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Picture Name Character Bio
Link The hero of the land who defeated Ganon in Legend of Zelda has journeyed south in order to revive Princess Zelda from a deep sleep caused by Carock. He is a teenager now and fights using more advanced swords moves then before, but he still has much to learn.
Zelda Princess Zelda has been placed under a sleep curse by the powerful Carock as part of the resurrection of Ganon. She will not awaken until Ganon's revival is stopped.
Bagu A man who hides in the forest is secretly in charge of Ruto's drawbridge. You need his permission to enter Death Mountain, but finding his cabin is hard enough on its own.
Keeper A strange old man who gives you the challenge of fighting your darkness in order to earn the Triforce of Courage.
Ganon The evil king of thieves died in Legend of Zelda, but his minions wish to see him come back from the dead, so they placed Zelda under a sleep spell while they attempt to revive him. But in reality, he never appears in the game.
Carock A powerful magician who placed Princess Zelda under a sleep curse. He then retreated to the Maze Island Palace where Link later confronts him.
River Devil A powerful monster who sits on the river eating the weak who travel by. The sound of the flute will scare it away.
Dark Link The darkness within you, which you must defeat in order to earn the Triforce of Courage.
Maiden A helpful maiden who will take you inside her house to heal your wounds from battle.
Old Lady A kind old woman who will escort you into her house to feed you some food to restore that lost magic.
Wizard A wise old man found in every town willing to grant you a new magic spell. Usually a fetch quest is required to gain access to his chamber, so follow the magic guide for more on that subject.
Knight An old knight who teaches you how to perform the downwardss thrust.
Lancer A lancer who teaches you how to perform the upwards thrust.
Fairy Found on the overworld or in dungeons, these fairies heal up all of your life if you touch them. Also, with the use of a spell, you can became one to enter hidden areas and fly through locked doors.

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