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Mamiya do all of you guys think about her?

I hate her.

You do? Why do you hate her?

She trapped us in a haunted mansion and tried to kill us.

But her poor baby got dropped into an incinerator. And after she was dead, her baby got dug up by some hoodlum

What are you looking at me for? It's not like I dug up the baby with my hammer as a prank or anything! You guys are all crazy!

Dude, chill, nobody's looking at you.

So you did it! You were the one who dug up our...I mean her poor baby!

No, old man, you weren't listening I said IT'S NOT LIKE I DUG UP THE BABY. Therefore I couldn't have dug it up.

You're just a deceitful man. Who knows all of the lies you could be scheming in that stupid Eskimo brain of yours...

Hey! Let's all stick to the subject here! What do you guys think about Mamiya?!

She's a demon in the sack.


She may have been, but she's been dead for quite some time. I don't think any of us need that kind of visual!

But I need that visual!

!!! Even I know that visual bad news!! Icky-ewww!

Oops...did I say that out loud?

Hey, if you need the number of a good therapist, I got just the person for you. She's a miracle worker. Of course, she charges an arm and a leg, but you're an Eskimo, so I'm sure you can't comprehend a thing like money, so you probably shouldn't care.

Don't waste your time with him. He's beyond help. Just ignore him and try not to breathe in his fumes...

Why do you all have to be so against me all the time?

I guess it's because you're an Eskimo that's wearing a blue parka.

Sounds good to me.

Well it doesn't sound good to me! Wait, I know who'll take my side! Akiko? You alright?


*Gets a glass of water and pours it on Akiko*

What the? What the hell are you doing to me? Get away you pervert!

I was waking you from your slumber!

He's lying, he was trying to get your white shirt wet.

Is that true?


Sounds like something he would do...

You never can trust Eskimos!

You can say that again!

Well, let's go, this interview is over. Screw the contract, we're all going home...

Wait! I didn't mean to...uh-oh...I think I failed again...

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