*All item pictures generously donated by Wolfgang Langraf @

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