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I. Introduction
II. General Information
III. Leader Information
IV. Races and Classes
V. Weapon List
VI. Armor List
VII. Item List
VIII. Spell List
IX. Quests
X. Hidden Items by Map
XI. Tricks and Oddities
XII. Downloads, Credits
and Contact

Item List

(C)=chaotic    (N)=neutral    (L)=lawful
(H)=human    (D)=dwarf    (E)=elf    (Ho)=hobbit
(W)=warriors    (P)=priests    (M)=mages-including druids
(Ni)=ninja-considered a warrior if not specified
(Br)=beast riders    (Dr)=dragonrider    (Wr) Winged Horserider
For the purpose of these item lists, Undead falls under chaotic.
Items marked (inven) are items that work just by being in your inventory

Healing Items
Support Items

Healing Items
Name Can be Used by Effect (Duration)
Herb All Heals 30-40 HP
Balm All Heals 60-100 HP
Salve All Heals 100-150 HP
Silver Leaf All Completely Heals one Character
Healing Ring (inven) (L) HP restored at 5 times normal
Moon Stone All Restores HP when Used
Scapegoat All Resurrect dead party members
by sacrificing yourself
Gorgon's Tail All Stone to Flesh
Holy Drink All Cures Paralysis
Restore Potion All Cures Paralysis
Support Items
Power Potion All Attack +15  (3-5 turns)
Super Power Potion All Attack +20  (3-5 turns)
Cursed Ring
(inven) (Kyote)
(C) Raises Attack
(but what's the Curse)?
Fan-Shaped Letter (inven) All + Attack and Defense
Stone Skin Potion All Defense +5  (3-5 turns)
Steel Skin Potion All Defense +10  (3-5 turns)
Crow's Cloak (C) + Defense  + Magic Resistance
Holy Dust All Magic Resistance +30%  (3-5 turns)
Amulet (L) Magic Resistance +60%  (3-5 turns)
Holy Water (L) (N) Magic Resistance +60%  (3-5 turns)
Goddess' Tears (L) Magic Resistance +60%  (3-5 turns)
Elf Mirror All + Magic Resistance
Magic Stone (M) Spell Range +30%  (3-5 turns)
Evil Claw (C) (M) Spell Range +30%  (3-5 turns)
Mirror of Darkness (C) (M) Spell Effectiveness +30%  (3-5 turns)
Eye of Darkness (C) (M) Spell Effectiveness +50%  (3-5 turns)
Medusa Head All Turns enemies to Stone
Sandclock of Dreams Leader Gives a Free Turn
Speed Potion All Mobility +2  (3-5 turns)
Marathon Shoes
(inven) (Kyote)
All Mobility +2
Elf Shoes (inven) All Mobility +2
Haste Potion All Mobility +3  (3-5 turns)
Merman Ship (inven) All Allows entry into Water
Water Spider (inven) All Allows entry into Water
Attraction Talisman (inven) All Promotes enemy Attacks
Repulsion Talisman (inven) All Prevents enemy Attacks
Sharktan Whip (inven) All Drives enemies Away
Athena's Orb (L) Sun rises for 3 turns
Blood Candle (C) Darkness for 3 turns
Funeral Bell (L) (P) Damages all Undead on the map
(friendly and enemy units)
Elf Ring (inven) ? (M) (W) Claims to increase an Elf's Range,
but actual effect is unknown.
Seems to have no effect.
Gun Powder (inven) (Ni) Involves the enemy during death

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