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My name is Popo and I'm here to ask, What da dilly with Taro? Water in a glass. Word to your mother!

Please don't ever do that again.

Don't you think my rap's illin'?





Maybe a little...


Fine. Then what makes Taro so great?

Taro great fighter! He not have as much HP as me, but he have super-notch defense! Grade A!

He's also very saucy. A bit too saucy for my tastes. He never knows when to shut up. I tell him to shut up and he just disses me like I'm just some woman with a vacuum, but I'm not. Just because I'm not a man doesn't mean that I'm less of a person...I mean, without women, where would men be?

He's a great camera man too! The best in all of Japan!

Japan? You guys are all Japanese?

Duh...can't you tell?

Yes...I mean no! I mean, why are you all speaking English?

It's a wonderful story. Whenever a Japanese video game gets translated into English, its characters can instantly speak English as well! Isn't that neat-o?

No, that's stupid

Maybe you're just stupid. Shouldn't you be speaking Eskimoican?

Yeah, and who ever heard of an Eskimo with a hammer? What are you going to do with that? Climb to the top of a screen so you can collect eggplants?

It's tempting...but I think I have to figure out what makes Taro such an irreplaceable member of your party first...

He can take pictures of frescoes! And when he does that, clues just magically appear! And when he snaps a picture of Bats, or a Ghost, or a Wraith, it hurts them!

How can he snap pictures with a video camera?

How can you be so annoyingly stupid, and yet, we still are letting you live?

Since you love me, obviously

Ohh! Emi and Popo sitting in a bush! K-I-S-S-I-N-ush!

Despite the fact that that made no sense, the sad truth is, me and Blue-Boy aren't going to sit anywhere together...

And why is that so sad? Just a minute ago, you sounded like you hated me!

Because. If we were sitting together, I could shove this key straight up your ass!

!!! Emi! Isn't that a little harsh?



You saw the way he was throwing himself at me!

You should see what said he about you in the interview about you!

Now you've done it...

What did he say about me? *Goes to the interview about her*

Uh...this is going to get worse before it gets better. I better get while the getting's good. In conclusion: Taro, good fighter, good cameraman, loves to take pictures of frescoes.

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