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What, pray tell, do all ya'll have to say about Kazuo?

He so crazy.

I know. He's all like a journalist and what not, but he talks really funny like. Not to mention he is always carrying around that stupid lighter of his.

We all know that he carried that lighter around for a good reason! It was only with that lighter were we able to burn down the dangerous ropes that blocked our way!

Drat! I thought those ropes were impenetrable! I never expected you to be resourceful enough to know that the only way to get past a rope lying on the floor was to burn it to the ground!

It just goes to show you: the young 'uns today are super resourceful! They can get themselves past shards of broken glass, pieces of rope on the ground, 1 foot holes in the ground, piles of wood, and rocks!

Yes, but any kindergartener would have been smart enough to walk around all those obstacles, but you guys all had to destroy them!

That was Kazuo's idea! We wanted to walk around them, but Kazuo kept telling us to destroy anything that stood in our way! He even tried burning some enemies! Only Skulls and Worms were damaged though...

!!! All my beautiful ropes and piles of wood! You can bet you'll be hearing from my lawyer!

She talks big, but I bet she doesn't do anything about it.

Heh, yeah, what's she going to do? Rise from her grave and wreak havoc on all of us?

That was totally unnecessary. I mean, we all know that she already did that, and why do you have go on and on about it like nothing ever happened?

It's obvious that our little Eskimo friend never did his homework...

Now now, for all we know, Popo could have a mental condition that makes him so stupid. Or maybe he's been living in a bomb shelter since the '50s and is just confused by the modern world!

No to both comments, but thanks for trying to stick up for me!

She wasn't trying to stick up for you. She just wanted to try and avert a bloody conflict that would have required her to whip out her med kit, so that she could heal your dying body.

*gasp* Is that true?


Heh, this might get a little ugly...

It won't never does...

But all you people care about is how precious your precious little Kazuo is to you. He burnt my precious ropes, and he lit my precious Blue Candles, which led you to my precious End area, where you dodged my precious Type 3 Shadows, and destroyed my precious clones, just so that you guys could defeat me and escape my precious haunted mansion

So that's what Kazuo did! That's all I needed to know! (surely Hiryuu will be impressed this time! I was able to get them to tell exactly how important Kazuo was! Mwahahaha!)

Who the hell're you talking to?

...I don't know...


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