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Nash's Magic

Thunder Attack Causes 60 HP of damage 2 Starts with 1 Enemy
Thunder Wave Causes 40 HP of damage 4 Starts with All Enemies
Thunder Thumper Freezes monsters for one round 10 Level 12 All Enemies
Thunder Ball Causes 80 HP of damage 6 Level 14 1 Enemy
Thunder Bomb Causes 55 HP of damage 8 Level 15 All Enemies
Thunder Fang Causes 120 HP of damage 10 Level 21 1 Enemy
Thunder Wall Causes 85 HP of damage 12 Level 24 All Enemies
Thunder Shot 1 Causes 110 HP of damage 14 Level 28 All Enemies
Thunder Shot 2 Causes 140 HP of damage 18 Level 32 All Enemies
Thunder Thrust Causes 160 HP of damage 20 Level 41 All Enemies