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Status Ailments


Innate Items

Akiko +Kit Pills Heals status ailments.
Asuka Vacuum Broom Removes glass shards, cleans dust from frescoes.
Emi Key Wire Opens certain doors.
Kazuo Lighter Matches Burns ropes, lights Blue Candles, damages certain enemies (Worms, Skull).
Taro Camera Camera Gets messages from frescoes, damages certain enemies (Bats, Wraith, Ghost).

Other Items

- The numbers after the locations indicates how many of each item is there.

- As for locations, if you're not sure of what I mean, look in my Locations Section.

- Items with asterisks I haven't been able to find, and may have been dummied out. If you have any information on these items, email me.

Armor Spear East Wing (1) Take from one Armor and give to another to gain access to the Garden.
Ax Lake (1) Chops up piles of wood at the Lake, allowing you to get past them.
Blue Candle Inner Sanctuary (2), Courtyard (1) Find all three of these, place them on the three statues in the Inner Sanctuary, light them with a Lighter, and pray to gain access to the final area.
Boots Northern Region (1), Courtyard (1) Using these will allow you to walk on sticky surfaces without getting stuck.
Bow Northern Courtyard (2), Inner Sanctuary (1) If there's a gap with a post at the end, the Bow will allow you to cross. Longer range than the Rope.
Box* ??? ???
Broom East Wing (1), Courtyard (1), Inner Sanctuary (1) Functions exactly like Asuka's Vacuum. Use it to remove shards of glass and clean Frescoes.
Camera 1st Floor (1), Courtyard (1), Inner Sanctuary (1) Functions exactly like Taro's Camera. Use it on Frescoes to gain clues, or to hurt certain enemies (Bats, Wraith, Ghost).
Coffin Dungeon (1) One of the four items required to defeat Mamiya.
Diary Northern Region (1) Can't get this until late in the game. One of the four items required to defeat Mamiya.
Diary Key Basement (1) Use on the Diary to read it. Disappears after one use.
Dirk* ??? ???
Dress Inner Sanctuary (1) Look on Mamiya's bed in the Inner Sanctuary to find. Refills your current party's Pray Points, and doesn't get used up!
F Light East Wing (1) A Flashlight. Use it to remove the "mysterious shadows" that block your way.
Fire X East Wing (2), Northern Region (1), North Courtyard (1), Basement (2) A Fire Extinguisher. Use it to destroy all the fire in a room. Gone after one use. Doesn't work on the main fire in the Basement.
Gas Garden (1) Use it on the generator to be able to turn it on. Gone after one use.
Gem Basement (1) Use it to eliminate the blue flame in the Basement.
Gloves Courtyard (1), Lake (1) Use it and you won't be harmed by thorns.
Gold Key Inner Sanctuary (1) Opens certain doors.
Iron Key Courtyard (1) Opens the gates in the Dungeon and certain doors.
Jade Ring Inner Sanctuary (1) Use this, along with the Ruby Ring, to get past Ichirou's guardian and gain access to Mamiya's room in the Inner Sanctuary.
Ladder Northern Region (1) Use this on the two pegs in the Northern Region to gain access to the Courtyard. Gone after one use.
Light* ??? Damages Bats.
Log 2nd Floor (1), Courtyard (4) Use these on the straits on the Lake (the ones with a shrub on one side), to cross areas of the Lake. Gone after 1 use.
Low Key Lake (1) Opens certain doors.
Mallet 2nd Floor (1), Garden (1), Courtyard (1), Dungeon (1) Smashes rocks, mirrors and other stuff; Damages Skeleton, Mirror, Hound, Wolf, and Wall.
Magnet* ??? ???
Matches East Wing (1), Courtyard (1), Inner Sanctuary (1) Functions exactly like Kazuo's Lighter. Use it to burn down ropes, light the Blue Candles, and damage certain enemies (Worms, Skull).
Pail Courtyard (1) Turn the water in the fountain to blood, fill the Pail up with the blood, and use it on the green statue to destroy make a path to the Lake.
Photo Courtyard (1) One of the four items needed to defeat Mamiya.
Pick Northern Region (2), Courtyard (1), Inner Sanctuary (2) Use it to avoid being washed away by water or sliding on ice.
Pills 1st Floor (1), Courtyard (1), Inner Sanctuary (1) Functions exactly like Akiko's Med Kit. Removes Status Ailments.
Pipe Courtyard (1), Northern Courtyard (1) Damages certain "zombie-type" enemies (Zombie, Grave, Corpse).
Pulley Inner Sanctuary (1) Found in the lower right corner of a small room in the Inner Sanctuary. Invisible until you find it. Use it to increase your walking speed.
Rope 2nd Floor (1), Garden (1), Northern Courtyard (1), Inner Sanctuary (1), Dungeon (1) Use it to cross gaps with posts on the other side. Shorter range than Bow. Also rescues characters caught in Sand Traps in the Dungeon.
Ruby Ring Inner Sanctuary (1) Use, along with the Jade Ring, on Ichirou's guardian to gain access to Mamiya's Room in the Inner Sanctuary.
Shovel Lake (1) Use it to dig up the Low Key on the Lake. Also give it to the man in the Basement to wipe out the fire. Gone after you give it away.
Slide 1st Floor (1), Dungeon (1), East Wing (1) Use all three on the projector on the 1st Floor to unveil a hidden passage.
Tonic 1st Floor (3), 2nd Floor (2), East Wing (3), Garden (1), Northern Region (1), Courtyard (3), Northern Courtyard (1), Basement (1), Inner Sanctuary (6) Use it to refill your current party's HP and Pray Points. Gone after one use.
Tool Courtyard (1) Use to reveal passage to the Basement. Also, one of the four items needed to defeat Mamiya.
Torch* ??? ???
Two Keys Inner Sanctuary (1) Opens certain doors.
Wax Candle 1st Floor (1), 2nd Floor (1) Lights up an area around you if it is dark.
Wire 1st Floor (1), Courtyard (1), Inner Sanctuary (1) Functions exactly like Emi's Key. Opens certain doors.
Wood 1st Floor (4), 2nd Floor (3), East Wing (1), Basement (3) Use to cross gaps. Pick up from a gap to get it back. Usually breaks after being walked on 5 times.
Wood (2) 1st Floor (1), East Wing (1) More brightly colored. Used just like regular wood, but much stronger. You can step on it over 100 times without it breaking! (It does break eventually, though)

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