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I. Introduction
II. General Information
III. Leader Information
IV. Races and Classes
V. Weapon List
VI. Armor List
VII. Item List
VIII. Spell List
IX. Quests
X. Hidden Items by Map
XI. Tricks and Oddities
XII. Downloads, Credits
and Contact

Armor List

(C)=chaotic    (N)=neutral    (L)=lawful
(H)=human    (D)=dwarf    (E)=elf    (Ho)=hobbit
(W)=warriors    (P)=priests    (M)=mages-including druids
(Ni)=ninja-considered a warrior if not specified
(Br)=beast riders    (Dr)=dragonrider    (Wr) Winged Horserider
For the purpose of these item lists, Undead falls under chaotic.

Body Armor

Body Armor
Name Can be Used by Strength Effect
Cloth Armor All 3  
Robe All 5  
Leather Armor All, no (M) 5  
Leather Robe (P) (M) 8  
Heavy Leather Armor (W) (P) 8  
Chain Mail (W) 10  
Barbarian Robe (M) 12  
Ring Mail (W), no (E) 12  
Holy Cloth (M) 15 + Magic Resistance
Plate Mail (W) (H) (D) 15  
Mysterious Robe (M) 18 + Magic Resistance
Splint Mail (W) (H) (D) 20  
Angel Robe (L) (M) 20  
Magic Armor All, no (M) 25 Defense +20%
Holy Robe (L) (M) 28 Heals above max HP
Plate Armor (W) (H) (D) 28  
Dragon Armor (W) (H) (D) 30 +  Dragon Breath Resistance
Priest Robe (L) (C) (P) (Br) 32  
Armor of Retribution (W) (H) (D) 33 Damages enemy approx. 1/2 the damage of their successful hit
Gaia Armor All 38  
Ninja Costume (Br) (Ni) 40 + Terrain Mobility
Hero Armor (W) 50  

Name Can be Used by Protection Effect
Wooden Shield (W) (P) 2  
Leather Shield (W) (P) 3  
Small Shield (W) (P) 4  
Large Shield (W), No (E) 6  
Soldier Shield (W) (H) (D) 8  
Kite Shield (W) (H) (D) 10  
Magic Shield All, No (W) or (Ni) 12 Increases Spell Effectiveness
Shadow Shield (C) (P) 13  
Mirror Shield (L) (P) 15 + Magic Resistance
Ninja Gauntlet (Ni) (Br) 18 + Attack Strength
Hero Shield (H) (W) (Br) (Ni)
or Sub Leader,

No (C)-(Wr)


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