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Well, the subject is Emi. What do we have to say about her?

She good key lady! She unlock many doors!

She's a woman, so she has the power within her to conquer any obstacles, much unlike many cowardly men I know...

Emi's alright...she's a lot better than some women I know...*cough*Asuka*cough*

What's that supposed to mean? If you have something to say, just say it!

Ladies and gentlemen, just stick to the subject!

I like Emi. She's nice, but she's got pep!

Judging from the battle I had with you guys, I'd say that Emi's pretty tough for a girl. A lot tougher than either Asuka or Akiko at least...

Hey, I take offense to that!

She's callin' 'em like she sees 'em.

Hey! Let's get back on subject here! I haven't told you my thoughts on Emi!

Fine! Continue! (ya old dead bastard...)

I don't know Emi well enough to formulate an opinion about her.

You interrupted me for that?! What the hell is wrong with you?

Now people, fighting will get you nowhere. I haven't told my opinion about Emi yet.

Yes. He right. All Eskimos command respect at all times!

Thank you Kazuo!

You welcome. I learn about Eskimos on Discovery Channel. They have show about lemmings. Then they talk about other animals in the Arctic, and eventually get to Eskimo.

...Eskimos are people too...

That has yet to be determined...

Taro! He doesn't mean that, Popo. You can continue with your thoughts on Emi.

Ahem...I think Emi is super hot!







...But that cute expression on her face. That spunky short hair. The look in her eyes that seems to say "Take me Popo, I'm yours!"

You're dillusional.

If Emi were here, she'd kick your blue parka-wearing Eskimo ass.

I agree!

...Was I too sudden? Anyway...*sniff* Emi unlocks doors for you guys, and is a *sob* stronger fighter than regular leave me be, I want to be alone with my *sniff* tears...

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