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Picture Name EXP Attacks Location Info
Horsehead 50 Attacks with a mace. Parapa Palace A knight with the head of a horse, he swings a short mace at you. His head is his weak point. Use the Shield spell when the fight begins, then attack by taking a running leap and stabbing at his head at the height of your jump. If you hit, he'll take damage and you'll rebound out of range of his mace. He's very easy.
Helmethead 200 Shoot fireballs. Midero Palace A powerful knight who guards the Midero Palace, his helmet animates itself when he takes damage. These helmets will float around shooting you while you slash at the new head.
Ironknuckle 300 Rides horse then attacks like normal Ironknuckle. Island Palace The Blue Ironknuckle has grown tired of you killing his men and decided to run you down riding his ghostly horse. Jump and down-thrust him as he charges you until his horse dies. After that you must fight him as you would a normal Ironknuckle, only with more HP.
Carock 300 Disappears/reappears, shoots beams. Maze Island Palace A powerful magician who cast the spell on Zelda has decided to fight you in the Maze Island Palace. YOU MUST USE RELECT OR YOU WILL LOSE! Reflect is the only way to kill him, as it will turn his magic back at him. Cast the spell and laugh as his magic bounces off your shield and brings about the sorceror's downfall.
Gooma 500 Attacks with a morning star. Ocean Palace A strange ogre who lives in the Ocean Palace, he uses a morning star to strike at you. Use Shield and Jump and wait for him to swing the morning star at you, then jump over it and slash his belly. Keep doing this and this Flintstones reject will go down in history.
Barba 700 Comes out of the lava and shoots fire Three Eye Palace A fire dragon who emerges from the lava flowing in the room. Use Shield and Jump and down-thrust its head when it comes up out of the lava. Just watch out for the fire (and avoid falling into the lava!) and you will win.
Thunderbird 1000 Flies around and shoots fire. Great Palace A strange bird who guards the Triforce of Courage inside the Great Palace. Wait for it to enter the screen and then cast Thunder in order to turn him blue. After turning him blue, cast Jump and Shield and jump up and hit him in the head. Keep that up until he finally bites the dust.

Last Boss - Dark Link

Picture EXP Attacks Location Info
0 Every move Link can do. Great Palace Now it is time to fight your darkness in order to get the Triforce of Courage. Get ready for a hard fight, as Shield and Jump are the order of the day. Either you can make it easy and stand in the corner and stab at his feet or make it hard and go all out on this fake. Once he dies, you will beat the game.

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