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Picture Name Info Location
Candle Lights up the dark caves. Parapa Palace
Trophy Trade to the woman in Ruto Town to obtain the jump spell. Desert Cave
Glove Allows you to break the blocks found in palaces. Midero Palace
Hammer Allows you to destroy boulders blocking your path. Death Mountain
Medicine Trade to the old woman in Mido Town to obtain the Fairy spell. Swamp Cave
Raft Allows you to cross the sea to new land. Island Palace
Lost Child Trade to the old woman in Darunia to obtain the Reflect spell. Maze Island
Boots Allows you to walk on water to reach the Ocean Palace. Maze Island Palace
Flute Scares the River Devil away and reveals the path to the Desert Palace. Ocean Palace
Magic Key Gives you infinite keys. New Kasuto (need Spell)
Cross Allows you to see the Purple/Blue Moas. Three Eye Palace

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