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Overworld Monsters

These monsters will show up whenever you walk off the yellow trail or enter a cave. The moblin and slime icons represent the two types of monster scenarios, strong and weak. Generally if you are going to get attacked, either head back on the road or go toward the slime instead of the moblin.

Picture Name EXP Attacks Info
Ache 3 Flies Keese's annoying cousin who hangs from the ceiling and waits to attack you.
Acheman 10 Flies, turns into man-bat-thing A very annoying version of the Ache who will turn into a dragon once it reaches the ground and spit fireballs. Just slash at it or avoid it, as they are powerful.
Bago Bago 3 Shoots rocks, steals exp A stupid fish who lost its skin. Avoid them, as they steal exp if they touch you.
Basilisk 50 Spits fire A powerful lizard that guards the paths on Maze Island fights with fire. So let's play with Fire and use it on his arse.
Bit 2 Jumps Not exactly a bot, but pretty much the same thing in HP and strength.
Blue Deeler 10 Drops down and jumps Beware - unlike the normal Deeler, he will jump off his web and start jumping at you.
Blue Goryia 30 Throws boomerang I think the Goryia is sad that you killed off so many of his kind. Too bad this made his endurance a lot higher than any Goryia before him.
Blue Lizalfos 200 Throws mace A deadly new Lizalfos is going to put a hurt on you if you do not kill it in time. They are as strong as an Ironknuckle, and fight like one too.
Blue Moblin 30 Throws spear A stronger moblin, but that's not saying much, as he is easily killed by the downward thrust.
Blue Myu 5 Thorns A more annoying and faster version of the Myu. It only appears in the Great Palace, but it is still a weakling, falling to one downward thrust.
Blue Octoroc 20 Shoots rocks An annoying Octoroc who lurks in swamps in order to fight you. It will try to hide in the water, then jump out and shoot you. Beware, some might also walk and jump at the same time.
Boon 50 Flies and drops rocks. An annoying fly who drops rocks on your head. Use the upper thrust or a timed hit with the sword. Or run away.
Boulder Lizalfos 50 Throws rocks at you. Annoying Lizalfos who hide behind a fence high up and tosses rocks at you. You cannot kill them unless you use Thunder.
Bot 2 Jumps Common slimes that are found all over the world. They are weak, but can get tough at times.
Daira 70 Attacks with axe Powerful lizards who throw axes at you while chasing you down. They are tough and usually guard important roads in the game.
Deeler 2 Drops down on line A common spider who hangs from the trees and crawls down his line to attack you.
Eye 20 Floats around An annoying eye which looks like a Moa, but uses a different fight plan. He will move for a few seconds with his eye open, then stop and close his eye. You can only kill it when his eye opens, so get it when it's moving.
Geldarm 5 Blocks path A giant worm who attempts to block your path in the desert. They cannot fight back, but touching them hurts you. Just slash them until they shrink, then hit the pinchers to finish them off.
Goryia 20 Throws boomerang A strange wolf-like creature who throws boomerangs at you. Use the shield to block his boomerangs, then finish it off before he throws another.
Leever 10 Comes from sand and attacks A strange sand monster that appears in groups in desert regions. They are tough and tend to be rather fast. Using the downthrust makes them much easier.
Lizalfos 150 Attacks with spear Part lizard, part man, these strange monsters are powerful creatures who lurk in caverns throughout Hyrule. The orange breed uses spears to fight you, but will die with a few well-placed strikes.
Lowder 3 Crawls at you Strange snail creatures who crawl around in caves. They are a problem when you do not have a candle, but once you do, they are easily killed with a single sword slash.
Megmet 5 Jumps around A strange cat creature (I always thought it looked like a bird. - RPT) who hops around the field trying to kill you. They are rather weak, but still annoying due to how they bounce around the screen.
Moa 10 Flies around A floating eye. Annoying and very fast, either try to hop on it with downthrust or just avoid it alltogether.
Moblin 0 Attacks with spear A strange pig-man who lurks in the countryside of Hyrule. They tend to be weak, but avoid their spears nonetheless.. Unlike the kind who throw their spears, the regular kind gives no experience.
Moby 2 Flies around, steals exp A strange bird that appears in swamps in order to do one thing: steal your experience. Fight them if you must, but get out of the swamp ASAP.
Myu 3 Thorns A thorny creature who hops around on the ground. It is not much of a threat, but it does get annoying when blocking a ledge you want to jump over to. One downward thrust will end take care of it.
Octoroc 10 Shoots rocks An octopus creature who lives in swamps and caves, using his nose to shoot rocks at his prey. The octorocs are very annoying, as they tend to hang around in tiny pits or near the edge of a ledge, causing you much grief.
Purple Bot 10 Jumping ability It looks the same, but this new Bot is not the one you fought at the beginning in the game. It takes a lot more hits and gives more experience. It's still nothing but a joke.
Purple Moa 30 Flies around and takes exp The last Moa in the game is the most powerful and annoying. In order to get rid of his invisibility, you must find the Cross in the Three Eye Palace. If you do not have the Cross, good luck - they move fast and tend to show up in places with a lot of pits.
Red Daira 100 Throws axe A powerful version of the Daira who has taken up throwing his axes at you. He is very tough, so use Shield if forced to fight it.
Red Goryia 20 Throws boomerang A blood-red Goryia whose main difference from his weaker cousin is a bit more defense.
Red Lizalfos 100 Attacks with mace A powerful Lizalfos who trades in his spear for a mace to attack you.
Red Moblin 20 Attacks with spear As with other red monsters, he is strong, yet not nearly as tough as the blue version. Use the good old sword in the head move to end this creature.
Scorpion 150 Shoots fireballs from tail A powerful scorpion who shoots fire from his tail. The only way to kill this monster is to stab it in the eye when it opens up.
Spear-throwing Moblin 10 Throws spear Do not confuse this for the regular moblin, as this one throws his spear instead of keeping it in his hand. It also gives you experience instead of nothing, but other than that, it's not really anything different from a regular moblin.
Tektile 50 Jumps around and shoots beams A giant spider who lives in East Hyrule. Its tough skin turns away your sword, so use Fire to bring it down.

Palace Monsters

The cream of the crop, the palace monsters. Generally the toughest creatures in the game. Only monsters exclusive to the palaces are listed here.

Picture Name EXP Attacks Info
Blue Dreadhawk 100 Jumps and shoots swords. The birdman of doom has a new scheme, and this is not good. He jumps even more than his red brother and shoots more sword beams at you. Upthrust him in the air and fight him like an Ironknuckle when he's on the ground.
Blue Ironknuckle 150 Shoots swords Prepare yourself for the fight of your life, as Blue Ironknuckles are very strong and fight by rapidly throwing blades at you. It takes a lot of hits to bring them down.
Blue Stalfos 50 Attacks with sword It's a walking pile of bones. Still not terribly tough
Blue Stalfos Knight 70 Attacks with sword, jumps The Stalfos Knights are blue with envy, but also with strength. Beware, they are very tough and uses all the tricks employed by other Stalfos.
Boss Bot 0 Jumps The boss of the Bots, he rules from the Great Palace, but like his common folks, is a joke. Will split up into blue Bots when hurt.
Doomknocker 100 Throws clubs that return to him Powerful golems that are as powerful as Ironknuckles, but rarer. They throw clubs at you like a Red Daira, so beware.
Dreadhawk 70 Jumps and shoots swords. Strange birdman who fights with swords.
Firebird 200 Jumps around and shoots fire. A powerful bird-like creature who lives in the Great Palace. He replaces the Hammer Thrower as the annoying guy who pelts you with projectiles, as not only does he jump around while chucking fire, but when the fire hits the ground it will bounce towards you.
Giant Skull Ball 0 Takes away MP A slow-moving gigantic version of the Skull Ball. They can take many hits, but give no experience. There's also a chance that it will split up into two regular Skull Balls.
Hammer Thrower 50 Throws hammers Hammer Throwers are tough to kill, but if you can get their pattern right, you can sneak in past the stream of hammers and get some easy hits in.
Ironknuckle 50 Attacks with sword The most-feared creature in Ganon's armies, the Ironknuckle, related to the Darknut, is a killing machine who uses his shield to block your attacks, while rapidly slashing you with his sword. Try to get through his shield or jump in the air and slash at him.
Mago 200 Disappears/reappears and shoots fire A different type of Wizzrobe who throws balls of fire instead of magic beams. It can only be hurt when fully solid - try using to tag it with the downthrust when it teleports to a new place.
Orange Moa 50 Flies around and drops fireballs A faster version of the Moa that drops fireballs as it flies around.
Orange Skull Head 20 Flies around, steals exp A faster version of the Skull Head who lurks in the Great Palace to do one thing...annoy you. It has the same power as the original, which is to annoy you while crossing bridges. Just avoid it.
Rat Head 0 Takes away exp The weakest and most annoying monster award goes to the Rat Head. It's very weak but it gives no experience and TAKES some from you if it manages to make contact.
Red Bago Bago 20 Fireballs, steals exp A stronger version of the Bago Bago which uses fireballs instead of rocks, meaning they can't be blocked with the shield. They only appear in the Great Palace, so at least you will not encounter them much.
Red Ironknuckle 100 Attacks with sword An ironknuckle who dons blood red armor for battle, he is very strong and can take a lot of damage before dying, so beware.
Red Rope 20 Shoots fireballs A stronger version of the Rope that lives in the Great Palace. It uses some mysterious power to turn it breath into a fireball.
Rope 20 Shoots Rocks A snake which shoots rocks at you. It lurks in palaces throughout the game, and tends to be lurking around evalators. The downthrust mops them up quickly.
Skull Ball 50 Takes away MP A flying skull that leechs magic power from you if you touch it as well as doing damage. They're possible to kill, but can take a long time to die until you get your attack level pretty high.
Skull Head 20 Flies around, steals exp A very annoying flying horse head that appears in rooms in order to hit you into pits or steal your experience if you don't.
Stalfos 30 Attacks with sword and jumping downward thrusts An animated skeleton that has came to life in order to destroy anyone who dares enter the palaces. Stalfos are strong and and come at you with a sword, so make sure to block its attacks with your shield as your fight back.
Stalfos Knight 50 Attacks with sword, downward thrust. A Stalfos who has donned armor in order to protect it from being destroy by the downward thrust. Go for the toes.
Wizzrobe 100 Disappears/reappears and shoots beams. A wizard who lives in the palace, shooting energy at you then teleporting to a new location. The only away to kill one is to cast Reflect and turn the spell back at its caster with your shield.
Wolf Head 5 Flies around, steals exp, shoots fireballs A floating head of a wolf that attempts to kill you with (blockable) fireballs. Contact with one will rob you of experience, but they're slow and follow a simple pattern. Naturally, they travel in packs.

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