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Here is the Character listing for Lunar:TSS. The story for Lunar involves a lot of coming and going until the Magic Emperor reveals himself. If a Character does join your party, his/her name will appear in green. If not, in yellow.

Alex dreams of one day becoming a Dragonmaster like his hero, Dyne. But to fulfill his dream, he must leave behind all that he holds dear. Much more is in store for young Alex than he realizes. Hopefully, he'll live long enough to tell about it!
When Alex was a child, a mysterious man gave his father this strange, winged, catlike creature that unfortunately grew up with an attitude. He tends to get Alex into alot of trouble by smarting off at the wrong time. But he'll get what's coming to him....sooner or later!
Alex's parents have taken care of Luna since she was a child. She is Alex's childhood sweetheart though she'll never admit it. No one can match the power of her magical songs. Like most adolescents her age she has questions about herself. Unfortunately, they're about to be answered....
After winning the approval of Master Mel of Meribia, Kyle was put in charge of protecting the Nanza Barrier. Despite his youth, he is a master swordsman, and well respected by his loyal followers. He can't help but find himself attracted to Jessica, even though she can't stand his chauvinistic ways. He only has one flaw.... his massive ego!
Jessica is the daughter of Master Mel, one of the 4 Heroes, and the governor of Meribia. As an apprentice priest at Althena's Shrine, she is a master of healing spells. Don't let the sweetness she displays around her father fool you; Jessica is a very brave and independent woman. She is at constant odds with Kyle hoping that one day he will treat all women as equals. (Yeah, right!)
This extremely overconfident magician's apprentice is an understudy to Ghaleon, the most powerful magician in Vane. If he isn't studying for his latest exam at the academy, he can be found trying to impress the woman if his dreams, Mia. Too bad Nash isn't as successful at trying to win Mia's heart as he is with magic.
Mia is the daughter of Lemia, one of the 4 Heroes, and the leader of Vane. Lemia has protected Mia from the outside world for so long that she is oblivious to the joys and hardships found in the world below. Despite her mild nature, she is actually a very powerful magician. If she could learn one new magic trick, it would be making Nash disappear.
Ramus is the son of the Village Elder of Burg and Alex's best friend. He hopes that one day Alex will get over his fascination with Dragonmaster Dyne. His one ambition in life is to be filthy rich. He wants it all: fast horses, expensive food, and beautiful women. It is Ramus' craving for adventure that start's Alex's adventure.
Laike is a friendly old man who you first meet in the Weird Woods and encounter several times later on. (In fact, the farther you get into the quest, the more involved Laike becomes.) Despite his age, he's extremely tough and more than able to take care of himself. He also has a deep, dark secret that will shock you...
A brilliant inventor with a killer case of body odor, Myght cranks out his inventions form the isolation of a monster infested tower. He won't talk to most visitors, but he might entertain a certain friendly old man...
Tempest lives in the Village of Pao with his girlfriend, Fresca. They're searching for a cure to the disease that's sweeping through their village.
Fresca is Tempest's significant other and lives with him in the small village of Pao.
Quark lives at the bottom of a cave near Burg. He has the Dragon Ring and the Dragon Diamond, and he encourages Alex to become a Dragonmaster and seek out his destiny. Quark also has a passing resemblance to Nall... hmmm...
Dragonmaster Dyne had the ability to command and use the power of the 4 Dragons in order to protect the Goddess Althena. Unfortunately, none of these powers were able to save him from perishing under mysterious circumstances. With each passing year, the legend of Dyne continues to inspire the boys and girls of Lunar.
As the leader of Meribia, Master Mel has earned the respect and loyalty of the townsfolk. He is known for his ferocious fighting style, which earned him the nickname "Hell Mel". After life in the spotlight as one of the 4 Heroes, Mel settled down and fathered a daugther bt the name of Jessica. Jessica is Mel's pride and joy....his life.
Ghaleon is one of the Four Heroes who fought along side Dyne, Lemia and Mel long ago. When you first encounter him, he's teaching in the Vane Magic Guild and Nash is one of his best students. From talking to Ghaleon, you soon realize that he may not have the best of intentions...
Lemia is the leader of the Vane Magic Guild, and to quote one of the people in Saith, "She's not young, but she's pretty!" Unfortunately, she's also quite cranky and throws you into a prison cell when you meet her. You find out the reason for her crankiness after your journey to the top of the Silver Spire...
Xenobia is the leader of the Vile Tribe, and she has the magical ability to disguise herself as other people. Her first disguise is as a prominent figure...
Taben is the Magic Emperor's chief inventor and the man responsible for the creation of the Grindery, a moving castle that crushes anything in its path.
Magic Emperor
With the assistance of Xenobia and the inventor Taben, the Magic Emperor has already set in motion his plans to rule the world of Lunar. As his power continues to grow, only a Dragonmaster will be able to stop him before he destroys all that Althena has created. Will Alex become the Dragonmaster in time?