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I. Introduction
II. General Information
III. Leader Information
IV. Races and Classes
V. Weapon List
VI. Armor List
VII. Item List
VIII. Spell List
IX. Quests
X. Hidden Items by Map
XI. Tricks and Oddities
XII. Downloads, Credits
and Contact

Tricks and Oddities

Good Sources of Gold
Place More Troops
Search Party Availability
Easy XP with the Power Staff
Equip Anyone with a Ghost Scythe
Defeat Karmak without the Water Spirit
Temper the Seal of the Demons
Use Arliman's own Power Against him
Krystal's Sub Leaders Switch Occupations
Leader Personal Greetings and Residency

Good Sources of Gold
If you need gold, send a search party to load up on the following valuable items. For items acquired by praying at a church, go into the city, pray at the church to get the item, leave the city, repeat. You also have the option of selling immediately if there is a weapon or pawn shop in the town. You can also sell in a neighboring town.

Power Staff in Nieve Church (value 250g)
These aren't real valuable, but are included here because they are on the Insenior map very early in the game. Handy for getting money to hire units you might not otherwise be able to afford. There is a weapon shop in Nieve so stay as long as you like.

Living Power staff in Yunas church (value 3750g)
Good early equipment for mages and priests and big bucks fairly early in the game. This one will really make you feel like your cheating. There is a weapon shop in Yunas.

Sultis Sword in Enhas Church (value 5000g)
One of the better swords in the game. Very good money making opportunity.

Athena's Orb in Niele Church (value 5000g)
A good opportunity made better because Niele has a pawn shop. Stay a while.

Shadow Shield on Balkandi map (value 4900)
Once you make it to this point you will never worry about gold again. You will now be able to afford that expensive ninja and elf equipment you've been looking at without having to go in and out of a church. Very fast gold.

Place More Troops
Leave a castle hex open when placing troops. Move your leader to the open spot during their turn and you can place more troops.

Search Party Availability
You are able to send a search party out after every battle and have them available for your next battle by immediately retreating at the beginning of the next battle. As long as you placed castle guards, and are not attacking/retreating from a map in which you control 2 castles, you will lose nothing and can go into each battle with every unit available. When you make it to the Isle of Viosdia, every retreat will cause a castle to be taken. You can defeat this by leaving Nortia Castle under Warlord control and attacking that map when you need to immediately retreat. When you are finished with your quests and no longer need to send search parties, you can take Nortia Castle.

Easy Xp with the Power Staff
Send any unit on a search party with a power staff. Use the power staff to cast cure for XP. You can do this as many times as you like while on a search party.

Equip anyone with a Ghost Scythe (Bifrostbear)
You can temper the Rusty Weapon into a Ghost Scythe at the blacksmith in Willis for 2500G. Anyone can equip the Rusty Weapon, and if you temper it while equipped, it will remain equipped. This allows units to use the Ghost Scythe who wouldn't normally be able to. Once this is done, it must never be unequipped or moved, as you will not be able to re-equip it. Since the source of the Rusty Weapon on the Demia map is unlimited, you can, theoretically equip every unit with a Ghost Scythe.

Defeat Karmak without the Water Spirit
(Troy Stiltner)
Position a Ninja adjacent to Karmak with Gun Powder in his inventory. Get the HP of both Karmak and the Ninja down to near death. Cast an attack spell on Karmak that will hit the Ninja as well. When the Ninja dies, he will involve Karmak in his death and Karmak will die too.

Temper the Seal of the Demons (Bifrostbear)
For 50G you can temper the Seal of the Demons at the blacksmith in Willis to get a short sword (3 attack). Save your game before you try this, as you will not be able to get the fog chime or get onto Viosdia Island. Game Over.

Use Arliman's own power against him in the God's Castle battle
If you equip the Retribution armor, unequip your shield (and any other protective items) and attack Arliman, you will be able to give back half of the damage he does to you. Some units (for example the Griffinrider or Winged Horserider) take major damage (over 600 hp) from Arliman. You can take him down with his own power. This works especially well if you have the ability to resurrect. No need to heal the unit after resurrecting them, just attack again.

Kyrstal's Sub Leaders switch occupations
In an obvious in-game mistake, Marcus' occupation is listed as Mage and Katrina's occupation is listed as Soldier. After they class up, their proper occupations are listed.

Leader Personal Greetings and Residency

Krystal, Marcus, and Katrina will get personal greetings in Woors. They will be residents of Woors in the other leader's quests. Marcus will be the weapon dealer, Krystal will be the alchemist, and Katrina will be the priestess.

Robin, Kail, and David will get a special fortune in Sundrek and Robin is a resident in Sundrek Inn in the other leaders quests.

Amon will get personal greetings in Loa, but is nowhere to be found in the other leaders quests.

Armer IX will get personal greetings at the Tavern in Cheshire and be a resident there in the other leaders quests.

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