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I. Introduction
II. General Information
III. Leader Information
IV. Races and Classes
V. Weapon List
VI. Armor List
VII. Item List
VIII. Spell List
IX. Quests
X. Hidden Items by Map
XI. Tricks and Oddities
XII. Downloads, Credits
and Contact

Downloads and Credits

The information contained in this shrine is based on my Dark Wizard Guide V1.7.
Get the downloadable .htm version of this guide HERE.

This shrine was dedicated in April 2006.
The latest version of the text guide this shrine is base on can always be found at
The original version of this guide (1.0) was released in January 2003.
That's about all the history anyone needs.

I welcome feedback, suggestions, or criticism for the shrine. If you have any useful relevant information not found in this shrine, please email me and I will include it and give you proper credit.

?- Unknown. These are the great mysteries of the game. I would like feedback on these things.

Contact legalize freedom!



Items marked (Kyote) indicate location, description and/or use courtesy of Kyle A. Kastead -author of
Dark Wizard Item FAQ   V 1.1  Copyright 2002

Items marked (Bifrostbear) indicate information courtesy of Dark Wizard expert Mike Furuli
(known to his loyal subjects as Bifrostbear)

Item marked (Troy Stiltner) indicates a very special contribution by Troy Stiltner.

I would also like to thank the following in no particular order for their contributions:
EvilEye, J.D. Smith, Phil Stachowiak (DarkMasterBosel)