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Picture Location Info
Next to Moruge Cave The doll is found on a small patch of swamp one square southwest of the boulder blocking the Moruge Cave.
Southwest of King's Tomb The doll can be found by going southwest of the King's Tomb, just around the coast south of the bridge leading into Death Moutain.
Near the Maze Island Bridge Right before entering Maze Island over the bridge, go south onto the patch of desert that lays next to the mountains, ocean, and forest to obtain the doll.
North of Three Eye Palace Head north of Three Eye Palace until you reach a cave, then head into the swamp until you find the doll. Thanks to Jason D for this tip.
Three Eye Palace Inside the Three Eye Palace is a fake wall near Barba's chamber, where you must fight a blue Ironknuckle and two Skull Balls to obtain it.
Great Palace Deep in the Great Palace lies a path where going right gets you a fairy, and taking the left path will lead to a doll on a small platform.

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