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The subject: Yamamura. The objective: who is he? Any volunteers?

Yama? He's just some guy we keep running into when we were exploring Mamiya's mansion.

At least that's what you'd THINK. Maybe he's somebody else we all know and care about.

Really? You don't think so? You're a woman, so you must be telling the truth! Women, by their nature aren't deceitful, so you must be telling the truth!

Are you saying that Yamamura is Ichirou?

I'm not saying anything. (Yes, that'll hold them off for a while. Looks like I got that monkey off my back...)

Aha! She know it true! She blushing. She only a ghost, but she still blushing! She know it true!

Silence, mortal!

This is guys are sure that the two of them are the same?

Well, we all had the same thoughts after the battle with Mamiya, but this is just more proof!

Hey, you guys ain't proved nothing. I ain't saying that he is or isn't, or maybe is, or maybe isn't, or who is true identity is, and why he wanted to help you so much!

He helped you too?!

As if you all didn't know already. He helped us reach the Basement, he popped up in Ichirou's Study, he killed himself to destroy a barrier surrounding Mamiya's bedroom, and he gave us some final instructions on how to defeat Mamiya.

He stand up man! I like a lot! He helpful many long times!

It makes you wonder if he had any...other motives...

What're you all looking at me for? Just because he's my...well...aha! I know what you're trying to do! You won't closure! You want me to tell his identity! You'll never get it from me!

Nobody cares. We really aren't too fond of you for trying to kill us and everything, and you have to keep going on and on about it. You're almost as bad as Asuka...

And what's so bad about me? If you have something to say, just go out and say it!

What are you going to do about it? Hit him with your vacuum? Clean his house for him? Honestly...

Now now, as much as I'd like to see you all fight over nothing, it's just not going to happen! See, you made Akiko upset!

Why do you guys always have to be bickering at each other? We should be thankful to be alive, not fighting!

He started it!

What are you guys pointing at me for? I didn't do it!

Oh yeah? That's what SHE said.

Who's "she"?

Your mother.

My mother!? She's dead. She was killed trying to wrestle a lemming away from a snowy owl. And without a strong male presence like my mother around the igloo, I grew girlish overnight! In fact, if Nana hadn't beat me to it, I would be wearing the pink parka!

That just disturbing...

Too many bad guys have done it now! *sob* In conclusion...*sniff* Yamamura is a mysterious, old, helpful man in the mansion, rumored to be...

Don't say it!


Ohhh! If I wasn't dead right know what I'd do? To the moon!!!!

...Even I can't think of something to follow that up with...

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