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Knights Walkthrough


Wil's Departure
Desert Megalith

Infiltrate! Alexei Gang
Showdown! Alexei
At The Mines
Beyond Grand Valley
Tycoon Wil
At The Mines(Part 2)
Anima Faith Fiasco
Wil Vs. Egg
Into The forest
To The Monster's Nest
Life Tree Island
To The Fossil Caves
To Cast A Rainbow
Return Of The Egg
Misty's Plot
Deadly Battle With The Egg
Ginny's Departure
Ginny's Adventure
Insect Megalith
Pursuing The Egg
To Gustave's Stronghold
Battle Of South Moundtop
To the Northern Continent
The Last Megalith


Thanks to Orian for HTMLizing my walkthrough cos I'm too lazy! :D:D:D

Quick note: Occasionally, I'll leave the treasure hunting to you. Only when there are things that I deem useful, and should definitely not be passed up, will I indicate where something is.

Part 1: Wil Knights (Beginning)



Wil's Departure


Wil sets off to find a Quell. You probly don't know what that is, but you don't need to either,you'll see. You start off in a town called Westia. Go to the bar on the left side of town, and walk up to talk to the bartender. A girl will come in, upset at seeing that a certain quell digging expedition left. Go talk to her and she will introduce herself. You can offer to have her join your expedition; DO IT. Then talk to the man in blue clothes. He'll introduce himself as Narcisse, and he seems pretty rude. Take him with you; not only is he good, but he won't be so rude later, so you don't have to worry about that. Narcisse comes with a spell called Bushfire, give it to everyone by sealing it...then it'll be in everyone's inventory for Tree spells. (If you need an explanation on this see the general info page) Now go to the store, below the bar, and buy a Stone Knife to give Narcisse (Don't ever attack with it though. :P) Now exit Westia and go to the Hahn ruins.

At the Hahn Ruins, the first thing you'll wanna do is go west. Then you'll see a building resembling a house on the next screen. Go in there, and you'll meet Tyler. He came there along looking for treasure, and you guys decide to go in together. NOW, go back outside and explore around for treasure. (I won't bother explaining how to get to all the places, there's QUITE A LOT of places to go outside. If you really want a place to start, go back to the very first screen and go east from there.) When you're done looking for treasure go back to the house and enter, that's where the rest of the dungeon is. :D

Some tips on fighting with the group: Cordelia mainly uses spears, don't use magic much. Same goes for Tyler, only use axes. With Narcisse, don't ever attack, just equip the element of tools he needs, and use magic only. With Wil, try and use Staves and Magic a whole lot, as he is very very good at both. If you need to restock on weapons, go back to Westia after getting the treasure outside.

The insides of the ruins, while looking very confusing, is actually a very straight path. There are no long winded roads off the main path, so it's impossible to get lost. As you go through, try dueling a lot and learning new techs, you'll wanna learn as many as frickin' possible, as this becomes very invaluable later in the game when duel battling will no longer be available, and learning techs will be very hard. TIP: FIGHT THE BLUE SKELETON!! There is a BLUE SKELETON in this dungeon, and is the best enemy in the game to learn techs against. How it works is, enemies have skill levels. The BLUE SKELETON has the highest skill level of any monster you duel in the game. You only have two opportunities to do this. Anyways, once you're through the ruins, you can enter from the place you exited at, or the normal entrance. If you're all done, though (And you should be), head back to Westia.

Go to the Items shop, unequip your weapons and talk to the dude from behind the counter, so that way he'll offer to repair tools. If you don't have enough money for something to be repaired, you might wanna monitor your use of that item until you can. Anyways, once you're done with that, re-equip your items and go back to the bar. After you get there, Wil says that he's going to go home temporarily, but Narcisse mentions a man named Alexei, which catches Wil's attention; however Wil doesn't tell the rest of the party anything. Not yet anyways...



Desert Megalith


At home, you talk to your aunt Nina about the Quell you found, and Alexei. After a shot story time, you're filled in on Alexei, and why Wil is so interested. Nina decides to come with you because she wanted to explore the desert Alexei and Wil's father explored together. Nina is big on magic, and she comes with a very important spell: Life Water. Oh god, give this to everyone you CAN, it's a VERY crucial spell in this game. Anyways, head out. Before going out to Westia, take a look at the shops in Thermes and see if there's anything you wouldn't want. I would personally reccomend buying 1 or 2 Blue Waters. Now anyways, once you're done there head to Westia. Talk to all your old pals about going to the western continent and have em' join you, you won't wanna be using Nina too much anyways, since you SHOULD be doing a lot of Duel battling.

Anyways, leave Westia and go to Gruegel. At Gruegel, you might look around for some new things to buy, but I personally wouldn't buy anything, just ask around about the Continent Interior, then leave Gruegel and GO there.

The continent interior is rather confusing, and just THINKING about trying to explain how made me procrastinate on this walkthrough. But uh, I'll try. When first you arrive, go west into the next screen, and then go left and up (Exit up). You should be on the third screen by now. Go up and to the right, and exit the screen on the upper right. On this screen, head Up, all the way up to the edge of the cliff, and then head left. You should exit left, as high up on the screen as you can go. From here, just follow the straight path until you get to the screen with the lake on it (Like as in you can walk up to the lake). On that screen, just exit left, and you should be at Vogelang. Whew. At Vogelang, talk to all the townspeople...They'll tell you the story about Alexei and his two brothers, along with Wil's dad, venturing into the desert. After you hear all of the story, talk to the bartender lady from behind the bar to see the guestbook. You'll read a letter that Henry (Wil's dad) left behind about the megalith (Like a journal, sorta). So you all decided to just GO to the megalith, woo! See if there's something you wouldn't mind buying, then leave. You'll automatically be at the desert Megalith. At the megalith, you'll find nothing, assuming that the egg was in the lead box. Nina say "Well the only way to know for sure is to ask Alexei UHHRRRRRRR" And that's about it.



Infiltrate! Alexei Gang


The party intends to get to the bottom of the situation by joining one of Alexei's parties. Nina can't go, because Alexei knows her, however Wil must take someone else...talk to the person you want to take. I would STRONGLY reccomend not taking Cordelia. If you really wanna see why take her, but you'll be sorry. You could always take her, then restart though. If you wanna see two different sides of the picture, then try it out. Anyways, I reccomend taking Tyler. Whoever it is you choose goes along ahead of you to join the expedition too. Now you can shop around in Thermes if you'd like, I didn't though. When you're ready, just leave to Westia.

Go in and talk to one of the people, and after some short conversation you'll join their expedition, and go to the city of the night. Appearantly, they're looking for an old man with a quell. Everyone goes to look at it, but Alexei stops Wil and messes with his mind a bit, you'll see.

Afterward, you'll be able to control the character you brought with you. First things first, go up the ladder and talk to the man up there. He'll pick a fight with you; he ain't that hard, just kick his ass. :P Anyways, after you kill him, go up and exit the screen off the left side (You can go to the right side to go to where Alexei is and talk to him after you get new info; you can ask him some questions pertaining to the REAL reason why you're here, also.) In this new screen walk into the first house you see. After that, go into the SECOND house and talk to the old man. Now exit the house and exit the screen from the north. In this screen, go to the left and enter the building (The bar). Ask around in the bar about Kisk (The name of the oldman with the Quell you're looking for). They'll tell you to go to his house. His house is on the screen you started at, inbetween the two staircases. Walk up to his door and knock on it. Someone will come by and tell you that Kisk is dead. Well well. Now, enter the bar and head out the back exit. Walk forward and you will be confronted by some people. They'll ask you a question. Nod = Yes Shake your head = No. If you shake your head, you'll get into a fight, but either way you have the same results. Go back in through the bar, and out the front door. Now go back to the first screen, and go to the bottom and exit on the stairs leading left (On the BOTTOM of the screen!) Now go up onto the rooftop, and there's a building there. Press the switches in there on the left and right. Now go back to the screen where the bar is (Don't go in the bar) and head behind it (All the way to the right side of the screen) (And uh be sure to talk to everyone you see along the way). Go inside the house you'll see, and down the stairs. Talk to the lady there, and she'll ask you if you're an aquaintance of Kisk (Nod.). She'll tell you about Kyle, who is a little boy, and relative of Kisk, and how blablabla, blablablabla...blablablaaaablaaaablaaaaa. And she'll also tell you to meet him on his way home, cos he should be coming home soon. Anyways, go back to the bar and talk to the people there. They'll acknowledge you as an aquaintance of Kisk. Now go talk to Alexei again, to progress this odd pursuit. Go up onto the rooftop and turn on the left and right switches again. Now talk to the kid on the balcony-esque thing. Now go back to the first screen, go up to the second screen (Towards the bar) And go into the old mans house. He'll ask you a question (Either one is fine but I Shake my head to this one). Now leave and go to the screen where the bar is and talk to the kid hiding in between the buildings. Now go to the screen where Alexei is and exit the screen of the right side. Enter the building there, and try to head down the ladder. The little girl will tell you that Kyle is down there, but it's too small to for adults to fit. No bother, exit the building. Talk to the doggie that's right outside, then go to the bar and go through the back door. Now follow the path and eventually you'll get to where the doggie is. Walk in the little hole on the stairs (In front of the doggie) To get up to the entrance To where Kyle is. Talk to the person there, And answer his question with a Nod and enter the Well. Inside find Kyle (It isn't that hard) And exit out the left. Alexei will confront you, and you'll give him the Quell. He mentions that he's going to the granite quarry. You'll tell Wil that, won't you. :P



Showdown! Alexei


Before we begin, I'm not gonna talk much about the treasures. You can get them by either sabotaging the bridges, or having the birds swoop down and knock them off of the rocks. This is dangerous though, because the birds are VERY strong and I seriously doubt that you have a shot at killing them without some sort of auto death move. So, don't try it without quicksaving first. Moving along...

At the start, exit off the lower bridge on the left. Now exit up. Now, head right, over the wooden plank, and exit right. On this screen, head to the bottom and exit off the lower right. On this screen, head down all the way to the bottom, and then go back up the ladders on the far right. DON'T go inside the cave entrance on that screen! Climb up the ropes to the right of the entrance, and you'll reach a platform with two ladders. Climb the ropes on the FAR right to advance(Ropes on the FAR RIGHT! I stress this!). Now walk up the little ladders and enter the cave entrance you come across.

Now that you're here, prepare for the fight. Put 3 people you wanna use in the fight, and Nina. YOU HAVE TO USE NINA or else you'll die in this fight and the secret death thingie won't happen. I reccomend letting Cordelia sit this one out. Anyways, when you approach Alexei, he'll stop you and show you why he came here...He appearantly can control dragons with the Egg. He sends them both at you.

Boss Fight: Hellwingers, Alexei, Knight Servants -- What you wanna do for this first part is just defend and get killed. Once all party members die, Nina will sacrifice herself to kill the Hellwingers and revive the party. Now you have to Fight Alexei with your remaining Party members. Try to use Area attacks or attacks that hit everyone. If you don't have any on you, just target the Knight Servants first. This is a pretty damn easy fight, as long as you remember to heal.

Afterwards, back at the house, there will be a short sentimental scene, and Nina will die. Afterwards, Wil goes out to live on his own. Then, while shopping at Thermes, he senses the Egg, thus is begins again...

(SIDE NOTE: You can visit Vogelang and Gruegel now in between events, I suggest you do, cos any extra experience is VERY good. You'll be able to do this with the towns of Laubholz and Weissland after you visit them, too.)



At the Mines (1)


Wil accepts a job at the Svendorf mines after the whole Alexei incident, probably to raise money, since he lives alone now. The mine is currently under excavation for Anima-Responsive stones. Inside, the captain of the digging team talks to his crew. Everyone has decided that the area they're at is a good place to start digging for stones. Wil thinks it's the best place to strike a lode too, but has a bad feeling about digging through, because of an unusal anima coming from behind the wall. The captain thinks Wil is a goofball, and Wil quits the job, because he feels he isn't taken seriously.

Now, you can move Wil. Exit the room you're in. From this area, exit bottom left. Now, to exit, just keep heading left. There are no treasures to grab, and there are no dead ends or anything. Just go left.

Now, the scene switches to Westia. Wil is talking with Tyler and Cordelia about the whole thing, when Narcisse suddenly comes in, telling the gang about news of monsters breaking out in the mines. Narcisse and Tyler decide to come with you. Talk to Cordelia before you leave, or else she won't. :P Set your Battle Roles too, if you deem it necesary. You can do some last minute shopping, but it's really not necesary, this is really easy. When you're ready, leave Westia and go to the mines.

At the mines, there will be a digger waiting outside. He'll tell you that there are still diggers inside. So, now, besides killing the monsters, you have to save the diggers. Whee. Enter the mines, and then go up the long stretch into the next screen. There are two diggers in here to save. Now, you can exit bottom left or bottom right in this same screen. Exit bottom left. In this screen there's one digger. Now, continue right, into the next screen. This one is a straight hall, so continue it into the next screen also. In this screen, go up, and you'll see three gremlins on top of the big ore chests. There are big wooden poles to the left of it, and under them is a digger. Go up and around the green ore boxes to get under the poles. Now, go up and left into the next screen (You should be going back towards the entrance). In this screen, there is one digger. Rescue him and go back to the screen where the guy was under the wood poles. From here, exit right. There's a fork in the road here. First, exit upper right. Go all the way up to the huge ore, and climb up the ladder. There's your last digger. Now, go back to the fork and exit upper left. Prepare for the fight (You probly won't need to prepare much though :P)

Boss Fight: Lotsa Gremlins -- There is a monster generator in the back where the Gremlins come from. You'll have a new option in battle called Close In, which you use to stop it. You have to stop it on the same turn that you kill all the Gremlins, because they regenerate. Use all kindsa area attacks to hit and kill all the Gremlins simulataneously. Have the slowest person with no area attacks use Close In, as they will make their move after the Gremlins die. The person who closes the generator will have to engage in a duel with a Gremlin. It's no big deal, just use your strongest attacks.

After the fight, you have to leave the mine, monsters and all. Try and check for diggers you might have missed on the way out. After you exit the mine, you're done.



Beyond Grand Valley


At Westia, Wil will mention that he plans on making a large expedition. Narcisse reccomends exploring Weissland...He won't go with you though... :( So, take Cordelia and Tyler, and leave Westia to go to the Grand Valley.

At the Grand Valley, you'll hear about some theives holding up the bridge to cross the Grand Valley. There is a lady there who will tell you of an Alternate route through the valley to get to the other end of the valley. It's a diffucult route to get through, so she wants to go with you. Take her along, and she'll introduce herself as Labelle. Labelle specializes in bows; she's the first person you've gotten thus far whose primary weapon is the Bow, so take advantage of it and fight duel battles with her. (By the way, even if you don't take her, you'll have to get her in the next event, so just take her. :P) Anyways, she shows you the entrance to the alternate route, and as you're about to enter Narcisse will show up and offer his assistance one last time (Because he knew you'd be so damn reckless.)

In this area, you can't see other enemies until you're very close, so I suggest not running much. Also, treasures are represented by the skeletons. Anyways, before we begin, follow my directions EXACTLY, or else you'll have to complete the dungeon, in a more complicated, different way. Don't do anything out of order.

At the beginning, head left and then up. In the second screen, go up, and you should be able to see the bridge from the split in the trees (Thus I will call this second screen the Bridge screen). From the Bridge screen, exit left, and keep exiting all these screens left, until you wind up back at the beginning (Yes this is an odd annoying maze, that's why you listen to Skankin'. :P). Now go back up to the bridge screen, and approach the split where you can see the bridge. Wil should say something about the fog thickening. Now head left several times until you get back to the beginning again. Head up to the bridge screen, but instead it will be a different screen. Wil comments that the fog is especially thick here. Head into the middle of the screen, and there should be a shiny thing. Prepare for a battle, then examine it and choose to pull it out. What do you know, a monster is attacking you now. :P

Boss Fight: Volcanoid -- There really isn't any strategy to this fight at all. Just hit Volcanoid as hard as you can, and use recover HP after every round, because you'll be able to kill it way before you run out of LP. If someone dies, just use Water on them.

After the fight, examine the shiny thing again and take it. It's an Ice Spear, woo! now the fog begins to clear. Exit the screen from where you entered it. You should now be in the upper right section of the bridge screen. Go look at the bridge, and Wil should mention the fog clearing. Now head left several times and you should be out. Now just follow the path until you get to Laubholz (Trust me, you won't get lost, and there's no more monsters anyways. :P) Upon arriving at Laubholz, Narcisse will part with you for the final time...



Tycoon Wil


You start at Laubholz. There's a Weapon shop to the left, where you can find some pretty neat stuff. You can also recruit Labelle here if you didn't recruit her going through the Grand Valley (Either way you can't leave Laubholz without her, so just give up on trying to avoid her. :P). Also, at the restaurant, you can recruit Patrick (You'll meet Patrick through Tyler later in the scenario anyways, so you don't have to take him). Now as for Patrick, I really don't like using him. He excels in staves and axes, but you already have someone for that. Also he is proficient in some magics, but not really...He's very low leveled, making it useless. And also, since he joins a variety of parties in the game, what you'll have to have him use will change a lot, it's really annoying. I just pick him up cos he comes with some really nice spells, like Firestorm. Anyways, once you're ready, leave Laubholz and head for Weissland.

You start in the "Outside of town" Screen. Head up towards the town to ACTUALLY ENTER Weissland. There's an Inn/Tavern in the front and a General Store in the back. Inside the tavern, talk to the bartender to rest. Somewhere in the is a man who will introduce himself as William (He won't appear until you visit the general store at least once). He's a digger too, but more importantly, he is appearantly Labelle's brother. Anyways they talk for a bit. When you can move again, talk to William, and he'll mention a Megalith in the south. You're quite interested, being a digger, and so you'll go with him, and Labelle agrees to go on the condition that William finally comes home after the megalith is explored. When you're ready, head to the "Outside of town" screen, and exit the screen from the upper left.

Now you're at the "Outside the Megalith" Dungeon. This is pretty easy. Just follow the path, either way you'll reach the same destination. Once you get to the tent, examine it. William will tell you that he used the tent to observe the island that the megalith is on, because it can only be accessed during certain times. Whatever, they skip that time so it doesn't matter. Now just head up to reach the entrance of the megalith, Watch the cool little flick, then enter.

(NOTE: Treasures are represented by huge blocks of ice.) At the beginning, there will be a fork. Both Places go to the same area, but the left side has cool treasures, so go there. The room where both meet will be dubbed "Meeting room"; There are three exits in this room; one in the south (For if you exited right in the beginning room), one on the left (For if you exited left in the beginning room), and one in the north (Where you're supposed to go). Go North at the meeting room, and from then on, it's just a long-winded, annoying path.

Eventually you'll get to the "Core of the megalith" as I'll call it. The music will have changed. From there, enter the teleporter on the right. Then the teleporter on the left. THen you'll be in a huge teleporter room. Just go on the platform more towards the right each time to get to the big grand master teleporter (Which is where you wanna be). Now from there go in to the teleporter door on the left.

You'll be tranported to an odd teleporter room. Hit the teleporter on the right until you get sent to the next platform. From there hit the one on the right. Then the one on the left. Then the one on the right. Now you should be in the middle. Go in the middle teleporter thingie to get your prize: A Hyper Water (sometimes a Beast Lance too!), woohoo. Now from there exit out of either telporter to get back to that main room.

Now go forward to the tower room. Examine it. Some odd occurences will happen, and everyone will just pass out. When Wil wakes up, they say that he saved everyone, even though he didn't...odd. Also, William found a quell appearantly. It was supposedly in your hand (It's a Night Medallion). Anyways, now you can move Wil again. Try entering the room with the Tower in it. And you'll pass out again, or so I seems. When you come to, William will have gone into the other room by himself. You all go to see what's up. Enter the Tower room. Talk to William. He'll say that the megalith makes what you're thinking come true... Well he tries it, and he turns into a monster. Some Megalith. :P

Boss Fight: Megalith Beast, Anchor heads, Glacier Hoppers, Polar Drakes -- Fight #1: Just use some mediocre attacks, and after about 2 turns you'll be able to retreat. Do so. Now run to the next room, and then the fight will start again. Fight #2: You'll have to survive a bit longer and do some damage this time. Use lower level techs, conserve your WP and SP. When you can retreat, do it. Now you can move again. Run, and the Megalith Beast will catch you at the entrance. Fight#3: Now it's time for the real fight. Go all out on the Megalith Beast now. Use area attacks and such, cos the other enemies are a real bother. Eventually you'll be able to run. Do so, and that'll be the end of that. Wil is now quite a famour digger. Tycoon Wil. hwaaa.



At The Mines (Part 2)


Wil accepts another job at the Svendorf mines. The digging captain has hired Wil again, because the Marquis of Otto's new quotas are too demanding. The miners are now digging close to the underwater resevoir, and Wil already begins to sense something bad...The whole ceiling begins to collapse. That makes a lot of sense, heh. :P Anyways, you need to get the hell out of here.

You can't save, and your time for getting out is limited. Follow these directions EXACTLY. Leave the area and get to your first fork in the road. Go down and right to get the Gem Band. Now, go back to the fork and exit lower left. From this fork, go up and left to the dead end to find a Blue Chip, and then, when you get back to the fork, you'll find a digger to save, and a Hot Stone. Now, keep going lower left until you get to the screen where the water is gushing out of the hole in the middle, and talk to the digger to save him. Continue up to find a Silver Staff and another digger to save. From here, it's just a straight path to the exit; just keep going left. When you get out, just talk to the guys that you save, and you'll get 2000 Crowns and a Sandwurm Staff. Now, just leave the mine, and that's that.



Anima Faith Fiasco


(NOTE: This is a perfect time to learn the best Staff Skill, Time & Tide. Even at low Staff levels, Wil has a high chance of learning it. Also, you can probably learn Call Thunder by casting Water Hammer on enemies in here, if you don't already have it. Lastly, in the duels with Skeletons, you can easily learn Permeance and Heaven's Thunder by performing the correct Duel combos. You should definitely get them, as they are two of the most important spells in the game.)

You start in Westia. Appearantly it's been quite some time since you've been to Weissland. Anyways go to the bar and talk to Tyler, and he'll tell you some things about the Anima Faith. You came here from Wide to check a rumour about them possessing the Egg. You'll go to the Ruins of Hahn with Tyler, Patrick, and a new dude, Raymond, who is very good with a Bow. Leave Westia to get to the Ruins of Hahn. Enter the south entrance.

Now, back in the beginning of the game, there was an entrance you couldn't go to; "That's the most vicious monster I've ever seen!" Said Wil, or something to that effect. Well, that is where you want to go. From there, go up and look at the door that is being blocked by the dude. You'll wanna remember that for a a bit later. Now just head directly right. From here, there are a lot of different paths, but they all lead to cool treasures anyways. :P You'll know when you're in the right place, because one of the ladies on that screen says that the high preist is meditating in the back room. From there, go into the next room. You'll sense that he does not have the Egg. ...Enter lord Gustave. He's about to enter and anhilate all the followers of the anima faith. As you're leaving, you'll notice that Everyone's panicking cos of Gustave attacking. Now's your chance to get all those treasures that were blocked off by those fools, no monsters in the main corridors either, woo hoo. As you make your way toward the exit, Wil will sense the Egg. Anyways, go through the door that was originally blocked. At the end, Some fish monsters will jump out of the water, kill the high priest, and then attack you.

Boss Fight: Mermans -- This isn't really hard, but it's technically a boss fight. Just pound away at them and they'll die. Strategy not included. :P

After the fight, Tyler convinces you to leave, since Gustave's men will probably label them as Anima Faith followers and kill them otherwise.



Wil Vs. Egg


Here's the final showdown woo. Enter Westia... Go into the bar and talk to Tyler about a rumour concerning pirates getting ahold of the egg. After a big long argument between Wil and Narcisse, the plan will be revealed that Tyler, Patrick, and Raymond will protect the town while Wil gets onto the ship. Now leave off to the city of the night.

The first thing you'll wanna do is go onto the rooftop and go into the light room. In there you'll meet...Gustave. Wil told Gustave that the pirates were attacking this city, and Gustave is protecting it. Woo hoo, now Gustave is in your group. To make a long story short, what you're supposed to do is kill ALL the enemies in the city. You know the layout by now, just walk around the city killing pirates and other enemies. There's a lady making hot chocolate in the bar, if you need to recover HP, and you should use this to conserve LP for the harder fights (Fights represented by monsters and not the pirates are generally harder). After you've killed all the pirates, go to the middle of the city and the pirate leader should be there. Suffice to say, he's prety pissed that he got tricked into going here. So he sends a dragon after you. There won't be any Nina to help you this time.

Boss Fight: Wyvern -- This is a fairly hard fight. Just go all out, and prepare to get hurt, the Wyvern can hit everyone for 200 HP. have everyone prepared to heal, and don't worry about using your LP.

After the fight, the pirate runs away, and the perspective changes to Wil. Once you can control Wil, exit down, then go up the ladder in the next screen. On this screen there will be a girl. She'll ask you if you're new on the ship or not. Say No. Then she'll ask you what you are. Say Lady Killer. After that, she'll leave, totally convinced that you're a pirate, and drop a bandana. Any other answers will get you into a fight with to weak skeletons and that dumb girl. This fight isn't hard, except for the fact that the skeletons can stun you, so get rid of them first. Anyways, after that's all taken care of, go through the door behind her, and you'll talk to the captain. After a second, the slime on the bed will attack you. Just kill it, and go on to the next room. In the next room, go down the ladder, kill the monsters, and then grab the bag... It was hard to pull out...due to the fact that it was PLUGGING A HOLE. Now the ship is definitely gonna sink. Save, and then walk out onto the deck (Walk behind the ladder on the upper level of this screen). Outside, you'll finally find the man with the egg (How funny that it was the seasick pirate who hates eggs). He'll know exactly who you are, and what you did. Now he will try to kill you to get back in and plug the hole obviously. Here's the final fight, whee.

Boss Fight: Pirate -- This pirate is stronger than a normal pirate...by far. He has about 5000 HP. However if your Staff level is high (And it damn well better be), and you have a strong tech (You SHOULD have Time & Tide by now :O), you'll end this fight in a breeze. Otherwise, just hit him with your best tech, and use all your LP in this fight, you'll probly need it if you don't have either of the two things I mentioned. Still, this fight shouldn't be too HARD, just really LONG. Just remember to keep your HP pretty high, cos he can use the egg to drain about 100 HP. And he can use it up to 4 times in one turn. :O

After the fight "ends" (The egg just falls out of his hands), the pirate will jump overboard to get it. Now the Egg is at the bottom of the ocean...But maybe Wil is gonna die too. Is this the end for Wil Knights? Will Wil survive? Will the egg be gone forever? Does Wil Knights have Hat hair after wearing that hat for 22 years in a row and never taking it off? Tune in to the Knights family scenario Part 2 for most of the answers!

Part 1: Part 2: Eleanor? (Middle)



Into The Forest


(NOTE: Before playing through this event, I suggest playing Gustave's event, "The Southern Fort", and have Johan learn Gale Slash (Sword Tech, Tree - Cleave - Cleave - Slash, as it will be VERY helpful in this next section.)

Eleanor, Partrick, Raymond, and ...Rich, have gone to the forest to find...something. Appearantly the forest is a big maze, but Eleanor is determined to find what she got sent to find. The pay is really nice too. :P I know there's not much incentive to play this part, or even the next...but you'll learn eventually why this part of the game was set up to be so impersonal.

(NOTE: This is a maze. Follow my directions EXACTLY.)

When you can move, exit the screen, bottom right (Behind trees). On the next screen, exit on the upper right. Now on this third screen, cross the bridge and walk down the stairs. Grab the ark stone on the left, and exit on the right (It's under the trees). Now on fourth screen, just head directly right to get to the fifth screen. On this screen, head down and exit on the bottom. Now on the sixth screen, you start on the upper left. Go down and grab the treasure, then exit on the lower right. On this sixth screen head directly right (It's curving down a little too). Now you should be back on the fourth screen. Exit on the south this time. On this next screen, just exit on the other side. Now this screen should look like the second screen...However, when you approach the middle, you'll be attacked.

Boss Fight: Wood Guard -- This boss hits pretty hard...and he has pretty good defense. However, he has very low HP for a boss. Cos of that, you can defeat him pretty easily without using up your WP and SP on stronger attacks. Have Life Water ready on all party members, and have Regenerate casted on everyone (If you don't have it learned, equip the Night Medallion on someone, and you BETTER have the Night Medallion. :P). Don't use your LP, not on this fight. If you're having some trouble, try using some stronger attacks, but its best to conserve your WP and SP if possible.

Before we go on, I would like to add that, after this fight, Raymond suddenly gets a million times better at learning bow techs. Right after this fight, he can easily learn Windbreaker, Death Shot, Fire Bird, Bird Hunter, and Poison Arrow through duels.

Now this next part is just STUPID. Just wander around aimlessly, and eventually, you'll finally reach the next part. If ANYONE knows how to trigger the next part besides wandering around like a fool, please tell me. Anyways, when you get to the next part, just head up the towers, being sure to grab all the treasure on the trees and stuff (You won't get lost). Be sure to get the Anthurium, as it is one of the best Fire Quells you'll ever get. Eventually, near the top of the tower, you'll see an odd set of trees inside the tower. Save and approach it.

Boss Fight: Treefolk -- This boss is pretty tough. It can hit everyone for nearly 300 HP, so be prepared. Go all out with techs and LP (This is a good time to use Gale Blade. :P). The Treefolk also has surprisingly low HP considering how strong the boss is.

Once you're done with that fight continue up that tower. Eventually you'll reach the top. Eleanor will look down on the forest from that vantage point and find the place she intended on going. woo.



To The Monster's Nest


At the beginning of the scenario, Eleanor explains that they're here to check out a monster's nest in the ruins of the Svendorf Mines, being hired by the count of Jade to gain an advantage in the war against Cantal.

Before going on, as per usual, Raymond gets a little better at bow techs, and can learn Spark Shot in duel battles, if you work at it long enough. It might help to give him the role of Marksman.

Anyways, this is pretty simple. Follow the path to the second screen. From the second screen, head down into the next screen to find a Lake Robe. Go back to the second screen and head right this time. In the third screen (inside a tree trunk) follow the path to the next screen. In the fourth screen...(!) follow the path to the next screen. :P On this next screen (5), grab the Coral Ring, then continue. This next screen (6) has lots of treasure chests with nice equipment (Wind Shell, Ranger Bow) and 2000 Crowns total, so prepare to do some fighting. When you have all those, exit upper right to find a Scale Visor. Now go back to the "lotta treasure" screen and exit lower right. Now follow the straight path, and you'll eventually get to the mine. Search the place out and then leave. Back on the screen with the Coral Ring, All the Gremlins will inexplicably turn into a huge monster. Whoopee.

Boss Fight: Gargoyle -- This boss is like the Volcanoid in Wil Knight's part of the scenario, only like, much easier. It'll cast hardform to raise its defense, but it won't do much good. Just cast Regenerate on everyone, and you'll gain more HP than it can usually inflict on any character at the end of each turn. If need be, use your LP, this is the last part of the event, anyways. Not very hard. The only thing is, you'll wanna have Recovery Breath ready, cos Claw Hammer can "cripple" your characters.

Upon winning, you might recieve a Blackstone Armor. It's a nice armor; good defense, and nulls petrify. After the fight, the event ends automatically.


Life Tree Island

Rich goes to Westia and talks to Narcisse. He wants Rich to go to an island and get the seeds from a certain tree that grows there.

Before you begin, equip Rich accordingly. Since Rich is good at EVERYTHING, you'll wanna give him all kindsa quells. Go to the lady who gets you items from your old party members and rob them of ALL their quells. I had Rich Equipped with a Fossil Sword (I used a Blast Sword in this event because my Fossil Sword was running low on Durability), a Wysteria Bow, Blackstone Armor, Birch Ring, Pocket Dragon, and Anthurium. This covers all the elements, and it gives Rich high defense. It's not too necesary this time around, because you'll probably be swordfighting, but it might prove better to get used to things like this. When you're ready, go talk to the man at the harbor and use his boat to get to the island.

Before getting on with the dungeon, know that this is a good time for Rich to learn No Moment, Blade Spray, and Final Letter. It might be easier to learn it during the boss fights, though.

This island is neat, and really simple. Get the Ark Stone at the entrance and then head inside the cave. Once in the cave, head up and exit on the upper left. On this screen, walk over the run-down ship and exit left. Now on this screen exit up...on the next screen, go left and slide down the hill to find an Ark Stone. Now go back to that screen and exit right to find ANOTHER Ark Stone. Now go back to that screen once more, exit up, and follow the path to get to the Life Tree. There are 5 Life Seeds there; you should get all of them. Now head on back. Rich, being the adventurer digger type guy, will decide to check that ship on the way back for quells. The current will then move the ship away from where it was and land somewhere else on the island. You're now being attacked by a huge monster.

Boss Fight: Mother Grendel -- Yeah this is actually a fairly dangerous fight. This is a good fight to learn Final Letter (Backslash - Cleave - Backslash), but other than that, 100 HP a turn, plus a very probable chance of being poisoned during the fight means danger. You'll wanna just kill it before it kills you (Aren't you glad there's Gale Slash?).

Anyways, once he's taken care of, head off the ship, exit south, and continue south to get to the entrance, and take the boat back to Westia. Narcisse gives you 400 Crowns for each seed. Anyways, give them to Narcisse, and head outside.

Outside... What the hell? There's a girl carrying, THE EGG! You ask to see the girl's egg. She yells at you, and tells you that she can sense that you're from the Knights Family (I really thought they did a pretty good job of concealing that part of the plot to be honest). She also says that she will kill Wil Knights someday, because he "Knows too much", and then leaves. Back at Wide, Rich talks about it with his father, Wil Knights. He tells him about the egg, and Wil says that the egg must be destroyed, or the person. Because of this, Rich refuses to tell him who it is, since she's a little girl. As Wil starts making plans to take the egg from the girl, Richard leaves, warning Wil of what the girl said about him.

Back at Westia, go use the money to repair your weapons if need be. Then, go talk to Narcisse, and you'll ask her about the girl. Narcisse will tell you that they left town, and that's about it for now.



To the Fossil Caves

Ooooh, this is a crazy event. Lotta different possible combinations. But anyways. Rich goes to the northern continent looking for some work. He says the boat fare cost him pretty much all his money and that he needs to look for a job prospect quickly. (NOTE: This is a lie. :P I went to Laubholz to resupply before doing this event and I had the exact same amount of money as I did after I left Laubholz. Funny stuff. :P) Anyways, talk to the people around here, and they'll say there's an unexplored fossil cave outside the village that no one has returned from. Rich, being the goofy digger that he is thinks, "Oh hey, I can do that. I'm Rich Knights. Tuh." There's a Weapon shop on the north end of the town that you might want to check out, and the bad/inn is on the west side of the town. The fossil caves can be reached automatically by exiting on the eastern side of town...but WAIT!!!

Now here's where it gets crazy. There are three people that can join you in this event; Diana, Eleanor, and Raymond. Diana can be picked up at the bar at anytime, whereas Eleanor and Raymond appear if you leave to the fossil caves and come back to town (They'll be at the bar as well). Eleanor and Raymond will both come with you if you say you want them to join (Like as in you won't be able to JUST take Eleanor or JUST take Raymond). Diana has a lot of weapon/magic proficiencies, however this event is the only time you'll ever use her, and she has level 1 in everything she's proficient in. Tis a pity. Anyways, so you can either go by yourself, with Diana, with Eleanor and Raymond, or with all of them. Strangely enough, no matter what groups you use, the story progresses as if you took all four of them with you, and you won't have to divide your "share" which is something brought up when Rich talks to Eleanor and Raymond. S'funny how, considering how money-oriented this event is, that the groups you take have no effect on it. But anyways, you can take whatever group you like. If you take Eleanor and Raymond, this event will be easy. Or even if you just take Diana, but slightly harder. (I always preferred just taking Diana; I never enjoyed having Patrick or Raymond OR Eleanor in my group, I thought they were rather useless characters, with the exception of Raymond learning the hybrid arts.) Either way, take whatever characters you like and go to the Fossil Cave.

The Fossil Caves has a lot of exits due to the fact that you'll go here more than once and will have to go different places, so just follow these instructions exactly. In the Fossil Cave, first, exit in the upper right. on the second screen, exit on the lower right. Follow the path after that until you get to the fourth screen. From here, exit in the upper right and follow the straight obvious path until you get to the screen with the huge bone-spine-looking thingie. When you get here, save and prepare. Now walk up the Bone-Spine-Looking thingie into the next screen. Walk into the center of the screen, and a fossil will spring out of the ground and attack you.

Boss Fight: Fossil Beast, Skeleton Left, Skeleton Right -- There are 4 different strategies for this fight, depending on your party. *IF YOUR PARTY CONSISTS OF* Rich Knights -- This fight will actually be pretty hard, and you'll have to use some strategy. You'll want to prepare by equipping Tornado Blade, Gale Strike, your best non hybrid arts tech (Should be at least Head Wind), Life Water, and Recovery Breath. You'll also want to equip the corresponding tools for those spells. Now for battle style, choose Wall, and begin the fight. What you want to do is use Tornado Blade until the skeletons are dead, then attack the Fossil Beast in full force with Gale Strike. The skeletons can stun you and cripple you, and they can also get in some nice combo attacks so be SURE to kill them first. Always use Recovery Breath when poisoned, and if you can afford NOT to use your LP to Recover HP after the end of a turn, don't, cos you'll need them. Eventually, if you're not fast enough, the Fossil Beast will use Fossil Cry, restoring 999 HP and bringing the skeletons back to life. If this happens, do be sure to kill them off again immediately.

Rich Knights, Diana -- Equip both Rich Knights and Diana with Tornado Blade, Gale Strike, your best non hybrid arts tech (Should be at least Head Wind), and give Rich Knights Life Water, and Recovery Breath. Now basically, do the same thing as the Regular Rich Knights Strategy (Tornado Blade, then Gale Strike). This will be slightly easier cos now Diana is taking hits, either that or dealing some damage. Just be careful.

Rich Knights, Eleanor, Raymond -- Have Eleanor cast Firestorm, have Raymond use some strong hybrid art (Like Windbreaker) bow tech on the Fossil Beast, and have Rich do Tornado Blade the first turn and Gale Strike every other turn. This fight should end pretty quick, just be ready to use Life Water and some LP, have Life Water equipped on Rich Knights and Raymond.

Rich Knights, Diana, Eleanor, Raymond -- Basically just take the fighting strategies from the other group strategies and put them together. This fight should end quick. In fact if it's not done in 4 turns, you've got some experience gaining to do. Either that or you let someone die and need to pay more attention. :P

After the fight, the area will inexplicably start to collapse. exit the screen off the right side (Or left, but it's gonna be a frickin' dead end in 2 seconds in which case you'll have to go right anyways. :P), and you'll see the Bone-Spine-Looking thingie collapse. Walk down to where all the broken remains of it are, and enter the little cave door that's there. Examine the crystal-looking thingie, and Rich will say "Woo I can get a thousand chips for this!" Like I said, no matter what group you bring, you always get the 1000 chips, and the story will always progress as if you brought all 3 of them along.



To Cast A Rainbow


Rich has taken a girl, one of his friends, perhaps one of his girl friends, Julia, to a ruin near Westia. She speaks of how in the old days, water would gush out of the towers here, as depicted in the murals at the ruins as well. In Julia's favorite lullaby, a rainbow is cast from the water, or something else neat like that. I'm not smart with science. :P The IMPORTANT part is, Rich, being the ladies man that he is, PROMISES that he'll cast that rainbow for Julia. So, to find clues, he heads to Westia with Julia.

In Westia, go to the bar, and talk to Eleanor. She'll give you some quick background on that ancient civilization, and, after a quick and funny quarrel, joins you with a new face: Sargon. He's good with Swords too, yay, like we didn't have enough of those guys already :P He also is fair in many diffent spell arts. Still, the more the merrier. Now, Prepare Julia and Sargon adequately, and exit Westia from the entrance; you'll automatically go to the Water Tower Ruins.

There are two entrances; one to the left, and one to the right. Go right first. You hit a dead end, but there, you will find a Coral Ring and a Coral Spear. Woo. Now, go back to the first screen, and go down the left entrance.

On the first screen, go down the staircase, and you should see a little corridor to your left. In this corridor, there is a door exit to the left, and one going down. Exit through the one going down. In this next screen, go down the spiral staircase, and there should be two entrances. First, take the one closest to you. Right when you go in, you should see a little device that looks kinda like a bowl. Examine it, and Rich will see that it is still usable, but needs replacement parts. Now, go back to the second screen, and enter the door farther to your left. There should be a similar device in here; exmine it and Rich will take the necesary parts. Now, go back to the first device, examine it...and woo, it's fixed! Hooray! Now, go directly left and you should see an up staircase. Go up it into the next screen. Here, you will see a bag sitting on top of the water. Grab it; it's the quell you need to control the water, thus making it necesary for the completion of this event. Now, farther to the right, is another staircase going up. Go up those stairs into the next screen. Follow the path into the next screen, and you should see the tower, and a few of those devices. Head right, and examine the one you come across. Rich will see that it doesn't work. It is necesary though; remember it. Continue to the right, into the next screen. Here, head down, and you should see a door on the left; enter it. You'll be back in the tower-like room, but a floor lower. Examine the device here, and Rich will use the quell to activate it. Here, you can also find Crystal Wings, which are blocked by the slime to your left. A very nice addition to your inventory. Now, leave, and go back upstairs to the broken device I told you to remember. Rich will examine it...it appears to be the panel that controls the water valves. Rich opens them all. Now, it's time to go up the tower. Head right, into the next screen. On the far right is a bag with a Blue Water; get it. This is the place where you're supposed to head up the tower, by the way. :P Anyways, examine the rocks, and Rich will jump up them. From here, just activate all the devices on your way up. Also, on your way up, is a Gem Band; it's behind one of the devices. Be sure to get it. Anyways, when you finally activate all of them, water will gush out of the top like crazy. Yay, looks like Rich will be getting...rewarded, soon. Yes, some of you know what I mean. :P


Return of the Egg


Back at the North Gate...Diana tells Rich she's having a child. Suddenly, Rich feels the anima of the egg, and sees a girl walk by. Diana gets angry...and to make matters worse, Rich suddenly tells Diana to get on a boat to Wide, and find his father. Diana is furious about this and runs off. No use trying to talk to her right now...You can move. Go into the bar, and, go into the back room. The girl you saw was the little girl you saw with it a long time ago. She tells Rich that she came down here to "Try something." Rich threatens her, but she uses her ultra pretty-lady powers to make Rich look like an idiot. After a few claims from the girl (Misty is her name, thought you'd like to know :P) that Rich could never bring himself to kill a lady, the conversation is over. Now, leave off to the dock and talk to Diana. After a short conversation, Diana grants Rich's request that she leave to Wide, and Rich promises he'll be back by the time the baby is born. End of Event.


Misty's Plot


At the North Gate, there seems to be some mysterious disease affecting the villagers; they're falling asleep for long periods of time. Anyways, just go to the bar, and talk to the bartender; he'll tell you that Misty left to the Fossil Caves. So, of course, Rich is going to pursue her! Exit the normal way to get to the Fossil Caves.

Remember how this place is confusing? Well, then you will probly know to follow my instructions exactly. First, exit in the upper right. Now, immediately, you will see an exit going downwards; enter it. Now, go down and cross the bridge that looks like a giant leech, and exit the screen in the lower right. Now, you'll be at the place where the big bone structure collapsed last time you were here. Go up it, onto the upper level of the screen, and exit left. Now, follow the path until you see Misty. You'll accuse her of taking the people's anima away, which is what causes them to fall asleep for long periods of time. Of course, you're right. :P She then goes on a little spiel about how she lives for pleasure, and bla, blablabla, blablablablabla...If I was Rich, I would have walked away a long time before she finished. Anyways, when she IS done, continue left. Just follow thes straight path and you'll eventually end up at the place where Misty was standing. At the end of the cliff, you'll see a big blue Gusher (Gushers are fruit snacks in America, for those who might not get the joke :P). Examine it, and you'll hear Misty's voice. It just happens to be a quell that gathers anima and puts it in another object. And, that other object happens to be the big dragon carcass right behind it. Fun stuff.

Boss Fight: Anima Beast -- Not even close to what I call a hard fight. Just hit it with Bear Crush or Gale Blade, whatever deals more damage for you. And, just use Recover HP when necesary. You can probly take it down in three turns. You also get some chips for beating it, which is always nice.

After the boss fight, Misty blablas a little more, and then gives the whole "We shall meet again" line. End of Event.



Deadly Battle with the Egg

You'll start out at the North Gate Harbor. Go to the bar, and talk to the bartender. He'll tell you that Misty left a message that she wanted to meet you at the inland settlement. To get there, exit the town the way you normally would to get to the Fossil Caves. Before you leave, though, if there's anything you need prepared, or need from other party members, be sure to get it first. As you leave, you can see that Rich sort of has a premonition...Anyways, at the inland settlement, talk to the girl outside. She'll tell you that Misty went further inland, where there's a big monster nest. At the far left of the settlement is the exit to the Monster Nest.

First, climb up the tree roots, and climb down the funky stuff to get inside. On this screen, just follow the path down into the next screen. Here, there's two of ledges and funky stuff to climb down. You can stray off the main path on each ledge; there's an exit on the left of all of them. I don't reccomend exiting left on the first ledge, cos a really hard enemy is waiting for you at the end of that path...one that you probly can't beat with Rich if you went through the scenario normally. If you think you're ready, go ahead and try. Your reward is Silver Gloves...which aren't THAT bad I guess, but not worth the trouble of worrying about it right now. On the second ledge, exit left to find a Stardust Robe. Anyways, when you get that, get back on the main path and keep climbing down into the next screen. From here, it's just a straight path to the end. Don't pass up the Eternity Staff, however. When you get to the end, you'll see Misty. She tells you she wants your Anima, cos it's strong. Rich, however, is more interested in the ass-kicking aspect of this whole thing. I really like that approach. However, Misty doesn't. :P Two Land Krakens drop down to kill you. Uh oh.

"Boss" Fight: Land Kraken, Land Kraken -- You just have to duel two Land Krakens. That's it. If you can't beat this, I'm not sure how you got this far, because they're easier than any boss you've faced in this scenario. :P

After you beat that HARD boss fight, you can either kill Misty, or wuss out. If you wuss out, you have to battle two TOUGH LAND KRAKENS AGAIN. But, if you kill her, then don't worry.

Misty, being the smart girl that she is, places the egg in Rich's hand as she dies. That...bitch...Rich, doing the only thing he can to protect Diana and her child, jumps off the cliff to kill himself, rather than be consumed by the Egg.

Meanwhile, at Wide, the baby is born! :D Wil decides to name her Virginia. Well...now what of the Knights family? Let us take a 14 year intermission. :P -Fin~Part 2

Part 3: Ginny Knights (End)



Ginny's Departure

14 years later, Ginny is all grown up. This last section of our game opens up with a messenger fo Ventarbre's coming to the house to inform Wil Knights that he has some information about the egg. Wil decides that it would be prudent at this juncture to leave right away. While Ginny wants to go, Wil insists that she stay and keep her mother (Diana) company. Later that night...Ginny leaves to stowaway on a ship...Well, that morning she gets caught. The captain is about to throw her into the sea, but, one of his lackeys insists that it would be a good idea to sell her for money at the North Gate. The captain accepts, and Ginny is locked in the lower deck. Suddenly, a girl comes to rescue Ginny. She hides her in one of the other rooms on the ship. The girl leaves to pull of some subterfuge (What kind I have no idea :P), and then comes back and insists that they rest until they reach the port. Before the go to sleep, the girl tells Ginny that she helped because she didn't like the idea of her being traded away "like cattle." Anyways, the next day, the pirates find that Ginny is gone; they escaped by boat during the night. Anyways, the run off to the land, and are caught by the pirates. They start arguing, and a man named Roberto comes to mediate. They agree that the girl will pay the money for the ship, and that Ginny goes free. End of Event.



Ginny's Adventure


Now at the north gate, Ginny finds out that she's not in Thermes (heheh :P). Roberto introcudes himself and attempts to become acquainted with Ginny, but Primiera (She finally introduces herself) is kinda pissed off at Ginny since she lost money because of her. Roberto agrees to help the two of them make some money. The three of them go to the inn. Roberto introduces them to his partner, Gustaf...and afterwards, they all decide to go looking around. An adventure, if you will :P

Finally, you can move. Before you do anything, get items from old party members, and get your current party set to go. Some reccomendations, if I may:

- Ginny is awesome with Staffs as WELL as swords. If you don't plan on using Gustaf at the end of the game, you might try using her with Swords. Otherwise, keep her on Staffs. She also is adept in virtually all forms of magic, so be sure to take advantage of that, as she is awesome in every aspect.

- Primiera is best with Axes, which is a bad thing; it's pretty hard to get Axes with infinite uses. She is also good with Spears. Put quite frankly, Spears are much better than Axes; you can make her better with Spears in no time. As such, I strongly suggest using Spears with her. Primiera is good at certain magics, too. Whether you decide to make her an all out Steel equipped Fighting Machine, or a balanced character, both are very good choices for Primiera's customization.

- Roberto is pretty good with bows, but specifically, he has a lot of magic power. You want to sort of avoid bows if you don't have any Hybrid Arts at your disposal. If anything, Roberto is very good at almost all forms of magic, so that's probly an area of expertise you want to accentuate.

- Gustaf is great with swords, of course. Without a doubt, he's the best swordsman in your main party. Unfortunately, he will never be able to unequip his swords, so you have to use those ones. Not like they're bad, anyways. He also is good at all types of magic. Whatever magic you decide to give him is good, as long as you have quells to support him.

Now, whenever you're done, just exit the Inn, and leave the North Gate from the exit that normally leads you to the cave, and you'll go to the Giant Worm Cavern.

The way this dungeon works is simple; basically, if you leave at any time, the event is over. However, I suggest doing to things first:

1. Searching the entire dungeon
2. Raising Ginny, Primiera and Gustaf to at least 400 HP.

By doing both of these things, you'll have some useful new trinkets, and a frighteningly good team. I also reccomend doing both of those things in respective order. :P So here are your instructions on finishing up the Giant Worm Cavern:

Instructions for carrying out step 1

First, enter the cavern :P Also, remember to do all Duels with Ginny. On the first screen, the exit is on the lower right corner, so just follow the path to the right, and down. On this next screen, you'll see some Ants eating a big worm. :O It looks like you can't go any farther, but head downward, and you'll reach a new screen. Herein lies the trick to advancing. Kill an ant monster in this screen, and it will run into the other room. Each time you enter the room with the big worm in it, it'll be more eaten up. Eventually, after you kill enough, there will be a path for you. Once the path has opened, just continue to the right, into the next screen. On this screen, there will be a worm guarding a Sea-Beast Horn (Beast Spear), and a fork going left and right. On the left, you'll find 5000 Crowns (:D), and to the right, is the rest of the dungeon, so exit right, into the next screen. :P On this screen, you'll find 4 little branch thingies to tug on. :D Some give treasures, but some of them drop enemies :O So let's use this diagram:

4 3 2 1 <--- Where 1 is the branch closest to you when you enter the room

1 - Enemy
2 - Canary Heart (Tone tool that protects from Sonic Attacks)
3 - Obsidian Axe (Stone Axe)
4 - Enemy

Whee, that was fun :D Now, there is another sort of fork here, on the lower part of the screen. The exit in the lower right leads to an Ark Stone. Now exit the Branch-pulling screen in the lower left. WARNING: The slime keeps on splitting into more slimes. So, either run in and kill the slime immediately, or hurry to the end of the room and grab the treasures, then leave. Your final treasures are a Blood Star (Water-Tone Quell that Nulls Poison), and a Fossil Sword (Beast Sword). Now, head aaaaaallll the way back to the screen where you kill the ants that eat the worm. :P

Instructions for carrying out step 2

Just keep entering the room where the ants run away to eat the worm after they're killed, and kill all the enemies in there. Then exit and enter again. Fight duels with Ginny, Primiera, and Gustaf until they're both at about 400 HP.

The objective of this task is no secret: Ginny just needs to be stronger. She's the best character in the game, but she doesn't start out overly prepared. This will allow her to get a lot of HP and WP. Anyways...This won't take TOO long if you've been doing nothing but fighting with Ginny throughout this whole time; I had Ginny to 333 HP by the time I had got back to that room, and that's about a 60 HP increase. I might also mention I was avoiding enemies :O Also, once she reaches 400 HP, she should also have around 70 WP, and about 40 level staff. :D

Anyways, since obviously, you might run out of WP soon enough, just defend a turn or two to gain WP back during battle. You should be fine. I know it's not that fun, and it takes like 2 hours to do :P But man oh man, you will be pleased with the results. PSST...Also, when leveling up Primiera, try learning Beast Lightning and Snake Blaster with her :D

Now, when you're done, just leave the damn place. End of event. :D


Insect Megalith


Open scene, Ginny, Primiera, and Gustaf are just chillin', and Roberto enters the bar, and lets the gang know that there's a Megalith near one of the many inland settlements on the continent. After a short little conversation between all of them, they all decide to head out to the Megalith. Head outside the bar, and exit right (The way you always exit in this town to get anywhere :P). You'll be at the inland settlement that Rich went through! :O You start out right in front of a shop. The shop has a couple neat items, and an inn, so remember that in case you need it. To the left of the shop is a girl (You need to talk to her to advance :P). Roberto inquires of a Megalith, and the lady confirms that there is one, but warns you not to go. A 'Young Girl' went in there a long time ago and never came back. ...So anyways! :P Just exit left, and you'll be there.

First, climb up the tree roots, and climb down the funky stuff to get inside. On this screen, just follow the path down into the next screen. Here, there's two of ledges and funky stuff to climb down. You can stray off the main path on each ledge; there's an exit on the left of all of them. Exit left on the first ledge to find some Silver Gloves. There's a pretty tough enemy at the end of the path, though, so be prepared. Anyways, back on the main path, the second left exit leads to a Stardust Robe. Now, get back on the main path again :P And just continue down. From here, it's just a straight path. There's an Eternity Staff on the way, and this is your last chance to get it, so don't miss it! :O You'll also find a bag that wasn't there the first time you came. You don't ever have to pick it up, but if you don't, the rest of this scenario is just retarded :P So, inspect it. It's an empty bag...Robeto notices that it's labeled 'Rich'. Ginny gets very excited and looks at it. She's now sure that her dad was here. The gang lets her have a look around. Now, notice that there is no one else in your party now, so be careful :O To advance, head left, and climb up the big pole. On this last screen, head all the way up, and you'll get attacked by a Kraken. Defeat it, and suddenly, the rest of the gang will come to your rescue. You'll have a chance to prepare for the boss battle. When you're ready, start the fight.

Boss Fight: Megalith Wurm x3, Wurm Leader -- I have to say, I'm always apalled by how hard this fight is, even after leveling up a lot. They all can, and will use Glider Spike, which hits for about 200-400 HP (Depending on which one does it). Their other attacks only hit for about 100-ish, so pray that they only use those. :P The main thing is to kill the Wurm Leader ASAP, and then kill the rest of them while playing it safe. Use your LP on this battle, you'll probly need it, and have Life Water handy. And, if all else fails, this is the only boss fight in the game that you can run away from! :P So make use of that if you need to.

Now there's a few things that can happen here. If you didn't inspect the bag, that's the end of the event. If you did inspect the bag, you'll be back at the inland settlement. If you just go left and exit, that's the end of the event too :P What you should do, is go and talk to the lady who told you that there was a Megalith here. Ginny asks if someone named Rich came through also, and she says that indeed they did, but that he never came back... :O Now exit left on the Inland Settlement. There will be a short scene with Ginny crying, and that's the end of the event. Whew.

Pursuing the Egg

Ginny is just hanging out at the bar, thinking about her mother...when suddenly, Wil comes in! :D Wil scorns her quickly, and, depending on if you did the last event 'right', there will be a slightly longer scene with Ginny explaining what happened to Rich. Wil is sad, but relieved that Rich's anima wasn't consumed by the egg. Wil then explains what the egg is to Ginny. Wil then explains that he's going to Thermes now, and is taking Ginny with him. God knows how he knew Ginny was here anyways. :P He's pretty good, I guess :P Roberto and the gang magically appear, Roberto asking if he can come along. Ginny introduces the gang, and after a short conversation, they all decide to go to Thermes together. Yaaay.

Here in Thermes, you can do some shopping, but I would reccomend you save your money. Enter the tavern, and you'll see Ventarbre there. Talk to him, and he will give you a little story about all the many Fake Gustaves (Probly sounds familiar if you've been doing Gustave's scenario also), and how there is one very popular one who has been gathering tons of forces. Rumour has it that he has an egg-shaped quell. Well, what do you know :P Ventarbre wants Wil to confirm that the rumour is true, because, if it is, then the guy has to be taken out. Ventarbre mentions that he's in Hahn Nova right now (Haw), so Wil and the rest of the gane are going to Hahn Nova! But, first, Ventarbre asks Wil to take his apprentice, Meythia, with him. Wil asks if he's sure he wants to send her on this excursion. Ventarbre is, of course, sure, and Meythia joins your party. :P End of event.

To Gustave's Stronghold

Yay, the group is in Hahn Nova. Roberto, being the smooth operator he is, convinces the guards to let them enter Hahn Nova, under the guise of them joining the military. The town is set up however you set it up in Gustave's scenario. Be sure to go around the shopping and Blacksmith areas to see if there's anything you want. Remember, you're now shopping for six. With that in mind, here's a brief overview of Wil and Meythia:

Wil - Same as always, just with one less LP, and much less HP. There's not much reason to keep him in the main party, since Ginny is just like a better Wil Knights. But still, use this scenario to level him up just a little bit, because you will have to use him later, oddly enough. Try to reach 300 HP with him, but if you don't, worry not, cos there's plenty of time to do this later.

Meythia - She has a lot of HP, probly more than anyone in your group has right now! But, she has low WP and LP, and is only good with Axes. This makes her a pretty terrible physical fighter. Her magic proficiencies are also pretty odd...I mean, I almost never use Stone, Tone, and Beast Magic. But, hey, if you do, that's cool :P In any case, I believe Primiera, while not much better than Meythia, is a more solid fighter, and she is at least proficient in more oft-used magic. There's also not much reason to level up Meythia either, so just give her your best spare armor, and keep her in the reserves for a while.

In any case, make sure Wil and Meythia are properly equipped, so you don't have to do it later, and then exchange Primiera for Wil, just for this event (This makes your group Ginny, Roberto, Gustaf, Wil). Whenever you're ready, go to The Commons.

Ginny and Wil watch Gustave march a bunch of troops through the town square, and Wil senses the anima of the egg. Wil knows the egg sensed his anima as well, so he takes Ginny and hightails it out of Hahn Nova. Not fast enough though, Gustave knows (Cos the egg knows) that Wil is here. He informs Sargon, and Sargon sends out a grippe of monsters for you guys.

Now you can move. On this first screen, go left, and enter the archway door. You'll find 800 Crowns, Heavy Armor, Hydra Suit, Snake Staff, and Wild Rose (A bow). Yay! When you exit though, you'll have to fight some 'Special Forces'. They're not really that hard actually :P They're just random battles that you would normally fight here, so just waste them. In any case, I wouldn't sit around and fight every enemy you come by, cos there are no duels in this event; you'll waste your WP and SP very quickly. If you must fight though, try to use Spell Arts and Hybrid Arts, since everyone in that party should have a high SP recovery rate.

Moving along! :P On the first screen, exit on the lower right. On the second screen, head straight down, into the third screen. Now, here, on the third screen, head right... On the fourth screen, there's a huge tree...inspect it, and you'll get into a small fight, which isn't that hard at all. Kill them, and you'll get a Beowulf (Make sure you have ROOM in your inventory!) Now, after that, just continue down, into the fifth screen. Here, head left into the sixth screen...And finally, exit down, here. Now, SOMETIMES, you get stopped by Sargon. Sometimes, you don't. :O I'm not quite sure why, if anyone knows, tell me :P Now, if he doesn't, congrats! End of event. If he stops you...he'll send some random enemies at you. They probly aren't going to be hard, so just murder em'. :P After that, Sargon very casually tells you that he's going to kill you. :P Heh, boss fight!

Boss Fight: Fire Lord -- It's pretty intimidating, what a person can do sometimes. Like, turn into a dragon... :O Anyways. He's the Fire Lord. You would think that water would hurt him a lot, but alas, it doesn't (Heaven's Thunder hits for less than 1000 for me :O). In any case, his attacks range from pathetic, to ridiculously strong. :O Worry not though, this boss has incredibly low HP, so you don't really have to worry about dying. :P Try to wear stuff that resists fire, or Sonic attacks, and just have Life Water handy. Go ahead and go all out with your LP here, you won't need it after this. Hybrid Arts and Magic work a bit better than physical attacks, so try and use those first.

After that, we can assume you got away, cos that's the end of the event :P

Battle of South Moundtop

So yes, the party did indeed escape :P They're watching Hahn Nova from the outskirts...Roberto, Primiera, and Wil watch the battle between Gustave's and the count of Jade's troops. After a while, Gustaf begins to leave, he says he's going to go help David. It seems to be part of his dad's dying wishes, I guess? In any case, Ventarbre, who knows how he got there, seems to know that Gustaf is a descendant of Phillipe. I'm not sure how that's possible, but whatever :P In any case, he gives him Gustave's old sword. Gustaf then leaves out to the battlefield. Primiera seems uneasy, and Roberto brings it up. Primiera says she won't go...but she feels like she has to do something about it.

Flashback! :D Primiera is leaving the house of Otto, and Nicolette tries to stop her. Nicolette expects Primiera to carry on the Otto family name, but Primiera doesn't believe in what Nicolette did in the past (Remember, she caused a lot of problems for Jades). She leaves, and tells her she will never return...

Later that night, Roberto and the rest are worried, Gustaf hasn't returned yet :O After a few moments though, of course, Gustaf returns safely. Heheh, "I was out looking for the body of the impostor out on the battlefield." Well, they weren't found, or any of the Edelritters. Ventarbre worries that he will raise troops again, but Wil informs him that the egg never tries the same thing twice. So now, the party has to look for the egg again...

(NOTE: This is your last chance to level up before the end of the game. You can head to any city you want, now, and buy whatever you need. I would personally save your money. However, I would also reccomend going to Vogelang and leveling up your techs as far as you can stand to do. Find enemies called Armor Beetles and fight them. They're very hard, but they're the second best enemy in the game to learn techs from. After you're just SICK of doing that, go to Laubholz and complete the Tower Sidequest if you haven't already. Now, back to the game.)

Into the Northern Continent

The gang is chillin at the bar in Thermes, when Roberto comes in with some news that the Edelritters escaped to the Northern Continent. It was "An important looking man accompanied by six others." Wil suspects that they could be anywhere in the Northern Continent, since it's mostly unexplored. But, since they're a pretty conspicuous group, they shouldn't be too hard to follow, right? Well let's find out.

You can move now. Now's your last chance to buy anything from Thermes, I wouldn't reccomend it though. Just leave Thermes whenever you're ready, and go to the North Gate. Here's your last chance to buy anything from the North Gate. Again, I wouldn't reccomend it. You'll hear that the odd bunch went off further inland. So, use the universal North Gate exit to hear to the inland settlement.

This is the FINAL TOWN. Here's your last chance to get items from old party members. At the final shop, you can convert Tools into Chips, Chips into Crowns, buy some items, get rest, and if you go around the counter and talk to the innkeeper, you can repair tools, and do Custom Orders. JACKPOT! You want to do the custom order, and get some Soul Crystals. If you can't order them, you haven't converted enough Chips to Crowns over the course of the game. You might need to convert a lot; I didn't do it at all in the game for this walkthrough, and I had to convert almost 3000 frickin Chips into Crowns, it SUCKED! But getting these is worth it, Trrrust me. Since you probly don't need to buy anything more, just buy as many as you can. After you buy so many, you need to convert more Chips into Crowns, so just keep doing this until you're broke. Anyways, whenever you're ready, (maybe save first?) head out of the exit (The old guy tells you he sensed a bad anima coming from the north, so that's supposed to be your clue), and prepare for some battles.

This part is pretty easy. Basically, you have 3 random battles to fight, in which you access the menu to do pretty much anything you need to in between fights. The fights are pretty simple, just use some attacks that hit all enemies to make short work of them. After the third random battle is a boss battle. Use an Ark Stone if you think it's necesary; I don't think it really is though.

Boss Fight: Megalith Dragon -- This guy can hit pretty hard sometimes. Fortunately, you're probly not low on LP, so just Recover HP between turns whenever you think it's necesary. Just do your best combo attacks and end the fight fast. The only tip I can give you is that the Megalith Dragon seems to be more resilient to magic attacks, so if you have any really strong Non-Hybrid Arts/Spells with any of your characters, I'd use those.

After the battle, Ginny and the gang reach the final megalith, the Star Megalith.

The Last Megalith

(NOTE: If you go back to this one later, know that the event isn't found under Torionis (The Northern Continent), but rather, a new one slight up and to the left of Torionis will appear, and that is where to find the event. (Unknown Land))

Alright, this place has one or two parts that can be a little tricky to navigate, so to spare some annoyance, follow my directions exactly; they will take you to all the bosses. Just a little bit of info...There are six bosses in this dungeon called "Lords", which all have a corresponding spell art, along with the last boss. All of them directly affect the last boss's power. So, the more you kill, the weaker the boss will be. Two of the six bosses will be group battles, and four of them will be duels. The duels are fought by party members not currently in the main group, and will be permanently removed from the party after the fight, regardless of the outcome. You can kill up to six, but this would require you reducing the number of people in the main party to less than four. So, it's up to you to decide what plan of action you wanna take. For simplicity's sake, I will assume that we're only taking out TWO of the Duel Battle Lords, and the final party will consist of Four Party Members. I will, however, provide strategies for every boss.

Part 1: Just follow the path until you reach a fork that allows you to either go left or down. GO CENTER. Now, prepare for your first boss fight, The Water Lord.

Boss Fight: Water Lord -- For starters, any armor or accessory that you have that resists water, cold, or poison is GOOD. Try to have at least one on every party member. Now, this guy has VERY high magic defense. Ignore Spell Arts and Hybrid Arts completely, if you have the option. The only exception would be to make a good combo attack. The Water Lord's normal water and ice attacks aren't particularly strong, but on occasion, he'll cast Call Thunder and Heaven's Thunder, which have some good damage potential. The Water Lord's real strength is in its physical attacks. They will average about 150 a shot, and it can do as many as 3 at a time! It will also raise its psyche after a few turns, which can mean trouble if your party can't handle the magic attacks. Don't worry though; The Water Lord has very low HP, and if you have one or two good combo attacks (I used Spectral Shot/Multi Way), you'll be able to defeat it INCREDIBLY fast. For winning, you'll recieve Deep Blue, one of the best Water Quells in the game.

After the fight, go through the room, and that's Part 1.

Part 2: At the start, you'll have the option to go Up or Right: Go Right. Now follow the path till you have a fork that goes Left or Right: Go Left. Now, follow the path until you get to an Up or Right fork: Go Right. Now, just go the straight path until you reach the first Duel Lord Boss, the Beast Lord.

Here's a quick rundown on Duel Lord battles: You fight with one guy of course. You either win (Not likely) or you survive 15-20 turns, and the Lord gives up. Both count as a victory, and will hamper the ability of the final boss.

Some General Tips for all Duel Lords:

- Try to have Stone Armor, Reviva, and Guard Beast Handy.

- Don't hesitate to use LP since this is the last time this character will be used.

- When casting spells or using arts that have less than 4 Commands, make sure the first one is defend.

Anyways, moving on.

Boss Fight: Beast Lord -- Sweet lord. Just because he's the first one doesn't mean he's easy :O In fact, this is probly the hardest boss in the game. Ok, now, personally, I don't reccomend killing this lord, not just because he's hard, but because beating him really doesn't hamper the last boss all that much :P But, if you must...

First, make sure you have something to Null Deathblow, and make sure you can cast Stone, Beast, Stone/Flame, and Stone/Beast Arts. Having something that Nulls Poison is nice, but not necesary. Now, you want to make sure you have a pretty high SP amount, with a decent recovery rate (tack on any extra quells you have, if any). Make sure you have a decent piece of Armor on, too, and hopefully, a Shield and Staff (Nice, but not necesary). Lastly, make sure the character doing battle has at least 500 HP (Meythia, anyone?) Well, there, that's the preparation :P

Now, here's the fight, in a nutshell: A great man once said, "Not in the face!" Well, that's pretty much the fight. :P This guy hits INCREDIBLY HARD, and does deathblow attacks. And that's all. Oh, and after a while, he'll raise his morale. TWICE. Expect to get hit for 400 HP a shot, by NORMAL attacks. Oh, yeah and he'll poison you. :P Now, to win, you need to cast the following spells (In order of importance): Reviva, Stone Armor, Guard Beast, and Regenerate. If your character seems to not be able to cast one spell or another, try skipping it and coming back to it later. Get those spells casted as FAST AS YOU CAN, cos after he raises his morale, you're likely to die/almost die every frickin turn if you haven't (even if you have :O) Afterwards, just spend all your turns defending and casting Guard Beast every two turns or so. If you die, cast Reviva first, then Stone Armor, then Guard Beast, then Regenerate. Hopefully, you'll last long enough to drive the Beast Lord away. For winning, you'll get the Tao Motif, the best Beast Quell in the game. But, you have to ask yourself, was it really worth it? :P

Part 3: Short and easy. :D Follow the path. Get ready for the most anticlimactic follow up to ANYTHING EVER, with the absolute easiest fight in the whole game, the Tone Lord.

Boss Fight: Tone Lord -- This boss fight is so easy it gets its own ridiculous boss music :P Ok first of all, let me say, if you've equipped anything that resists Sonic Attacks, you've already won; This boss only has one or two attacks that aren't considered Sonic Attacks. He mostly just uses a few different Sonic Attacks, and occasionally casts Call Thunder. He'll never deal more than 200 damage a turn (Not by attack, but by turn :P), so just send in any one with at least 300 HP (I'd reccomend 400 still), and a lot of Life Points, and you've pretty much beat this fight. I honestly don't know what strategy I could give for this fight, except "Don't die." :P For winning, you'll get the Harmonium, which is easily the best Tone Quell in the game. Hell, I think there are only two. :P

Sadly, though this fight is incredibly easy...Due to the fact that it doesn't hamper the ability of the last boss all that much, I can't reccomend fighting Him. Sorry :P

Part 4: Even easier, you only have to traverse ONE screen to finish this one. :P Get ready for a more NORMAL Duel: The Stone Lord.

Boss Fight: Stone Lord -- Finally, a Duel that isn't entirely one-sided :P The Stone Lord can deal up to 300 damage a turn with Physical attacks, so, have at least 300 HP (I'd reccomend 350), try and make sure that your weapon can deflect attacks, and try to be able to cast Stone Armor or Guard Beast if necesary. Any sort of abilities or magic attacks it has seem to do really crappy damage, so pray that he does those instead of his physical attacks, so you can conserve LP. :P They ARE Deathblow attacks, however, so be wary of that. if it becomes absolutely necesary, just defend a lot and use Water. :P For winning, you get the Eternal Rock, the best Stone Quell in the game. I would really reccomend fighting this lord, as it makes a much more noticeable difference on the last boss than that of the Beast and Tone Lords.

Part 5: Again, straight path. Prepare to fight the final Duel Lord Battle: The Tree Lord.

Boss Fight: Tree Lord -- This is a rather random boss fight. Its primary physical attack, which it does most of the fight, deals anywhere from 40-200 damage, AND it's a Deathblow attack, So WATCH OUT. :P Try casting Reviva and Guard Beast, and just hammer into it with your strongest attacks. I would reccomend using an attack that is only 3 commands long, so you can defend every turn. If worst comes to worst, just do the Defend/Water Tactic. For winning, you get the Last Leaf, which is one of the best Tree Quells in the game. I would DEFINITELY reccomend beating this boss. This one hampers the last boss more than any of the other lords, so DO IT. :P And, that about does it for the Duel Lords.

Part 6: You have the option to left or down. Go Left, then prepare for the second Team Lord battle (I'd use an Ark Stone), and final Lord: The Fire Lord (Sargon).

Boss Fight: Fire Lord -- Remember this one? :P Basically, it's just the same as the last fight, but harder. It hits harder (All its single attack do at least 100, usually 150), and it's got a lot more HP. Recap Strategy: Dig into it with Hybrid Arts and Combo attacks (A nice one I got was Gale Strike/Beast Lightning/Multi Way :D), and it'll go down damn quick. Use your LP if you have to, that's why you got those Soul Crystals. :P Have Life Water handy, as always. For winning, you get the Nova Heart, which is the best Fire Quell...hell, probly THE best Quell in the game, just because it Nulls Deathblow attacks, which is so damn important for the last boss.

Anyways, use some Soul Crystals now, if you've lost any LP (No Matter what, though, make sure you have 4 left). Otherwise just use an Ark Stone. head through the room, and prepare for the final stretch!

Part 7: READY!? You have the option to go UP or RIGHT: Go RIGHT! UP IS BAD!! NEVER GO UP! After that, you can follow the straight path to the teleporter that leads to the final boss, but I would level up a bit first. Here are the preparations that *I* make:

- Get all your final party members to about 500 HP at least, I usually hit 525.

- Make sure all your best techs are equipped :P (I'm serious. Even in this playthrough, I forgot about a few cool techs that I learned while leveling up :P)

- If you have Regenerate, Reviva, Mindscape or Guard Beast, make sure each one of your party members has a different spell equipped. You should ALREADY have Life Water and Recovery Breath on all your party members.

- Raise your primary attack weapon/element to at least 30. Side elements (Like the ones you use in Hybrid Arts) should be at least at 15.

- As many party members as possible - ESPECIALLY GINNY - should have a piece of equipment that Nulls Deathblow.

- Set good Battle Roles. I used Leader, Commander, Defense, and Perplexion.

- Make sure you have at least 4 Soul Crystals when you finish leveling up, so you can enter the fight with full HP, SP, and LP.

As long as you meet these requirements with ALMOST everyone, I'd say you're ready to rock. Once you think you're ready, head on over to the end, and watch an odd scene, and prepare to get attacked by the last boss - of course - the Egg.

Boss Fight: Egg -- This fight has two parts.

Part 1: The Egg has its neutral form, where it can only use its two basic attacks: Shooting Star, which is a normal attack for very light damage (about 80-100), and is done up to 3 times a turn, and Star Quake, which hits everyone for about 150-200 damage. Shooting Star can do LP damage regardless of Null Deathblow, so beware. Star Quake is a Deathblow attack, and has a 100% chance of dealing Deathblow, so make sure you have those Null Deathblow stuff on as many people as you can.

The Egg can also change its form to a different element, where it can then do use any attack that the corresponding elemental lord has, along with its two basic attacks. Remember that it can change into any elemental form which you DID NOT KILL in the dungeon. When it tries to change forms (A Massive Amount of Anima Is Gathering!), everyone who hasn't acted yet will be stunned.

Spend the first part of the fight preparing: Get Regenerate and Guard Beast casted on EVERYONE asap. Then, pound into it with combo attacks (Multi-Way comboes VERY WELL). Dealing a lot of damage fast is VERY important; remember that every time it does Star Quake, which is often, one of your party members is probably losing LP. Have Life Water and Recovery Breath ready, and try not to use any LP Recovery for this part. It will be the longer part of the fight, but you should be able to manage.

Now, after dealing TONS of damage, the egg will discard its silly elemental forms, and take on a more Egg-looking form.

Part 2: This is where shit can get a bit intense. I would reccomend STARTING this part of the fight by LP Recovering anyone who isn't at full life. The Egg now uses only its two primary attacks...BUT! It has a new attack, Xenocide, which hits everyone for random, but dangerous damage (Anywhere from 80-400 HP!) Now I bet you'll be thanking me for having you save all that LP :P Luckily, the Egg now has MUCH lower defense, and you can tear it up, even with your single attacks. Just watch your HP, watch your LP (Remember, Shooting Star and Star Quake still damage LP), and you'll be done with this fight very soon, as it has much less HP than the first form. In fact, you can expect this to take about 5-6 turns if you're on your toes. Good luck!

Now that that's done, the Star Megalith begins to crumble. Enjoy the ending :D This event triggers the credit roll, regardless of whether you've finished Gustave's scenario or not. :P Hope you enjoyed the game. :D